Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 24 March 2004

I am so traumatized!

Why am I last compared to the other Singaporean bloggers?! I will be eliminated one leh!!

I thought you guys say you support me.... =( You can do that now: sms xiaxue to 221200 if you are a singtel user or call 1900-911-VOTE (8683)!

Nvm, I'll continue blogging anyway. Today's entry shall be about DESPERADOS!!!

Undeniably, some of the contestants have these stupid guys msging them, and they reply!

I don't understand! I plain refuse!

Newpaper featured me on the first Dreamd8 article, and after that, my phone kept ringing with the typical "Hi care to be friend".

No, gremlin, I don't wanna be your friend. Why would I want to know some stupid guy who cannot type a simple 5 word sentence without a grammar mistake? Do I not have enough friends? YOU AND I HAVE NO SIMILARITIES! Why would I wanna know you?

This is not about arrogance. If you ask me, desperation can be smelt from a mile away, and its fcuking TURN OFF.

Some of these guys are so dumb, they sms ALL the girls:

"Hi posh you are the most beautiful girl."
"Hi misirlou you are the most beautiful girl."
"Hi xiaoxue (I fcuking hell people calling me xiaoxue its XIAXUE YOU DCIKHEAD WHERE DID THE O COME FROM, MARS?!) you are the most beautiful girl."
"Hi sel you are the most beautiful girl."

Yeah why don't you suck on parsley, assh*le? How many "most beautiful" girls can there be? Didn't know we can all read ur sms did you? Trying your luck on everyone were you?! LOSER.

Even dumber ones do this:

Extracted from Mia's chat logs

18:14:15 DaoMingSi
Helo xiaxue nice 2 know u from net. I am dao ming si.

18:40:22 mia � DaoMingSi
nice to hear frm u. NOT nice to c da msg is intended 4 sm1 else.

Ha ha poor Mia.

More from Posh's chat logs:

10:58:53 Basketboy
Hello,pixieposh,you r sexy.

11:08:41 PixiePosh � Basketboy
sorry 4 e late reply... Jaz got out of e shower... Thanks 4 findin me sexy... He he... ? r?

11:10:25 Basketboy
My name is steven,little bit dirty n naughty but hoped u dun mind be my frenz,i'm 19

11:12:36 PixiePosh � Basketboy
19 eh... No i dont mind... Why should i mind? (Why should she mind?!!! WHY ?! Posh is such a nice girl!) Anyway u dirty n naughty? Interestin... How so?

11:15:01 Basketboy
Liked 2 noe gals cup size..haha..i always touched my ex everywhere,r u attached,i'm sure u r (Yeah right I bet the only "everywhere" you touch was the 17 inch computer screen with cheap Kazaa porn coz you are pimply and ugly, you big fat hairy liar.)

11:17:35 PixiePosh � Basketboy
i dunno why but everyone i meet expects me 2 b attached... Im not... Im a free bird at least 4 now... So u r asking my bra cup size?

11:20:50 Basketboy
Ya..hoped u dun mind,act i'm looking 4 a recla lorz..Y u on e news paper

11:24:36 PixiePosh � Basketboy
wat is a recla? Im on the paper because of the singtel contest... My dream date.. So it depends how many men or women think of me as their dream date...

.11:26:23 Basketboy
Oic..K..so cared 2 tel me ya cup n where ya stay?i'm a chinese..

11:29:49 PixiePosh � Basketboy
hmmm im not gonna tell u my bra size... Keep on guessin... He he... I stay in singapore lah... Sorry cannot give our personal information out..


Yes I know. Some of the girls respond to these msgs (read their chat logs), and of course, they are entitled to do whatever rocks their socks. Truth is, these girls are smart. Get the guy to slightly think he has a chance, and he would spend his $1,250 paycheck on voting his lungs out.

I know I should try to do that. God (if he exists) knows I have tried. But I just can't. I can't! I cannot stand stupid (and desperate to add) people!!

One day, the Singtel people informed me that the girl and guy with the most incoming smses would get a free phone.

Sounds good, I would like a 4th phone!

I tried alright!!! But how can I? TELL ME HOW?!!

I'm so traumatized.You will see what I mean:

From my chat logs:

02:26:31 Xiaxue � Homelyguy

~ (blah blah etc, can read it yourself, 15th March)

03:32:17 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
so what are you doing now? I need votes. :(

03:35:29 Homelyguy
Because i now in camp...i might have to do it on weekend....btw can u elaborate more about the contest

03:37:38 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
do what on weekend? You can vote now by typing xiaxue to 221200 what... If you don't want to then nevermind lor...

03:39:50 Homelyguy
Ic....Tat time i did not read finish how to vote...sorry

03:41:24 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
ah ok then.

03:43:55 Homelyguy
I have voted...wat u doing now

03:45:31 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
really? Thats so sweet of you! :) now ah, working lor... You?

04:45:01 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
oh is it... Where do you stay?

04:47:03 Homelyguy

04:48:03 Homelyguy
Wat did u work as...working now issit

04:49:40 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
well i tell you you don't laugh ok... I sing cantonese opera...

04:55:10 Homelyguy
Hmm...Quite special

04:56:49 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
take so long to reply i thought you don'T want to talk to me already... Cos of my occupation. :(

04:56:52 Homelyguy
Is tat ur job or interest or both

04:59:00 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
yeah singing opera is my love. You've got to hear me sing one day! My voice is loud and scratchy.

05:02:14 Homelyguy
Maybe next time...Where do u live

05:04:58 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
oh i stay in queen astrix park. My family very poor cos we all sing opera... You like opera?

05:09:51 Homelyguy
I m also very poor...actually i seldom listen to opera....but i like cantonese dialect..y u want to take part in this contest

05:12:53 Xiaxue � Homelyguy
can't be as poor as me i'm very sad when no one come see me perform...



My voice is loud and scratchy wahahahahaha!

One more:

06:29:59 Desmond
Hi xia xue good afternoon.so care to tell me more about yr self. Thank bye.

06:33:34 Xiaxue � Desmond
sure... I'm 48, m,and divorced with two cute boys, but i'm only interested in women....

06:35:33 Desmond
But i thought you are a gal. You must be lying to me cos you must be a gal right how come you change to guy.


Damn right I'm lying Desmond. Duh.

Alright the conclusion is:

I don't need to reply these msgs do get votes do I? DO I READERS?! Please don't make me resort to that! Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WO BU YAO BU YAO BU YAO!!!! I thought this contest is about blogging?~ I did my best to blog! I'm no fast-talk hotline! Why should I reply them hell no!!

For blogders (blog + readers =blogders) who want to sms me, worry not, I would reply if I'm free (= I'm not on the phone with Enrique or Joey etc), as long as I see you are not a stupid guy trying your luck. However, my advice is:


My email add is xiaxue_blog@yahoo.co.uk

Now you can spend the rest of your trust fund voting for me and I promise I will send you Quikquiksilver's nude photos. Oh wait, nobody wants them.