Friday, April 23, 2004

Shianux: I can't believe you have a "happy blogger" scrolling around.

Xiaxue: Yeah man it looks ridiculous, ha ha ha!

Shianux: I know.


I am a happy blogger! Gotta celebrate my birthday tomorrow with my poly friends. Happy. =) (although my bdae is not till 28th)

As for my evil RV friends...

EK is becoming mad after her stressful law exams and she has been doing what she has NOT (apparently it shows in her tummy) been doing in a million years: JOG. Mad. Sports people are mad. I don't understand. EK used to walk leisurely beside me during 2.4. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?! LAW EXAMS MAKE PEOPLE GO MAD! SOMEBODY SAVE HER!

XF is having exams. PY is having exams and shopping for epilators.

Ghimz the Giam is screwing the tiger girls in his army camp, no doubt.

They are all not free for the happy (birthday) blogger. =(

Never mind, I can wait. =D