(The front part where I posted photos of SR's uncle's magnificent house is is deleted because the said uncle didn't like it. Tsk tsk, this popularity thing is freaking irritating me, I can't even post such harmless stuff. Knn. So yeah, if you are an avid reader you would have seen it. If you are not, too bad la. Here's the second part anyway.)

BTW I won $20 in mahjong there. Yaaay!

Speaking of Mahjong!!

I experienced the worst EVER scenerio in mahjong.

Alright, for people who have like no idea how mahjong is played, it is basically like this:

Tiles are split into 4 kinds,

The bamboos,
The numbers,
and the circles. The fourth are the etc tiles, which are pretty much irritating anyway.

In order to win, you must have all your tiles in sequence in sets of threes (eg 5,6,7 circles), or having 3 of the same kind, commonly known as a "PONG" (3,3,3 bamboos), and together with a pair (5, 5 number).


You have
1,2,3 bamboo. 4, 5 circles. 6,7,8 number. 6,7,8 bamboo. 7,7 bamboo.

So what u are waiting for here could be a 3 or 6 circle correct?

Its really confusing, what I am talking about yeah? Never mind.

The point is, this happened:

You can see from the picture that everyone has 9 tiles of the same kind displayed out. When this happens, it means that if I throw anything that is number, bamboo, or circle, and somebody wins, I would have to pay for everyone else!! Thats real shitty, because I have no "etc" tiles to throw so anything I throw (numbers, bamboos, or circles) could cause me to lose big time!




I still can't get over it!! I ZI MO!!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!!

1 fan win everyone who have 4 fan!! Cannot stand it.

Anyway if you don't play mahjong, you possibly don't understand, so its ok.

Here are my mahjong kakis!! From left, Alvin (Huifen's boyfriend), Hui Fen (my ex RV classmate), and Hui Juan, HF's sis.

They are so cute ah!

Here are some other miscellaneous photos:

Alvin bought flowers for me. =)))) Been long since I last received such stuff. Hahaha! (We are not together in case you are wondering, but I give him a blowjob once in a while. JOKING JOKING. No really. I'm joking la!!! (Don't bluff!) I never!! You ask Alvin!)

Girls I'm so sorry I didn't write about this earlier. You see, that day I was at Tampines Mall and they were having this Levi's sale, of second quality Levi's jeans which have some defects somewhere so they cant be put into the Levi's stores. SO THEY WERE ON SALE!!!

I bought this beautiful 593 at a freaking $65!!! The usual price is like $120 I believe!! Wahahahah!! Sorry its over by now... And the best thing? I don't see any defects anywhere.

Anyway, can someone explain to me why there are like 20 AndroAarons in the poll? And like so many gay amoebas? Will the real Androgenous Aaron please stand up?! ("Don't disturb me I am sleeping...")

Alright, now the limelight shall me on me! More photos of the supposedly nightie, taken at Clara's house. Its not a nightie btw! Its just a spag strap!

In case you are wondering why the sudden spur for photos, it is because of this:


I got in!!! I'm on of the top ten finalists!!! Please tell me you would support me!!! Only Singtel users can vote though, and voting has not started. Not to worry if you don't have a Singtel phone, just grab your friend's and vote nonetheless. Even better, you can vote multiple times this time round without worrying about money. If your friend asks you what u are doing with his/her phone, just reply that erm, you are practising to sms faster coz there's a competition coming up for extreme sms-ers.

Anyway, if you vote you stand a chance to win a cruise on Star Virgo! With me if I get in!! Yaaay!! Isn't life just so darn wonderful?!

I have another small request here. I would really like to know how many of you would actually support me? And if an sms costs $0.20, how many are you gonna send?! Please email me to tell me!! And at the same time, I will be posting my best past posts there as well, so can you guys tell me which post (if you have read the archives) is you favourite post which I wrote? Thanks so muchie!!

Many many kisses to all my blogders (yes you girls too, don't squirm away!)!!!!! I love ya all! (And thats coz I'm in a terrific mood)

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