Singtel Blog Competition, dated 14 April 2004

Updated: I will only start the blogging tomorrow. Let's just say something happened, and it lasted till now, which is super late. (4am).

Indeed, I'm outta here.

All's cool people. I am very angry, but I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment too!

1stly: I'll got a press conference at Conrad with some star (Taiwanese one, but cannot reveal now coz u all might stalk him), and there is BOUND TO BE GOOD FOOD!

2ndly: I have epliated my armpits finally. Too busy to do so recently coz of the contests. Cannot even eat properly. How to eat when u know when u eat somebody is sniggering away while "her mum" votes you down? Moreover epliate. Now I can shop like a normal girl~ I dun need to spend my Sundays staring at this fcuked up page! I CAN PLAY MAHJONG AGAIN!!!! Yaay! Its all good.

3rdly: I am moving back to blogspot WHERE THE STAR IS CLEARLY ME MYSELF AND I. I am the best (who gives a shit what u think) and I will be the one everyone's attention is on on MY PAGE. No more worries about slandering Lee Hsien Yang accidently. I CAN TYPE FCUK PROPERLY. I'm happy!

4thly: EIleen is treating me to a movie and since everyone thinks I am damn poor thing everyone is treating me very nicely. My mom gave me a hug this morning. Everybody say Awwwww

5thly: I am damn touched by you guys!

6thly: Who cares about this contest? Obviously I am the best dreamdate. I peel prawns! And I rule!!

More blogging tonight, I have to go for the press conference now.


Yeah u can flame all u want after that. Try flooding my inbox, I dun give a shit. I just delete it before I even read it. And if I am free enough to read it, I laugh. Thanks.

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