Just a few news coz I have a test tomorrow and I've gotta study for it...

1) I'm pregnant, help me think of a name for my baby.


1) Anyone knows where to buy Preparation H?


1) Ok I'm serious now. I'm on the centerfold of the Newpaper if you managed to get your hands on one. More about that when I have the time. But anyway my butt looks fat in that picture (believe me it is alot nicer than what it appears to be ok!) and I look absolutely horrid. I need photoshop. I am dying without photoshop. And a PC for that matter.

2) I got my first interview with RSI, a chinese radio station which runs by Shortwaves, which means it reaches out more to a regional audience rather than merely Singaporean. You can hear my voice (speaking in crisp Mandarin!) if you wanna... This interview is merely for myself, as a blogger, and nothing to do with the Singtel competition. As soon as I know the date I would let you know!

Sincerest (if there is such a word) apologies to non-mandarin speaking blogders though...

3) I got interviewed by Lian He Zhao Bao as well but I can't seem to find the article, so if you see it tell me!!

4) I got into Mediacorp Press for my attachment!! How cool is that!

5) Voting starts on 1st March 2004, for the Dreamd8 thing.. It would be 20 cents per vote, and you can even msg me if you wanna. Click here to see how!

I suggest, however, that you save on that 20 to sms me and send me an email instead, coz I would not reply it as the 3650 that Singtel sponsored is very tough to sms with. If you really wanna show support, do vote instead.

Keep in mind however that the contest would go on for a relatively long time, and each week the votes would get deleted, so if you can only cast one vote then I hope you would do so during the later weeks I guess. IF I managed to stay in the contest long enough.

6) The launch party on Thursday was a big blast, it is really a pity for those who didn't go coz the competition would be so much more exciting should you have seen all the contestants. An interesting bunch, I would say.

Androgenous Aaron won himself a 3660 (an upgrade of 3650) coz he was the most avid supporter!! Coz my classmates bought flowers for me and AndroAaron kneeled down to present the flowers to me!!! And he got a 6 months free subscription! Gwenne got a webcam! How cool is that!

7) I lost weight! This is because my maid is gone and I am too lazy to cook! How cool is that!

Thats it!!! But I'm on a roll!! No one is luckier than me on this Earth! I'm one lucky bitch!!! Yaaaaaay!! Yeehaa!!!


On a last note, VOTE FOR ME OR DIE.

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