Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 4 April 2004

Bimbotic Entry Of The Day Wor! (kekeke)

Isn't my new profile picture pretty?

Heehee.. So pretty wor... Mi likes. esp e pink flwoers, so sweet worz

Stole it from Janice's banner kekeke... Photoshopped the white flowers onto my pix kekeke.... took me a while wor, its tough! sianz den muz make the flowers pink den make a bit bit transparent lorx LOL ROTF kekeke.

Even added a bit of stupi, i mean, toopid lens flare to make it look like got sunlight shining at me worx!! So creaive horz? mi hair loOk shiny rite~

Yesterday I went to this pets shop wor! love the doggies inside very fluffy and pretty, like mi new profile pixture! Then at e pets shop guess what I saw... a toad! the person very farnie he make me laugh. he say Erm miss please dun touch ze toad.

I ask him why he lidat he say CHAO CB SAY DON'T TOUCH MEANS DUN TOUCH, lidat one leh, so fierce, ask only wat.

Then I gave him a bj (its a brinjal la) and he say it is v nice to eat so he eat it... eat liao wor, den his mOOd a biT biT nicer he told mi that the toad is actUally poisonous... wah so scary ah... I scared leh...

I ask him, wait the toad bite mI how please bring it far awAy frOm mi.. ~~ (>.<)

My face a biT like the symbols there kekeke so farnie kekekeke heehee

like dis:


He say when I loOk like (>.<) I loOk very cuTe so he suddenly throw the toad at me.

I run away! I scared of poisonous toad!! AAAAAHHH!! HoW? He very rude leh people giving (>.<) face that time suddenly throw toads at ppl. DOn't he nOe that it is very inpOliTe to throw toAds?

I cry, and he threw a star-shell tortoise at mi.... den i say OOOOrrhhh you DIE the kind of tortoise is extinct one it muz be illegal to sell them WOR!!! sell still nvm, still take and thrOw at peOple! The poor tortoise got feeling one lehx! (>.<)

I realised that the tortoise actually hit the poisonous toad and the toad cry also.

I hug him and cry.

The tortoise bo chup us wor.

den after this I take the toad run away with me lor... still crying wor, i cry v easily one worx.. (>.<) Then I scared I kanna the poison because my lips turn purple already, and become very big like this:

I show you you don't laugh horz!

Very painful...

then I go see doctOr lor...

DOctOr tell me I got Herpes leh... Then I ask him, what is a herpes? He say... AHHH THAT TOAD YOU ARE HOLDING!!! Very funny i oso dunno toad called herpes one.

He dOn't care about my swollen lips lehx. Very funny dis doc... after this he say.. hey yOur lips look very full, want to give me a bj?

I ask him, why, I tot oNly cat priests ask for bj one, moreover I'm not a little boy ha ha ha ha, den I tOld him lorx, my last bj already given to someone else.

he loOk very disapointed, and anyhOw give me somE medicine and ask me to gO lor. Don't understand why the doctOr angry just because I don't have a brinjal to give him. dOh.

Today got this blog reader msg me lehx...I am so happy, but I dunno wat 2 dO, u tell mi k k? kekeke

01:55:40 Alvin24
Hi,xiaxue. U hav a pretty looks. Care to be friends? I am alvin,24. I wan to know u more. U can msg to ********* Hope to hear fr u soon. Thks.

01:57:28 Xiaxue � Alvin24
hi! I would LOVE to be friends!

11:27:21 Alvin24
I duno is a contest. After the contest,u still treat me as a frd,pls store my hp num ******** & msg me,k? I am alvin,hope u rem.

11:29:12 Xiaxue � Alvin24
eeyer You so bad one message so many girls i'm angry liao la...

11:35:48 Alvin24
Got many gals meh? So how is it? After the contest,hope u can msg me using yur hp. Cos i realli wan to know u in person.

11:38:09 Xiaxue � Alvin24
sorry lor you don't only want to know me... You are so greedy you want all the girls... I want to give you my number, but why must you do this?

11:39:36 Alvin24
I where got msg all gals? Who say? I did not lor.

11:41:18 Xiaxue � Alvin24
yes you did... You msg them! :( can see from their chat logs one...

11:44:25 Alvin24
Only a few. I juz wan to know more frds. But i did not know its a contest. Juz hope u dun mind. But i wan to make more frds. If u dun mind.

11:47:35 Xiaxue � Alvin24
but i'm very jealous one... Don't want you to msg other girls...

11:49:06 Alvin24
K lor. Wun msg them liao.

11:51:29 Xiaxue � Alvin24
really ah? So cute ah you... What are you working as?

11:52:06 Alvin24
Army regular.

11:59:59 Alvin24
Y dun reply me liao? Juz now u even say wan to giv me yur num,bluff me 1.

12:10:47 Xiaxue � Alvin24
but i have herpes, you mind?

12:11:30 Alvin24
Sorry,wat is herpes?

12:13:33 Xiaxue � Alvin24
its a kind of poisonous toad that i keep as a pet...

12:14:18 Alvin24
I dun mind.

Yaaay...!! He say he don't mind me having Herpes leh.... So nice right.. But I scared to msg him back.. cos my lips mah... so big and purple wor... I scare he mind...

I mean, i loOk lidat now...

A bit scary ah. I'm v sad you know, don't laugh already la...

This entry is a joke. Don't judge me on it. And BTW, grammar and spelling mistakes are delibrate.