Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Singtel Blog Competition, dated 9 April 2004

Wow. I'm shocked to see that Singtel really implemented the number of voters system for all to see how many people are voting so soon. However, theres one little glitch which everyone overlooked.

The number of voters includes the number of people voting OUT as well. I called Singtel to ask, and this is what they told me.

Of course my 202 voters could have a high percentage of it from the vote outs (though i highly doubt so coz I think its from the same people). Thus, the number of voters does not necessarily mean the number of supporters.

This also means, that Posh's 66 voters do not all like her as well. Some apparently has a strong distaste for her.

Meanwhile, for Sel's entry, apparently she wasn't talking about me. But see, I dun understand. If you've got something to say, just say the name la! You mumble mumble some, and of course people might think its them correct?

I do think she is talking about me, because

1) I do think that everyone loves me deep inside. (Kidding - some people don't get it.)
2) I do think that someone else is cheating, and mentioned it.

So yeah, my readers have pointed out to me they think Sel is talking abt me, so whats wrong with defending myself first? Its not being sensitive. It sounds like me, so you expect me to wave it off and say, "Hey, I must be being sensitive la, surely not me one."

And am I supposed to msg you to ask you, Sel?

One more thing. Your world does not revolve around me. MY world revolves around me (who else is it supposed to revolve around I wonder, Lee Kwan Yew?), which is why I took action to defend myself. I do not hope (nor think) your world revolves around me. For one, I do not even bother to read ur blog till people pointed it out to me.

No, you did not get slammed. Its just a clarification on my part. I still like you as a person (prior to the claws, which is when I cannot trust anyone anymore), and I think you seem a pretty nice girl.

I'll blog more later. Afterall, today is a PRESS HOLIDAY!!! I'm so glad. Meanwhile, I'm working on the NKF story as well, it will be a fullpage on Monday, be sure to get your copy of TODAY to look out for it! If you ask me, this year's NKF charity show 2 would be a good one, and I'm not even saying this because I work for MediaCorp. You'd know if u read my article. *winks*

Oh yeah I'm setting up a forum for you guys to post up comments. Support it!

p/s: do u know that veto is the opposite of vote? Do you know if you read my blog, i call you a blogder? (blog + reader = blogder) Do you know I'm too paiseh to say I have "fans" although some call themselves that? This is because I think I'm just a common girl, not worthy of being idolised. And idolisers are mostly irrational; I don't want blind worshipping.

Which is why I call my supporters blogders, even if they don't like me (deep down inside they do), coz they read my blog anyway.