Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Spicy Saga Part III, read I and II first

Apparently, I heard news... Guess what I found:

From Kirin's chatlogs:

06:31:38 Kirin � Babycin
no probs. love your take on xiaxue. quite true

06:37:31 Babycin
Hmmm i wasn too harsh on e comment hor? Hee!

06:38:32 Kirin � Babycin
too lax !! hahaha

06:39:10 Kirin � Babycin
she's just herself lah. A red hot chilli padi....hmm..yeah..perhaps i'm too harsh also

Yeah great Kirin. So you wished that she scolded me more? You loved it when people criticise and hurt me? You seem to be fine with me on the surface, and I thought of you as a real friend.

And from Aesvalone:

21:52:09 Aesvalone
i agree on ur take too!

I'm really disappointed Shaun. I seriously thought we were ok, during the mahjong times and everything.

Apparently some people are not what they appear to be yeah?


Anyway, back to my main point.

Why am I always the slut/bitch?

Seriously, I think its just my style. I look like an evil person. In fact, I look like I kick little furry dogs for fun, and epilate people's leg hair when they are not noticing. If you stick a moustache (how do u spell this?) on me I'll be an exact clone of Saddam. Except shorter.

In contrast, other people seem all nice and innocent, which gives them the benefit of looking like the nice guy in every argument.

Its not fair, but its alright, life's unfair.

See in this situation, because I spoke what I thought (honestly), people think I'm mean.

The thing to consider is this: Who started it?

Is it wrong to defend yourself? Did I even comment anything thing bad about her at first? No right?! I merely defended myself, afterall it is not fair she judges me from a stupid blog (alright Kirin judged me in real life and he thinks I suck, but lets neglect that for a moment.).

Alright, lets be fair here and weigh the amounts of insults. I say insults, meaning personal attacks on one another. Adjectives, or obvious connotations of them. Stating facts do not count, eg: "you use wor in your writing!".

Round 1, fight!
1) You are nasty.
2) You should do some self-examination.
3) You are ugly because you are over confident.
4) You have got a bad attitude and you wouldn't go far in life.

1) You are serious and serious people irk me!
2) You blabber.
3) Your thoughts are not in logical points.
4) You are too old to be called a freaking baby.
5) You traumatize people with bad grammar.

Things Xiaxue did to deserve it: 0

Round 2, fight!
1) You are NOT HOT.
2) You blabber but did not get your point across despite the long ramblings.
3) You are obstinate.
4) Your voice is piercing
5) Your writing is pollution to me.
6) Your head is so big that the balloon is gonna pop! (*xiaxue gives a ??? look*)

1) You are incoherent.
2) You are siao.

Things Xiaxue did to deserve this: Round 1's five reasons.

Round 3, fight!
1) You and your readers are dogs barking.
2) Your thoughts are not organised.
3) You got nothing better to do than complain about everything around you.
4) You don't accept people's opinions.
5) You (bunch) got nothing better to do.
6) You are childish
7) You are a hypocrite
8) You don't know the alphabet.
9) You are too noisy.


Things Xiaxue did to deserve this: Round 2's two reasons.

Round 4, fight!
[Quoted from my comments link]
AGAIN! you ppl think its cool to have Xiaxue's bitchy, self conceited, big ocean hole slut attitude, why dont you try addopt it and see what the people around you think?

Yeah there are people in the cyber world that have such poor sence of humour and enjoy it (you bunch of loosers), but trust me, you wont get far.
I never said that its not right to stay quiet about the things you dont like, YOU LOT BLOODY MISSED THE POINT. HAHAHA RIDICULOUS! Didnt know such ppl actually existed! BUT no.. doesnt matter whats said now, you all are just to THICK to realise how immature you all are.

If I said its wrong to be opinionated.. would I be game enough to share mine in the first place? If you ask me, I'm more game than you, knowing you would get your crusty panties in a knot, I STILL SAID IT! XIAXUE HAS GOT A BALLOON HEAD!
Cinnamon Wright | 03.16.04 - 11:10 pm | #


1) You are a bitch
2) You are self-conceited
3) You have a vagina the size of an ocean
4) You are a slut
5) You are a looser (she means loser I suppose)
6) You are (to??) thick. A little fat around the waist I take it as.
7) You are immature
8) You have a crusty panty
9) You have a balloon head. (sounds quite cute actually I like it)

This is what I wrote in reply:
stupid BabyCin?? I have to use that adjective I'm sorry. No wait I'm not sorry. Nobody was even speaking about you, so shut up. I wrote this article (Taxi Drivers) long before I read ur blog entry. And, learn to speak English first yeah?

Plus one more thing, I couldn't be bothered to correct you on this. But I shall or u will keep yakking and yakking.

I didn't say I didn't like you speaking your opinions. I like the fact that you said that you felt, although its weaved with false goodwill. What I did, was merely to counter your arguments. See? The two are not mutually exclusive? *snaps fingers*

I hardly think you get what I'm saying, but never mind.

And my goodness. What atrocious English.


1) You are stupid.
2) Your English sucks.

Things Xiaxue did to deserve it: 0

It is pretty obvious. But people still side her (i'm talking about the dreamdate people), coz I have many supporters and it seems like a big bully over her.

Well, its not my fault that she doesn't have her own comments link for her readers to support her. Its not my fault that my readers support me. Yes, my blogders may have said some mean things about her but thats their opinion, not mine. They are entitled to what they want to think, I can't stop them.

The obvious smart thing to do now would be to apologize, but that will prove Babycin right that I'm a hypocrite. I don't like Babycin much, and I don't see the need to force myself to make friends. Its condesending for both of us.

But I wanna stop this, coz its no longer funny if this affects my friendship with the rest of the contestants.

If we see each other on the cruise, then you can laugh at my height. As for me, I'll just eat my lobsters. I hope there's lobsters. Oh gosh I love lobsters.


Any other contestant not happy with me? You guys can trash it out you know. I thought we were fine. I did try to maintain a good relationship with you all.

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