Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 6 April 2004

From the 200 plus votes I had this morning, someone voted me down to -65 votes. Thats a fcuking 50 bucks spent already.

During the same period of time, Janice's votes, from 248, went down to 65. (whats with the 65 anyway?). Mia's miserable 40+ votes were not let off either.

Whatever. I believe in fair play, and that my fans will support me till the end. I have been bullied, and surely you guys will help me win back the injustice done to me!!

May the best blog win. In any case, I have decided on my blog topic today, and despite my mood being a little more than foul, I will still write it, coz I AM DA BLOGGER!!!


blogging now, brb