Thursday, April 29, 2004

Heh. I dreamt of kittens shagging each other at the back of the car. They look really cute, fluffy and all. (note: cute, not sexy)

But WTF. Paedo-bestiality. I tried to throw them out because my baby walrus didn't like it. *confused look* Now where did the walrus come from?? And why doesn't he like kittens shagging?

URRRRRRGGGH!!! I think if I keep having weird dreams like that I will turn psycho.

More birthday blogging tonight with pics of bdae prezzies!! And tml is a press holiday! How cool is that??!

Updated: Have you been keeping up with mydreamd8? Click here, for I just spoofed PixiePosh. Fun. And easy. =D Go have a look, and leave a comment!

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