Sunday, January 11, 2004

To my Blogders, thank you for all the fantastic emails you guys have sent me. I may not have replied, but I assure you I read all of them.

Here are some of best mails which contributes a big load to my internet existence till now. You know who you are... =) If you don't like it published, please tell me, I will take it off yeah?


Hey wendy,

I am an avid reader of your blog and have been for the past 7 to 9 months. I like your style of writing and how frank you are with your opinions. In such times, people like you are rare. In fact, your blog was and has always been one of the few blogs I look forward to reading everytime I log on. I started reading your blog when I was starting to get into the deepest depression of my life. Somehow, even how unrelated your life and my depression might be, be honoured to know that your dailiy accounts of people you met, fell in love with, quarrelled with, fought with have never failed to lift my spirits up. So, in a really weird way, I must thank you.

Thank you for being a "distraction" all these months. And i hope i get to read your blog again soon.
Take Care and Happy New Year!


My response:

You are welcome, Raiken. Afterall all I did was to write out my life. The pleasure is all mine. =)


hey there. this is probably the thousandth mail that you're reading. anyway, i only stumbled upon your blog yesterday and imagine my shock when i read today that you were closing the blog down. guess i can understand your reasons. anyone who doesn't have half your strength of character would have left long ago and turn into some depressed whim but i can't see you being like that, gathering from what i read. true, i didn't agree with some things that you wrote and for a generally conservative person,i was quite shocked but darn, reading those entries really brought a smile. =) what really was compelling about you was your raw honesty. guess it worked in the negative for this, eh? then again, what matters most is that you stay true to yourself and the people you cherish most in your life. anyway, i'll end off with two great quotes.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
-Albert Einstein

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
-Joshua J. Marine

have a nice day. here's wishing you all the best. stay cheerie kiex.


I love the quotes. Thanks you so much. =)



Dear Xiaxue,

I am just a passerby who have recently discovered the world of livejournals. I chanced upon your site the last few days and found it very interesting. It gave me an insight into the young women of today and the window you opened for me is a very refreshing one. I don't see a shrinking violet or someone who is perpetually in a damsel-in-distress mode. Instead, I see a plucky and spunky individual with strong opinions. Mind you, I may not agree with everything you said but I prefer someone with a strong mind than those wishy-washy giggly "shunu" as you called them. There are far too many of them populating the earth. The worse thing is, there are many more idiots who fall for the cutsie acts.

And yes sweetheart, some men will always like "shunu", no matter how young or old. That is because anyone with opinions will be far too challenging for their ego. They do marry shunu but have affairs with someone like you [but you are too smart to grant them their fantasies] as shunus are at the end of the day - very sad and boring. I advise you to give up on those men.

The good thing is, there are many men out there who like intelligent, feisty chicks like you. You just have to look in the right place. I'm afraid, given what you have written, 'methinks' you have been shopping in the wrong department. I won't comment on those 'himbos' you have posted :-). I only have this to say - you deserve 10 times better - those guys are losers. Listen to your own blog and give men with 'brain' a bit more time.

I admit I do find you a bit "Ah lian" [now please spare me the expletives!! :-)] but that is precisely why you are so special. You may look a wee bit showy, your ideas and spirit is anything but "ah lian". You are in a class of your own - don't let anyone knock you down! [I should add that even if the pictures you posted are 80% true, you are still are an attractive sprite by any standards.] You are like a young wine, a bit rough at the edges but full of flavour and with the temperance of time - full of promise. See, I am a friend - so, don't go digging for my IP address and posting it all over your journal :-).

So - what's all this talk about closing down the blog just because an idiot has been giving you a hard time. You are just falling into his plan - as this is the result he wants to achieve sweetie. Now, recover your usual pluckiness - get back out there - do your usual two finger salute to these scum and *ignore* them.

You know full well that people come to your blog because they hear a fresh voice. The counter number speaks for itself. The hate mails could be motivated by pure jealousy - don't let these asses hound you out of town. This is not a matter of contest but a matter of you, xiaxue, standing up for yourself.

Don't be bullied - this is not your style. Get back your "Xena" spirit and banish those thugs from your kingdom.

Chin up and soldier on and continue to churn out your insane but entertaining blogs.

from a well-wisher,


ps - this is the first time I've responded to a blog - see how effective you are?

I already wrote you my reply, but here it is again: Thank you. =))))