Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 23 March, 2004

Life's Little Lessons

Alright alliterations aside. Oops another.

Quite often in life, we get little incidents which makes us go like: "I've learnt never ever to do that again man!" For example, that time when u and your bf/gf were shagging in the office and you conveniently forgot there was a survellience camera... Always check for cameras when having sex.

The recent rush of people telling me I'm mean have reminded me about this incident I should never have forgot.

Some time last year, everyone in class was pissed with a classmate of mine, lets call her "C" (C for classmate, don't you even start guessing its Clara). She behaved in a weird moody manner. Often, she was late for school, and she did not participate in class work as much as she should have.

C has a boyfriend, lets call him Bf. Bf and C were very close to each other, and when we asked Bf whats happening to C, he would say its nothing, its nothing.

C missed many classes, and even missed tests. Classmates were concerned at first, but seeing no improvement on C's part to make a chance to improve her school life, soon gave up and brushed C's behaviour off as plain laziness.

Call us busybodies, but we classmates felt that somewhat C was affecting Bf's classwork as well because she was so often upset (we naturally concluded he must have done something wrong to piss her off). Once, Bf and C missed a test and having took an MC, both were supposed to sit for the retest together. Bf reached on time, but C never arrived.

He took the test without her.

C was spotted standing outside the school along the road. Just standing there, staring into the air like that. 1 hour later, she was still standing there.

The coursemate who saw her told some of other classmates about this scary phenomenon, and one of our classmates called BF up, not knowing he is taking his test at that moment.

With the phone call, BF fled the exam hall to look for her.

I thought to myself: What the hell is wrong with C? Why didn't she just go take the test instead of doing this to BF?

Some of us went to the bus stop where C and Bf were situated. C was sitting there smiling a little at Bf, and when she saw me, she clammed up and stuffed her face into Bf's chest.

Bf mouthed silently for me to go away.

Alright great, I thought. So she is doing this to me. Have fun, you two.

C was also supposed to do a group project where she did not perform as expected. The group gave her bad feedback and word was spread to the lecturer, and the lecturer scolded her in class. C burst out in tears, but still did not tell us anything.

Yes, we talked about her, and it's no sunshine and seashells. Being a close friend of C, I felt uncomfortable hearing all these, but I had to agree behaving in this manner is not correct. Eg neglecting me in the bus stop!

Some months later, we found out the truth.

C's auntie was dying of cancer.

Prior to this incident, C has told us time and again how much she loved this auntie of hers, as she practically grew up with her. (I even dreamt about this auntie before. If you are an ardent blog reader you would know... indian lady? Gucci hp strap? ha ha)

Who were we to judge C's actions when the poor girl was breaking down inside but had to put on such a strong front in front of us? Who were we to say that Bf is silly to risk a few As for C's 'mood swings' when in actual fact their love had been such a strong and beautiful thing? How many people would have done that kind of sacrifice for their "loved" ones? He was there for her all the while.

It all became so clear. How could be have expected C to do stupid project work efficiently when all she had on her mind was her auntie? Was it really that difficult for the five of us to do she share for her when she was going through such a hard patch? What are friends for anyway?

Yes, if C was expecting understanding, she should have told us the truth. But the fact is, C is a person with a lot of pride, and she would never want sympathy from any of us. She is the kind who would not want everyone pestering her to ask her how her auntie is, so she would rather keep it in wraps, although we have all been misunderstanding her. She took it all in silently.

We should have known something is wrong when C broke down and cried in class, but did we bother to ask? No, not really.

I guess the lesson learnt here is that no matter to who, we should never be mean. Unless of course they start it first, then they deserve a retaliation twice as hard. But when we are evil to people, we would never know what they are going through, and whether your actions would cause much more harm than you think it would.

I blog this out because I want to remind myself. Don't be mean!! Don't be mean! Always be understanding!

I wish I was to C, not because I pity her of anything like that, but simply because she is a friend of mine. My friends would tell you this: Once you earned my friendship, I'll always be supporting you no matter what. Thats what friendship is to me! =)

My take on Mini & Gu Er, the bits you didn't get to read on the papers.

Did an interview with Mini & Gu er, the Taiwanese girl band who came to Singapore to promote their album Fly Together. Saw my article on them perhaps (If you don't know by now, I'm a journalist), or maybe the repeated advertisements on TV.

Why Mini and Gu Er? Why do Taiwanese bands always have such gibberish names? First F4, a keyboard key. Thats ridiculous, but then we have to give them credit: It is memorable.

