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Heh. I dreamt of kittens shagging each other at the back of the car. They look really cute, fluffy and all. (note: cute, not sexy) But WTF. Paedo-bestiality. I tried to throw them out because my baby walrus didn't like it. *confused look* Now where did the walrus come from?? And why doesn't he like kittens shagging? URRRRRRGGGH!!! I think if I keep having weird dreams like that I will turn psycho. More birthday blogging tonight with pics of bdae prezzies!! And tml is a press holiday! How cool is that??! Updated: Have you been keeping up with mydreamd8? Click here , for I just spoofed PixiePosh. Fun. And easy. =D Go have a look, and leave a comment! - Are you a 3 plus 2? -
Hello everybody!! Its a very important day today!!! Now do the bated breath thing. It is............... SADDAM HUSSIEN'S BIRTHDAY!! And mine as well. Can't believe I share the same birthday as that man. Last year, I remember our class rep Chiat min very enthusiatically blabbered to me, "Yan yan, do you know that Saddam Hussien has the same birthday as you? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" and proceeded to laugh his head off. Actually its quite funny ha ha ha ha. *zip* Birthdays aside, I would like some presents, please email me with your offers. (A job, cash, or a gigolo who looks like Bloom would suit me fine). OK seriously, birthdays aside. WTF is this called??! If you happen to be in Singapore, the extremely clean sunny island with a lack of dustbins, you would possibly have eaten this before: Now the question is, does anyone have any idea what is it called??!!! I was talking to Eileen the other day about this picture in a c
Its a happy happy day!!! The rain's just over and all's nice and crisp, no? Isn't this world beautiful? It's made more beautiful, but the fact that tomorrow.... I turn 20. =)
Warning: SUPER LONG BLOG ENTRY. It's so long, it can be seen on the moon. Warning: LOADS of photos (may I repeat, hosting courtesy of the generous and talented Mr Chester Tan ), please wait for them to load. Birthday celebration with Poly friends yesterday Went to Marina South for Steamboat with June, Clara, Ivan (Clara's bf since sec 2 or something, gross!), Eric (who had the misfortune of sitting beside me so no photos of him), Ben (aka quikquiksilver if you haven't noticed), AND... TADAH! Androgenous Aaron~ Now don't you all miss him. her. HIM. Clara cooking while June be the glutton. Look at Clara's face. She is disgusted to see you. June and Ivan coincidentally wearing the same colour, pink. I suspect, this is because they know I'm gonna take photos so they might as well blend into my website's background. WTF are those little black specks man!!! COULD IT BE?? FLYING ANTS?! Fucking things kept attacking Ivan (wh
I was reading July's archives. Three entries down, and I think to myself: I have grown so much. Cheers. =) I no longer write the childish way I used to (to hate mail that is). Heres a little preview for blog content tomorrow: 1) The KTV session. 2) How suay I was. 3) The suckiest movie in the world 4) Fucked up guy who drove me home. 5) Fire disaster at Cineleisure (complete with pictures, mind you, like the professional journalist I am) 6) One stupid fucker who sent me hate mail then pissed in his pants. (I will tell you why) 7) One more fucker who sent me hate mail (but actually added me as friend in friendster). Did I once reject his advances or something? *tsk tsk* 8) More, and more and more (self) picture galore!!!!!!!!!! Naked! *kidding* Fucking gross day btw. I'll got to wake up for working tomorrow @ 545am, which means I am gonna sleep for 40 mins now. End work at 2pm, so I shall come home, take a good nap, and blog to my heart's content
Shianux: I can't believe you have a "happy blogger" scrolling around. Xiaxue: Yeah man it looks ridiculous, ha ha ha! Shianux: I know. ***** I am a happy blogger! Gotta celebrate my birthday tomorrow with my poly friends. Happy. =) (although my bdae is not till 28th) As for my evil RV friends... EK is becoming mad after her stressful law exams and she has been doing what she has NOT (apparently it shows in her tummy) been doing in a million years: JOG. Mad. Sports people are mad. I don't understand. EK used to walk leisurely beside me during 2.4. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?! LAW EXAMS MAKE PEOPLE GO MAD! SOMEBODY SAVE HER! XF is having exams. PY is having exams and shopping for epilators. Ghimz the Giam is screwing the tiger girls in his army camp, no doubt. They are all not free for the happy (birthday) blogger. =( Never mind, I can wait. =D
Hi World. David Ngiau wants me to introduce to everyone Chao Peh, whom he claims is the best-looking dude in the newsroom, as acclaimed by one gay subeditor. In case you readers are getting the frowny look coz you don't understand, my editor commanded me to write that. Private joke. Editors are weird people. *frowny look* Ignore this post please.
