Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 28 March 2004

Apparently if you only fcuk models you are called a MODELISER.

How cool is that?

"Hi, I'm Xiaxue, and I'm a modelizer."

But it sounds wrong.

See if you only fcuk dead people you are called a necrophile.

If you fcuk only children you are a paedophile.

So if you only do models, you are possibly called a modelphile, right?

I'm a elfiliser, I've been fantasizing about shagging Legolas on a nice viney bed for a long time already. Hey wait I wouldn't do Elrond, so I'm a legolasiliser.

How cool is that?!

Since you people are so in love with me, you peeps are possibly bloggerilisers right?!
(ie people who only fcuk bloggers)