Singtel Blog Competition, dated 16 March 2004

- Spicy Saga Part II, read part I first -

Here is Baby (what baby?) Cinnamon's incoherent reply. I don't understand a thing, do you? :

Whos NOT HOT?! 16/03/04 07:45

Yah yah yah!!!! GO on.... shoot out a thousand bullets from your rose thorned mouth! YOu know you your self say so much and worse still at the end of it all... havent got your point across.... keep it simple gal!

??????? Yes Xia xue, nothing to you is valid, only your piercing voice is valid to you. Juz reading the things you write is pollution to my ears n my eyes!

I"m not speaking for me self either gal.... HAHAHAHA! You really got some attitude.....

I never said you were NOT NICE...
(she did say I am nasty) I said YOU GOT AN ATTITUDE!
Clear enuff?

Whats it to do wid my preposal? Your a perfect example...
Its good to have confidence! Yes it is..but not to let their heads get too big for em......
Sheesh think the balloons gotta pop soon!!
(She still thinks I'm really confident! *laughs*)

Lastly, if I were talking behind ur wouldn be in my blog for everyone, INCLUDING u to see! and I would have concealed your name! DUH!
(Nobody was talking about you talking behind my back. Don't understand English?!)

Lets have a moment of silence people.

All I can say is:


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