Alrighty!!! *Clashes cymbals in an uncivilised manner* Kachang kachang kachang!! LIKE THE NEW DESIGN??! Good news people. I have got a new image host from Mr. Chester Tan (domain under the same name). THANK YOU! And he doesn't even want a blowjob! Ha ha ha So anyway, I was messing around with the HTML a little. Yes yes I know... The sparkly marquee looks... erm.. a bit gay. But never mind la, I somehow can't make a space for my pic to be seen if the marquee is absent. My HTML not that great la huh. If you were here since the last century or so, you would have realised that fucked up imagestation deleted my scrolling marquee of photos. THUS, I REPLACED THEM WITH THE STUPID COUNTERS! It looks so lethargic and funny. Stupid counter! Ha ha ha ha.... I think I might just leave it there if I'm any lazier. One more thing: KILL BILL 2 ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY RULES!!! More about that later. Just go watch it. Its DAMN good. May I repeat. DAMN GOOD.
Dustbins and Loos Ok before I forget, here�s a little piece of information I would like to share. In any case if you managed to swallow the 2850 words I wrote in my last last blog entry, you would realise that you terribly miss the colour of pictures in this plain website. Well, for an infinite period of time, THERE WOULD BE NO PICTURES! Why? It's because, I realised with rude shock, that my stupid com does NOT HAVE A �D� or �E� drive!!! WTF??? Since this is the case (no doubt the works of a mysterious hacker who hacked into my com to remove the drive out of spite), I cannot have pictures. Now, the smart you would be wondering. What has having no CD drive got to do with pictures? The thing now is, my Adobe Photoshop CS has expired after a blissful 30-day trial, so I plan to uninstall it and install it again, this time checking out the serial key first. HOWEVER, THERE IS NO D DRIVE! No photoshop=no photos. And I am too lazy to go to As you guys
*pssh* Updated Singtel Blog. For those who are not interested or have not kept up with the contest, you can skip it. =D As for the blogging here? I will get it up and running in a while, maybe by midnight or something. Halfway done. Love ya all! *Updated* I will not be blogging tonight, just wrote a super long email to Singtel pleading them to do something.
Here I am, at Benjamin's place, doing some blogging before proceeding to Mahjong Madness. Alrighty I'm feeling very delighted from the cheap thrills I have been getting recently out of working at TODAY. Speaking of TODAY, I was looking at on my work computer the other day, when my features editor Mr. David Ngiau (don't you find his name damn cute??) sneaked up on me from behind, no doubt stood there for a long moment to observe what I was doing, then proceeded to say loudly, "AHA! What is this??", thus scaring the shit out of me. Now thats damn despicable, sneaking up on interns like that, despite the company actually paying me while I surf silly websites. Well maybe not that silly, as you know, Its so Good, Its Almost Porn. Slightly afraid that he would see the edited pink picture of me in what seems like a very skimpy lacy pink nightie, I used all the strength in my index finger to scroll my mouse wheel in an superfast speed
How great is it to be back here!!! LOL... Throughout this long break, I have forgotten how comfortable it is to click on Blogger and write here. Finally, all of you who are sick of the dreamd8 thing can heck care about it and return to my blog without reading one more word that has anything to do with it. Some nonsense issues here: (And my severe warning, this blog entry is fucking fucking long) 1) Alvin Alvin, the great guy whom you all have been reading about (not much though, coz after all boyfriend he is not) for the past three months, has disappeared. Just like that. *snaps fingers twice* Into thin air. I don't understand men, really. He has been so sweet and nice! I told him that I am not prepared to go into a relationship with him, but he told me its alright, he will wait. He says he just wants to see me happy, and that's sufficient for him. Well it seems that's utter bullshit. MEN. This just makes me super jaded. Seriously, humans are just self
MISSED ME?? I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 14 April 2004 Updated: I will only start the blogging tomorrow. Let's just say something happened, and it lasted till now, which is super late. (4am). Indeed, I'm outta here. All's cool people. I am very angry, but I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment too! 1stly: I'll got a press conference at Conrad with some star (Taiwanese one, but cannot reveal now coz u all might stalk him), and there is BOUND TO BE GOOD FOOD! 2ndly: I have epliated my armpits finally. Too busy to do so recently coz of the contests. Cannot even eat properly. How to eat when u know when u eat somebody is sniggering away while "her mum" votes you down? Moreover epliate. Now I can shop like a normal girl~ I dun need to spend my Sundays staring at this fcuked up page! I CAN PLAY MAHJONG AGAIN!!!! Yaay! Its all good. 3rdly: I am moving back to blogspot WHERE THE STAR IS CLEARLY ME MYSELF AND I. I am the best (who gives a shit what u thi
