Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel blog competition, dated 14 March 2004

This taxi driver pissed me off.

Me: Uncle can you go faster please I need to reach school in five minutes for my exam, if not I will miss it then jia lat already!

Uncle: You teenagers. Always like that. Irresponsible. You know got exam, still sleep until so late for what, huh? Then if you miss the exam don't blame people ok! Faster faster... I how fast also cannot reach in 5 mins.

Me: (thinks) Just shut the fcuk up and drive, fcuker.
(says) Well its because got exam thats why sleep late to study and then wake up late lor.

Uncle: Yeah then should start studying earlier and sleep early what?! So irresponsible! In the end miss the exam serve them right.

Me: Uncle you siao is it? Without people being late you think you got money to earn is it?!

Uncle: You say until like that I got nothing to say lor.

Me: True what.

Uncle: *stunned silence*

He continued the drive with a really black face.


Stupid middle-aged uncles. They think they rule the world. Which they actually do but thats just a realy small handful.

Its not their fault. Its the stupid girls in Singapore's fault. Females have been taught to keep quiet about injustice, tolerate and admit its their fault when people scold them, etc.

It is one thing to be taught to behave this way, and another to actually listen to it. It is stupidity to blindly believe.

Everyone should stand up for what is fair and just, correct?

I used to behave in this matter. I used to think tolerance would solve matters, and people should all be kind and nice.

Oh grow up. The world doesn't work that way. If you don't stand up for yourself, no one will.

I got molested one time too many, and decided that I will let no one intimidate me ever again. Bloody Bangalas. If they dare to touch me again, they will see what will happen to them. I will make sure they will never set foot in Singapore to touch our country's girls again. And their dciks will get severed in an industrial "accident".

Let me give you examples of why you should ALWAYS stand up for yourself.

1) That day I was at MacDonalds (I did not see Ronald Macdonald there, in case you are wondering. Refer to last entry) at Boat Quay.

I was in a hurry, and ordered some McNuggets to be taken away. $3 for 6 pieces.

It was horrible.

The exterior crust is supposed to be crispy and golden brown, but this one tastes like cardboard. It was hard and burnt. Gross.

The flesh is supposed to be juicy and somewhat crunchy... This one tastes like overcooked dry breast meat. The meat is supposed to stick to the crust of the nugget correct? But in this case, the meat was so dry that it somehow managed to be separated from the skin, like the embroyo of an egg, with a space in between.

I was traumatized. I have left Macs and I am very hungry!! I ate a piece and was comtemplating going back for an exchange. At this point of time, Eileen arrived.

"Oei the nugget taste like shit."

"Is it? Let me try."

With this, Eileen took a bite out of the nugget, mumbled something like "Its a bit hard lar" and finished one whole piece anyway.

So now I'm left with 4 pieces.

I decided to go back for an exchange. Shall not waste my 3 bucks on cardboard chicken.

Me, to counter girl: "Hey, your nuggets suck."

Cashier: "I'll change it for you."

Manager: "Whats the matter?"

Me: "Oh nothing important, just that the nuggets tasted really dry."

Manager: "Is it? I'm so sorry mam... We'll change it for you... Why don't you get your drink first?"

Me: "I didn't order a drink, I was in a hurry."

Manager: "Oh no no, its on the house don't worry!"

Me: "Oh you shouldn't have!"

Manager: "Its alright! We'll send your nuggets to you in a short while! Why don't you take a seat first?"

And I did. After a while, I was served the best nuggets in the world (all six pieces of them), accompanied by my free coke.

2) Ardent blog readers might already know this. My maid, while being in the lift with my brother, was molested by a bangala (what else can they do? Huh? Filthy hands built our houses). The bangala grabbed her hand, and tried to get fresh.

My brother, filled with angst (he was actually crying!), told me what happened and wanted to beat the bangala up.

My maid tried to pacify him and told him to let the matter go.

YEAH RIGHT LET THE MATTER GO AND LET HIM MOLEST MORE PEOPLE?! The next time it would be rape can?!

If the fcuking bangala thinks he can get away with it he is wrong. Coz he molested the wrong maid. Da gou ye yao kan zhu ren remember?

After a hurried changed of clothes and a visit to the police station, the molester was arrested. You can applause right now if you wanna.

He was sobbing in the handcuffs and begged me to let him off. The police just sneered at him. I gave him the "Why don't you suck my c*** instead" look.

His manager was called to the station and he was reprimanded in front of everyone. How cool is that?!

There are more examples of why we should stand up for ourselves (and others if they cannot do it themselves) besides free cokes and crying molesters, but I shall not bore you.

I digress.

Anyway, because of the way SG's females behave (besides ah lians of course, else the uncle surely kanna poked by a pointed comb), stupid middle-aged uncles think we can be bullied.


I don't care if he is elder. I respect him, but I AM STILL THE CUSTOMER HELLO! I'm paying to be driven to my destination, not to listen to him talk nonsense. Doh.

The day ended with me failing the exam despite me reaching there on time. How saddening.