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It has been long since I laughed so hard at a long complicated bunch of words. There you go: ghio ge peng (pardon my bad Hokkien, it means laugh till you die).
Alright its really irritating. Sony imagestation is giving me problems so the pictures are all looking like white pictures with blue clocks on it. And why must it be so big? Well I thought those are ugly till I saw the small boxes with little red crosses. Infinitely worse. I would have to change a picture server. Meanwhile, has anyone saved the old pictures? They seem to be gone... I don't dare to think about it. I am freaking out now. Pardon me, I think I shall slam the TV and mutate the dog. ***** Hi everyone I am back. Since this website is so ugly right now (I can't bare to look), please read my singtel site instead. All the action's there anyway. And one more thing: Make a wild guess. MY COM IS DOWN AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN. Can anyone buy me a cheapo computer? I offer sexual favours such as selling June's underwear (I think I can manage to steal some).
Alrighty. People have been bugging me all day long to blog, so here is a fucking long entry, and don't complain! ***** I can't believe it. Just when you think that the human population cannot get any dumber, you get an unpleasant surprise. Tadah! I just realised the only thing that doesnt have a cap on it is human stupidity. The Chinese say that there is always a "higher mountain". Thats rubbish coz its Everest. But there is no "most stupid". Each day it breaks a new record. Yesterday, I heard from Peiying that someone asked her if I am pregnant. Now, if you are not an avid reader, please scroll down 2 entries and read some. DUH!!!! DOUBLE DUH! Duh to infinity! Someone told me that I should stop using the "kidding" word too often, coz its killing the humour for people who get it you see. Well, see what happens even when I use it? DUMB PEOPLE STILL DON'T GET IT THAT I AM KIDDING! And now I am supposed to be pregnan
I'm sorry.. Really busy these few days... Plus my com is recently revived. And guess what? I kanna MsBlast within 1 hour of usage!!! Yaaay! I'm like the luckiest girl on Earth!! And I can't patch it coz my uncle (yes the same one) used a cheong CD with a cheong CD key which Microsoft recognises, so the patch cannot be installed properly! Wonderful! If I have one wish now, I would wish that the person who created MsBlast would be raped by a raging bull with aids and herpes. And then have three satay sticks driven thru his balls. While having me roll up a vanguard sheet and hollar through that at his ear: "YOU JIAK BA BO SAI PANG IZZIT???!" He would possibly answer, "Oh yes, yes!" since he cannot understand Hokkien since he must be Russian (Russians are evil) and thinks I am asking him whether he is sorry. I will then drown his pets/kids one and by one and make him DAMN sorry for making my life so miserable! Bill Gates would be eternally grat