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 9 April 2004 Looking at my miserable looking votes now, I guess I can only sigh. Tonight, there is a high chance I will be the one going out. Meanwhile, I would like to say a great thank you to all my readers who have been supporting me. You guys made blogging wonderful, and made my days shine. Special thanks to Neo, Cherub, Ting, Jo (since ages ago, this girl!), GateCrash, Gaylord (he claims he is not gay), nad~, Hai ren, shuen, rachels, Naiveguy, lotise, Zenith, and etc etc die hard blogders who have been here for me!! Please vote me up if you can.. I don't wanna end with such an embarrassing amount of vote outs.. =( Meanwhile.. to catch the action live, go to my channel #xiaxue at irc galaxynet!
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 9 April 2004 Wow. I'm shocked to see that Singtel really implemented the number of voters system for all to see how many people are voting so soon. However, theres one little glitch which everyone overlooked. The number of voters includes the number of people voting OUT as well. I called Singtel to ask, and this is what they told me. Of course my 202 voters could have a high percentage of it from the vote outs (though i highly doubt so coz I think its from the same people). Thus, the number of voters does not necessarily mean the number of supporters. This also means, that Posh's 66 voters do not all like her as well. Some apparently has a strong distaste for her. Meanwhile, for Sel's entry, apparently she wasn't talking about me. But see, I dun understand. If you've got something to say, just say the name la! You mumble mumble some, and of course people might think its them correct? I do think she is talking about
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 7 April 2004 In reply to Sel's entry, which she will no doubt claim it isn't me she's talking about, I have to say this. I have a right to suspicion, and voice it out. If its not her, people have eyes to see for themselves, and not trust my judgement. These are the facts that I know. Jan's votes went down. Mine went down. Mia's went down. And then it started hitting mine negative. Blog reader Neo saw what happened, and voted Posh down a little. Immediately, Posh's went up to counter Neo's votes, and mine stopped dropping. After pushing hers to an ideal, the mystery person started to vote me down again. Now, what can be concluded? I drew my own, and I aired it. If its really not her, then too bad, coz somebody made it seem like it. I only believe my own eyes. And what do you mean not everybody loves me??! EVERYBODY LOVES ME. Some are in denial, and some are just faking it. =D Some may seem like they really don
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 6 April 2004 From the 200 plus votes I had this morning, someone voted me down to -65 votes. Thats a fcuking 50 bucks spent already. During the same period of time, Janice's votes, from 248, went down to 65. (whats with the 65 anyway?). Mia's miserable 40+ votes were not let off either. Whatever. I believe in fair play, and that my fans will support me till the end. I have been bullied, and surely you guys will help me win back the injustice done to me!! May the best blog win. In any case, I have decided on my blog topic today, and despite my mood being a little more than foul, I will still write it, coz I AM DA BLOGGER!!! =D blogging now, brb
Singtel Blog Competition, 4 April 2004 Someone whom I have always viewed as a politically correct person, has stood right up and told us the bare-naked truth without mincing her words. Ladies and gentlemen, read Janice's latest entry, with the seemingly harmless title, My dream d8. Perhaps she is not afraid, because she is speaking the truth. I know for a fact that people are voting for themselves. Think about it. They might have readers/fans/desperados supporting them, but how many would wake up at the wee hours of the morning like crazy Neo ("For the spirit of true blogsmanship, it is as much ur game as mine!")? From the jump, jump, jumping of the rankings in the wee hours of the morning, we know something is amiss. I know, because I earned my die-hard readers over 1 year of hard-core blogging. When I was in another blogging contest that won by just votes (free votes!), I merely had 200 + votes. Thats how lazy people are. They at most, just read. Few
