Singtel Blog Competition, dated 14 March 2004

Spicy Saga Part I

See I don't understand.

Why there are serious people on earth? Serious people IRK me.

But of course. Can you imagine if there are no serious people, the BBC would turn into a channel with the newcasters dressed like chickens to amuse. Which would be nice actually, but thats not my point.

I have wrote this time and again in my original blog (Have you seen it yet? No? Then don't, coz its down at the moment) about people who take me seriously when I am so obviously kidding.

Eg when I say: "I RULE" I don't really mean it. Alrightly just a little bit. But since this entry is for serious people I shall not kid.

When I say "I rule" I don't mean it. It is meant to be funny. I can't help you if you don't get it.

People say I am nasty. Well thats bullshitty. My friends know I'm a nice girl! I am filial to my parents. I don't beat people up. I give up seats to the elderly. I you were blind I would help you cross the road. I am polite and friendly should you ever get the chance to speak to me.

In the cyberworld I write in a manner which I deem is interesting. True enough, I'm about the frank-est person you would ever meet but so? Can't you take the truth? Would you rather I be patronising you? DUH? I may hurt some people sometimes but guess what? I'll rather do that than talk behind people's backs of course.

See Maddox. He may seem like a freaking bastard, let me change that, freaking funny bastard, but guess what? maybe he is nursing his baby dog back to health or smooching his roses as he lovingly sprinkles fertiliser. My point is, don't take the internet seriously. Everyone can bullshit here.

Yes Miss Baby Cinnamon, this entry is meant for you.

Sure took me long enough to read your blog.

And here are my responses, in bold. I'm not really sorry if it offends you, coz I just speak my mind. You should too, instead of dodging here and there. I don't get what you mean at the best of times.

3. Whats going thru some of these peoples head? Ok... this is nothing really but just kinda weird to me. Dont think she would ever read this...but maybe some one could pass the message, as it comes in peace ;)

TO sum up all my proposals....I believe some one has got what it takes, after reading her blog.

Yeah thanks but what has my blog got to do with your proposals?

If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that to learn to love someone, and I mean to really love someone, you have to love your self first.

Uh huh...

Now...whats this got to do with this particular girl?

I'm wondering too.

Well yes, she seems to have the right ingredients.... but... do you have to be so nasty? ( if you read this)

Right ingredients for what? Your proposals?

Give me valid examples to show that I am nasty, babe. Don't just blabber. In fact I think I'm quite nice. I gave a piece of my nice fish fillet to my brother.

Yes your a good writer, yes you are pretty too....and to top it all of, you sure got confidence in your self. Thats all good, but dont you ever sit back and look at yourself?

Why do people say cliches like "sit back and look at yourself"? Why not just look at myself? I'm not far sighted why must I sit back? But thats not the point. The point is, I looked at myself already. What do I do next?

Well I donno what others think....everyone has they're own way of thinking, or are people to afraid to say out what they think?

What has this got to do with me? Are you saying that people don't like me but they are afraid to say it? They must be so scared I beat them up then. With my incredibly long legs.

> Or is it like in school where sometimes its just easier to sit with the popular kids than the nerds?

What are you talking about? Quit mumbling and organise your thoughts into logical points. In case this is what I think you are saying, in my secondary school everyone is a nerd so yeah I do sit with the nerds. I love nerds. Actually, to be exact I just have this thing for computer hackers. WTF is wrong with me?!

As I said, Its good to be confident, but really, it starts to get ugly when that streak of confidence gets a lil too confident!

If you can't tell I'm kidding most of the time I shall let you continue being deluded.

Really girl, I like many others think you can get far.... dunno...maybe writing, or acting??

You don't have to say nice things to go with your complains so it seems you are a nice girl you know. If you have an opinion, be proud of it and say it.

I donno you...but I know you got some talent.... anyways, as i was saying....i too believe you can go far....but how far can you get with an attitude like that?

There is nothing wrong with my attitude. Once again, give me valid examples.

About me getting far... Hmmm... Not too bad currently. Check out my friendster page (its in Very Interesting Links (THEY RULE!)) to see what others think.

If you ask me how far I would go, I would shamelessly tell you this: Much further than people who have "nice" attitudes.


There you go, peeps. I have said this many times, and I shall say it again. When you have people loving you, there would be people who hate you. When you die, its better to be hatefully remembered by some, than forgotten by all.

Thats why I shall the way I am. I'm being frank and truthful, but if people view it as a bad attitude, then I can say this: Fcuk off. Which actually proves them right that I have a bad attitude, but do I care?

Say this in a delighted voice after me: NOooooooo

I like the way I am now. I don't see whats wrong with my attitude, and thats not because I am being obstinate. People who try to put me down do not give me logical and valid arguments to why I should change. I would listen, if they manage to convince me with good reason.

Meanwhile, for Cinnamon Baby, I would like to say that you don't have to be so polite speaking to me, because I am not the kind who would patronise and be nice back if I got nothing nice to say...

Hmmm and I don't understand what my attitude's got to do with you. Don't even get me started on the Duh-when-you-are-twenty-you-are-no-longer-a-freaking-baby
-so-stop-kidding-yourself-and-acting-cute thing. I didn't do that, coz whatever you write in you blog is your business. Until you wrote about me of course. Dah. Wrong move.

I know you don't wanna be seen as a bad girl (oh no no, anything but that, no!), but I hope we can clear the air on this. Just speak your mind. I don't care. And I am not petty.

If you think I suck, just tell me. Doesn't matter, I still think I rule.


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