Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 28 March 2004

Gotta go for the roadshow, just in time for a quick picture blog. Wait for the photos to load!

Went for the FHM 100 sexiest women party held at The Opium Bar the day before. Check out the slutty,oops, I mean hot dancers. Ok wait. Slutty. They are quite ugly.

Yes, you see what I mean.

Diva Models looking most edible.

It was a star studded event... Most unfortunately my pictures turned out looking far from glamourous and nearer to funny. Check out Cynthia Koh's expression.


It is!

Firstly, it captured Ann Kok's boobs in a, erm, very provocative angle. And yes, the fellow you see looking somewhat threatening is famous Mannequin (is he Mannequin?) Jonathan Chan, also in my Cleo bachelor entry, where he is to the left of the female model.

I expect the speech should have gone something like that:

Ah. All fabricated by myself. None of the above is true.

Beautiful Jamie and Randall. Yes, I have decided that Jamie Yeo is actually quite pretty after seeing her in real life, although I used to think otherwise. And she's really nice too. =D

The hosts with Jimmy T and Cynthia Koh, who won some best photoshoot of something award.

Ann Kok, Steph Song's back view, and some bugger's elbow. I didn't mean to take the photo tilted!! It was an accident alright! You can bend your head to look if you are not happy.

Sara and Steph standing in front of the ghostly green chandelier looking quite Haunted Mansion-ish.

Me, Host Sara, Steph Song, and the famous 98.7 DJs, with me looking f-short beside Rod.

And saving the best for last...

We have...

Me with the cutest and newest addition to S league!!! Erm, I forgot his name, but he sure beats Fandi Ahmad hands down.

Oh yeah before this picture was taken one of the FHM girls (those in red, duh.) was flirting so outrageously, you would think she really would go down on him the next moment. Yuck.