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 4 April 2004 Bimbotic Entry Of The Day Wor! (kekeke) Isn't my new profile picture pretty? Heehee.. So pretty wor... Mi likes. esp e pink flwoers, so sweet worz Stole it from Janice's banner kekeke... Photoshopped the white flowers onto my pix kekeke.... took me a while wor, its tough! sianz den muz make the flowers pink den make a bit bit transparent lorx LOL ROTF kekeke. Even added a bit of stupi, i mean, toopid lens flare to make it look like got sunlight shining at me worx!! So creaive horz? mi hair loOk shiny rite~ Yesterday I went to this pets shop wor! love the doggies inside very fluffy and pretty, like mi new profile pixture! Then at e pets shop guess what I saw... a toad! the person very farnie he make me laugh. he say Erm miss please dun touch ze toad. I ask him why he lidat he say CHAO CB SAY DON'T TOUCH MEANS DUN TOUCH, lidat one leh, so fierce, ask only wat. Then I gave him a bj (its a brinjal la) and he
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 2 April 2004 Let's just say I got very touched by an email written by a reader, so I'm feeling particularly HAPPY!! Yaaay happy blogger!!! To everyone who has made snide comments about me, telling me I'm an attention-seeking whore who writes non-funny (why did you even decide its not funny if you never for a moment thought its funny??) blog entries: Heres what I will say to you: Click here to be pleasantly surprised. Well well well... So crude. But apt anyway. My point is this. I'm not your typical girl who will break down and cry. Some of these people who hide behind their internet nicks (HUMCHEE AH?) to flame me might be supporters of the other dreamdates, or simply new readers, so perhaps you guys don't know me well enough. YOU CANNOT GET ME DOWN. No matter what you say, I possibly have heard it a million times before already. Fat? Been there. Ugly? Yeah so? Attention-seeking? I don't even see whats
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 2 April 2004 HAPPY APRIL'S FOOL!! Siao ah you all! I love blogging and I will never stop!! I thought I said this long ago. I'm not trying to garner votes la I already said don't vote. Ok its supposed to be funny, seems that only some found it slightly amusing. Don't need to say such hurting things mah... I actually planned to say its an April's Fool joke yesterday at 1 am but guess what??! Dreamd8's site was DOWN!!! So cannot blog to clarify, can only do so today lor. I know you all have been voting la, my dear blogders!!! I love you ALL (including sun, cr, reminisce etc) whether you love me or hate me, coz the worst thing that can happen to a writer is that no one reads his works, right?? Cheer up k k? Meanwhile, I suspect someone else is playing a very serious April's Fool Day joke. If you are an ardent Maddox fan, you would possibly be fcuking horrified. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BLACK B
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 1 April 2004 Seriously, why am I even in this competition? The dreamd8 people dislike me. I know a lot of readers dislike me too. Everywhere, people are saying I'm a slut/whore/bitch. I DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THESE. Its all my own fault. Whats wrong with blogging in my style? Yes I'm frank and opininated. Whats wrong with airing my views? Why should I mince words to make people happy? Why must people pick on me, like saying I'm ugly, saying my English sucks, etc? I have feelings too, and I'm sick and tired. I have 3,000 readers (per day), my friendster blog account is full (that makes it 500), I have more than 300 emails in my mailing list, yet so little are voting. I do my best to blog to make people laugh, yet, my votes are far far less than the top person. WHY? JUST COZ SHE'S SWEET AND NICE? Is everyone really here to take, and not give back any? Then I shall stop giving too. All I ask for is a 20c sup
Singtel Blog Competition, dated 1 April 2004 I was browsing through the MSN site for a new profile picture because in the office com I don't have my real photos anyway. AND THEN I FOUND IT. It is a gem. Its damn funny. I love it. Isn't the ostrich so funny looking? I cannot stand it. WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... I'm an ostrich!!! ee ee!! If you don't get whats so funny and you think I'm mad, I think you didn't get a close enough look of the ostrich. I mean seriously. Look at it. WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Benjamin is a frog. Hahahaha!