Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 1 April 2004

Seriously, why am I even in this competition? The dreamd8 people dislike me. I know a lot of readers dislike me too. Everywhere, people are saying I'm a slut/whore/bitch. I DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THESE. Its all my own fault.

Whats wrong with blogging in my style? Yes I'm frank and opininated. Whats wrong with airing my views? Why should I mince words to make people happy? Why must people pick on me, like saying I'm ugly, saying my English sucks, etc?

I have feelings too, and I'm sick and tired. I have 3,000 readers (per day), my friendster blog account is full (that makes it 500), I have more than 300 emails in my mailing list, yet so little are voting. I do my best to blog to make people laugh, yet, my votes are far far less than the top person. WHY? JUST COZ SHE'S SWEET AND NICE?

Is everyone really here to take, and not give back any?

Then I shall stop giving too.

All I ask for is a 20c support. 3000 readers and I can't believe I am behind some people who has possibly much less readers.

I will not blog anymore. I'm so sickened by this whole thing. I hate the insults; my ego is only that strong. I don't need to go through all these trauma. I will be stopping to blog entirely. Blogspot wouldn't be recovered as well.

Don't send me emails, I will not read them.

If you want to say anything, leave a comment instead. If you are a reader, I want to know.. how come you didn't support me?

Bye you all. Tomorrow, I will delete my whole blog. There is no need to vote anymore. I'm sorry if you already did.

There's nothing you can do to change my mind, so don't try.