Then 5566, so that people would be so confused about whether there are 5,6, 55, 66 or 5566 members in the band. And then now "Mini and Gu Er" when they are FOUR members and it totally sounds like TWO.

Actually the group consists of 3 girls who form the group "Mini" and then "Gu Er" who is an independent singer by herself.

And guess what? All of them as fcuking short (I'm short doesn't mean I can't say other people are short)!! The girls call their band "Mini" because they are like... a minimum of 1.53m!! And they are damn proud of it! They claim it makes them look more adorable! Yeah when you are old you would be a cute granny too, babe. Better than a supermodel-like granny actually.

However, if you ask me I think they are not as chio as S.H.E, but its ok, its a plastic world nowadays. The Tong Tong girl is quite pretty. The rest barely passable, but still pleasant looking.

Oh yeah when I asked the girls whether they had idols of their own, Tong Tong said she only listens to classical, and very sportingly burst out into opera song for all of us to hear.

It was TERRIFIC. I'm really IMPRESSED. I swear that if there were glasses in the room, they would surely crack. The girl has one hell of a good voice.

I went to the interview with the impression that I would hate them. Was written somewhere in the profiles that one of them loves crying. WTF?! If she cries because, say our chicken rice does not live up to her expectations, I will smack her with a rolled up poster of theirs.

Which looks like this:

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The girls were yakking away with the WanBao reporters as if this is their last conversation on Earth. When I spoke to them, they were spontanous and full of zest. Their answers were enthusiatic as if they are pretty much orgasmic with the idea of talking to reporters.

I have to admit, I pretty much like them at the end of the thing.

They may not appear extremely intelligent yes (afterall they are young), but it is their freshness and vitality that really makes them adorable. I suppose, being the next S.H.E is not very difficult if they would only shed off those horrid clothes. Ah Taiwanese singers have such blah taste in clothes.

Yes, I know its bad. And when they were asked to pose for photos, they immediately stood in such funny poses that I almost laughed my placenta out. For the funny picture, I'm sorry, but you would have to refer to www.todayonline.com, I don't have it.

Disclaimer: All views expressed here is my opinions and are independent of my company. They do not represent my company's stand and will not affect my professional reporting of facts in my line of work.


If you guys have seen the channel 8 news you would have seen the press conference for To Mum With Love and Family Combo. Yes, I was at the press conference.

Guess who I saw there? Fellow famous blogger, Cheryl Tan. The girl works for *ahem, can't say* and was there as well to do record some sound bytes. Pretty yes, but I would say she looks good in a different way from the photos.

With her I had a conversation with Ng Hui (the girl acting in Living with Lydia) and Joanne Peh, both of which are smart girls with opinions. In other words, not another Fann Wong. Ha I like both of them.

We were discussing a little about politics. Ha ha ha ha can you imagine Fann doing that in fluent English. Ah well. Maybe she is not that dense, but I highly doubt it.

Perhaps, just perhaps, our future MediaCorp queens would be able to walk out of Singapore and do a Hollywood films without grammar mistakes. I'm sure Joanne Peh and Ng Hui can lick Owen's face just fine.

I forgot to take photos, so you can stop trying to scroll down now.

ANYWAY, heres the major point!!!


Ardent blog readers would know how much I dislike her, or rather, dislike the typical her in the roles she plays.

Ah, in the brief interview she did nothing to counter the distaste, expect that she was pleasant (what else do I expect her to do, bash my face?!) and polite.

Thanks GOODNESS, Michelle plays a role similar to Mo Yanyan (thats my chinese name!) in Holland Village: A materialistic girl who (fcuk it!) gets to kiss the droolable Christopher Lee (mi gosh he is so cute).

No people, she wouldn't get cancer. No, she would not sa jiao. No, she would not be perpetually dressed in baby blue and white. No, she would not shout at trains or run along a beach.

I actually asked her what she was more alike to in real life: The cancer-ridden patient she usually plays, or this loud bitchy character she gets to play as in To Mum With Love?

She laughed that trademark laughter and said that she was in between the two, not really loud and flamboyant, but definitely not the frail kind as well, but generally a quiet person.

Ah good for her. I really hope she would stop all those shu nu roles, really irk me.

One thing for sure though. Michelle Saram doesn't seem dumb, in fact, quite the contrary. She also doesn't not put on any airs, considering she is not really that small-time a star.

Disclaimer: All views expressed here is my opinions and are independent of TODAY. They do not represent TODAY's stand and will not affect my professional reporting of facts in my line of work.


I see this signboard everyday, and I just realised how funny it looks.

Wa ha ha ha ha ha look at the stupid dog falling down!