Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 23 March 2004
Sometimes I feel like I'm spoiling you all.

Now the time is 1:46 as I am writing this, and tomorrow I've got to wake up at 10am to accompany Benjamin to go to an Australian study fair. At first I thought going to the fair would be an aid to me, but I decided to work for the red cross society at scakoslovkia instead of going to uni, whatever that country's spelt.

I think countries with unspellable words ought to be sunken deep into the ocean, never to see light again.

Back to my point of spoiling you all. Why am I blogging at this vampiric hour?!

Because you guys asked me to. And also because I love reading comments of course. Fresh comments anyway. The BC issue is getting stale, isn't it?
Lets bring the topic back to ME.

Lets talk about how, unlike you all, I've got the best job in the world. Nope, I'm not Posh Spice (ie best job=fcuking beckham everyday), but I really lllove being a journalist!

For those of you who managed to get your hands on a copy of TODAY (Get your copy today! Its free!), you perhaps would have seen this:

Yeah, wtf is that?


Written by yours truly, though that byline photo is fugly.

And whats ironic is that Mr Brown, whom I narrowly won in the Best Asian Weblogs contest is 3 pages in front of me, with the humour column he writes for TODAY.

So techically speaking, TODAY has recruited the two best bloggers in Singapore to work for them, although of course I can't compare myself to Mr Brown who is a really seasoned writer. he's very funny, you guys should read his website.


I was assigned to attend the press conference of Marie France Bodyline, where they flew Christy Chung and Rosamund Kwan (Guan Zhi Lin) into sunny Singapore.

I can't say that the stars are not nice (they are, especially Christy, she's really cute and spontaneous), but I sincerely felt there was something wrong at the press conference.

The repeated harping on the weight issue made me cringe in my seat, and yes, as you had read, regret eating that custard puff. What was left out from my article was this conclusion I drew:
Rosamund keep repeating how she looks like a pig when she was fat, and how upset she felt etc. True enough, she was a little on the plump side, but if she's a pig, then surely everyone else is too.
I'm not sure how fat reporters in the room felt. I feel like slapping her and exclaiming, "Fcuk you there's nothing wrong with a bit of spare tyre!" but hey! I just realised that I don't need to account to her at all! Why is she making me so indignant about being fat? (I know tons of people are going to say I'm not fat, but looking at Rosamund's bamboo arms I can hardly believe that. I would look like a fat smelly hobbit standing next to her.)

Which is why I chose to stand next to Christy instead.

Damn that digression. And guys??! EYES HERE HELLO, not on Christy's boobies.

Alrighty are you ready?!

I think that slimming centres are taking away females' confidence with their stupid made-believe-to-be-perfect bodied models and then when we are all traumatized... sell it back to us again.

How cool is that? Its a damn smart idea! Snatch something away, and then ask you to pay to get it back, when the thing belongs to you in the first place.
Perhaps it can be argued that without slimming centres fat females possibly felt insecure anyway, but I'm sure the numerous slimming advertisements on TV enforces pretty strongly that slim is good.

There is something very wrong with the system isn't it? Never mind that.

What if someone takes away our oxygen one day, bottles it up, and told us that if we buy 5 we get 1 free?

Alright I said never mind already. More photos:

OMG Allan Wu's _expression is so fcuking funny that I cannot get the picture out of my mind!! Wa ha ha ha ha look at his photo. Now close your eyes (although if you close ur eyes u can't read this). Can still see him there right? Haha he will traumatize you for life!!

If you ask me, I think they look positively in love.


I went to the Cleo's 50 eligible bachelor party. It was quite okie, except for one thing.

I don't like the female model in the poster.

Yay way better.


You guys are so gonna KILL me because I went for the Fan Meeting Session for BAE YONG JUN and guess what? I forgot to bring my camera. How cool is that?

Here's a photo anyway, just because I'm new in my job and I'm damn hao lian.


As if the above are not enough proof to show that my job really rules, here's more:



Do you wanna hear my *low and sexy (see me, myself and I)* voice? You do?

Check this out!

Do you understand Mandarin? Even if you don't, it doesn't matter. Just tune in to hear anyway. I'm being interviewed on radio!

Which radio station?

Without makeup and looking quite horrid.

RSI Singapore, and it will be boardcast on 23rd March at 8:30 pm on 95.8 FM. How cool is that?!

I'm sorry I failed to inform u guys about the 1st episode coz I myself forgot about it so its over now. Too late.


To the people who:

Once commented that my writing sucks;
that I'm technically not a writer;
and especially to Metastasis whom very much thinks that he should win the blogging contest because his writing is supposedly better than mine, but in the end lost miserably anyway,

I say:

S*** MY C***.

Let me slap you all with this:

Ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.

Similarly, to all the blogders who were with me all the while, I say, thank you for your support (even if you just read and did nothing, for the worst to happen to a writer would be the lack of an audience, supportive or not.). I can't do anything much to repay you guys, but I would continue blogging and not let anything get me down, ok? Promise.

I'm done with today's blog entry peeps.

Tell me what you think. =D

(Just in case anyone thinks I'm boosting I'm not. I'm just an intern. But no matter what, I got chosen to go there because of my writing, so to me, I'm really elated anyway. ;D And of course, whatever I write here is independent of my company's stand and would not affect my professionalism in news reporting. )