Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 9 April 2004

Looking at my miserable looking votes now, I guess I can only sigh.

Tonight, there is a high chance I will be the one going out.

Meanwhile, I would like to say a great thank you to all my readers who have been supporting me. You guys made blogging wonderful, and made my days shine.

Special thanks to Neo, Cherub, Ting, Jo (since ages ago, this girl!), GateCrash, Gaylord (he claims he is not gay), nad~, Hai ren, shuen, rachels, Naiveguy, lotise, Zenith, and etc etc die hard blogders who have been here for me!!

Please vote me up if you can.. I don't wanna end with such an embarrassing amount of vote outs.. =(

Meanwhile.. to catch the action live, go to my channel #xiaxue at irc galaxynet!