I'm sorry.. Really busy these few days... Plus my com is recently revived. And guess what? I kanna MsBlast within 1 hour of usage!!! Yaaay! I'm like the luckiest girl on Earth!! And I can't patch it coz my uncle (yes the same one) used a cheong CD with a cheong CD key which Microsoft recognises, so the patch cannot be installed properly! Wonderful!

If I have one wish now, I would wish that the person who created MsBlast would be raped by a raging bull with aids and herpes. And then have three satay sticks driven thru his balls. While having me roll up a vanguard sheet and hollar through that at his ear: "YOU JIAK BA BO SAI PANG IZZIT???!"

He would possibly answer, "Oh yes, yes!" since he cannot understand Hokkien since he must be Russian (Russians are evil) and thinks I am asking him whether he is sorry.

I will then drown his pets/kids one and by one and make him DAMN sorry for making my life so miserable!

Bill Gates would be eternally grateful to me and will give me 300 million bucks and I will be the richest blogger on Earth!! Wahahahaha!


But this is if I have one wish. Which I don't. If I do, I will first wish that the fucking rooster which wakes me up every 4 am will be raped by a raging bull with aids and herpes.... And it goes on. See? I'm a simple and sweet girl actually. Its just that I get bad experiences in life.

I mean, who else (besides my neighbours) has a freaking mad rooster waking them up every single day of their lives at 4 am??

Alright. My com cannot install photoshop somehow, so I shall not blog. Meanwhile, voting has started! Vote for me k, but keep in mind that tomorrow is only the second day and it will last a week. And also, votes will be set to zero every week. So yeah, vote if you wanna, now. Only for Singtel users!

SMS "Xiaxue" to 221200!!!

Repeat the number after me, loud and clear:

xiaxue to 221200

xiaxue to 221200

xiaxue to 221200

xiaxue to 221200

xiaxue to 221200

xiaxue to 221200

Each vote costs $0.20, and I reckon it will be ok if you spend like 100 bucks on me every week!

Why vote for me?

Because honestly: Have you seen a better blogger than me?! NO WAY! I am second to none! I'm a born blogger! Blogging is in my blood! Blogger (the site) only exists for ME! Reading my site is the only reason why you live! Every-fucking-body loves me!! No one isn't my fan! I make you smile! I make u laugh out loud in front of your screen, making ur mum whack you on the head to ask you if you are crazy! I make you tremble and pray as you click on your favourites, bite your nails, and open ur eyes slowly wishing and wishing so hard that there is an update!

Enough bullshit. Just vote la.

Oh yeah. And my trailer is on 98.7 FM, the ad for dreamd8... It sounds damn sexy. I am so in love with myself man.

P/s: For blogders who emailed me asking where the Edwin Yeo entry went to, you were hallucinating. There was no such entry. Madness, all of you.

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