Thursday, May 27, 2004

Are you lucky cretins or what??! Double post today! Read till you shiok shiok sia!

Here are some photos. *smiles*


Went to my school's post internship seminar.

Having strategically placed our internship at the end of our graduating term, our school hopes to see the students being employed after the attachment. (Quit asking, TODAY is not hiring. Either that or I smell a 'degree' problem.)

Anyways, it also means that the seminar will be the absolute last time I see my lecturers and schoolmates all in a lecture hall with me.

Three years of the same faces. I know by heart almost everyone's back view (I sit near the top row), and I feel a sharp pain knowing that I will never see that sight again.

My classmates. Without school as an inescapable reason, it is near impossible to get everyone to put in effort to meet up (huh don't want la, so far, etc) again.

I miss River Valley. Now I have to miss SP too. And very soon afterwards, I will miss TODAY. I hate it!! It's the big bad world after this!! Will you guys still be here with me through the journey?

I shall stop indulging in self-pity.


My law lecturer.

Isn't she so cute!! I already say I dig lawyers, ha ha. In any case, I asked her who the copyrights of this particular picture belongs to, and she said the commissioner of the photo = me. Ha ha!! You can't stop me from putting it up, Miss Peter!!

If you REALLY want it off, email me.

This view is so familiar to me. For a good year, these two lovebirds have been sitting beside me. Now I will never see them in the bloody lecture hall again!! Oh boohoohoo~!

And don't you think that Shuyin's bracelet looks like the Reversi/Othello(can't spell) checkers??! HA HA HA HA HA!!

(Just in case you are asking, Idris' name IS purposedly placed on top of his messy hair. In my very artistic opinion, it looks like "Idris" is happily nesting. Which looks artistic.)

I love this photo!!! Although Shuyin's nostrils look a tad too big (I already tried to photoshop them smaller), I think we look extremely happy. Or at least I do. Shuyin looks astonished-happy.

Scrolling down, who is Diana Neo who said that quote, you ask? She is above - my fellow coursemate and intern at Today. I miss her and Miki already!

I saw a Mudd today who traumatized me.

Wah lau. I have that Gucci bag in black!! Why must he carry it!! Young punks have no business with classy bags!! It's NOT their correct image! Now that bag has absolutely no class and I am going to burn it.




Girls, don't say I don't tell you good bargains.

Went to six at City Link Mall today, and I found super cheap necklaces!!

I know it can't be seen properly BUT it's this plain diamante choker, which is quite nice.

Make a guess.

THREE BUCKS. Go get it! There are some left.

And I don't know if you noticed. If you haven't, look at the photo again!! I discovered some new trick in Photoshop that can make you look like a face mask model. Mua ha ha ha ha!


I bought an anklet as well ($12.50)!! MY goodness it's so nice I can't stop looking at my feet and I knocked into walls thrice today. My forehead is bleeding, but who cares, I have a nice anklet!

Awwwww.... Isn't it so pretty?? oh yes baby you are so pretty and glittery baby...

One more.

Oh will you just look at that sparkle!!!

The anklet is so nice, that I am worried. I am worried that no one ever looks at my face anymore! Or boobs for that matter!

They see me, and then they go like, "FUCK, THAT'S THE NICEST FUCKING ANKLET I HAVE EVER FUCKING SEEN!!!"

And then they get orgasms looking at my anklet, and then they all bug me... "WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT GORGEOUS BABY?!" they ask in great urgency. "I WANT IT TOO!"

"Oh no you don't," I would smirk. "I only tell my blog readers!"

At this point of time, they would have salivated so much, that the anklet is wet.

My gosh, do I have the nicest anklet on Earth or what? Who cares if my ankles are thick and fat? No one even looks at them.

My anklet rules. It rules so much, that I have decided to celebrate it's ONE DAY BIRTHDAY but decorate its home (which is my feet) with flowers.

Happy Birthday, my dear anklet!

(should you ever come to my place, may I gently remind you not to touch those purple flowers.)


Been getting lots of interesting assignments recently. I love my Andrew Seow article!

Click here to view it.

That guy is so f-funny!! I think he should be a comedian, seriously.

Can you imagine, the first thing he come in, he say, "I take photo very ugly leh, how ah?"

"Eh eh," he nudged. "Can draw caricature instead or not."

If you don't find that funny, think of how Andrew Seow's big head caricature will look like. -_- Where got celebrity want to be drawn like Neil Humphreys (Today's own famous humour columnist)??!

Speaking of Neil (what, my colleague what, cannot call him Neil meh. Ah ah! It's Mr Humphreys to you!), he graced the side of my desk today, no doubt increasing the price of that particular desk three-fold.

When he walked pass (to the pantry), he honoured the dustbin at the side of my table by throwing something in it.

*SMASH!!!* went the garbage.


I thought. I pondered. I wondered aloud. I was confused. I was lost. AND THEN I REALIZED!!!!

It is because he is damn tall that's why it traveled a long way to the bin and thus it is so bloody loud.

I am terribly pleased with my intelligence.


Damn cock lor. He keep gushing about Jacelyn Tay too. Doh!!!

I like him. I think he's better than Jack Neo any day.

"Imagine ah, all the apples on the trees right, and then Jacelyn is one of the apples there. She will be this Jacelyn-quality apple! If I ask you to choose one of the apples, then of course you will choose the Jacelyn-quality apple right?!" ~Andrew Seow

Seow is siao!! Ha ha ha.


Watched Shrek 2. It is funny. Not really as funny as the first, but lots more details.

If you watched Shrek (1), do you remember this particular scene?

Shrek was having dinner by himself at his house. Donkey was locked outside, as it was the start of the show.

Shrek felt something was missing. He looked around, and then you can almost see the lightbulb form above his head.

He dug deep into his ear, and pulled out some gross stuff.

He set it into a candlestand, and lit it up. It burned merrily.

At this point of time, YOU COULD HEAR THE WHOLE CINEMA ECHO TOGETHER: "EAR WAX". Yours truly included. And with my description, you almost said Ear Wax too, didn't you?

Everyone thinks they are damn smart to catch it, but actually they are not damn smart because everyone already knows.

BUT, there is still this weird pleasure derived from thinking that you managed to catch a small detail.

Shrek 2 built on that pleasure a lot.

Lots and lots of spoofs, some tumbling over the other without letting you first take a breath. Princess Fiona donning on a hot fiery ring (top view), and then Shrek hanging upside down from above when Fiona kissed him (not with a wet tee, thank goodness) and it goes on and on.

It made me feel smart. It would make u too.

Antonio Banderas (is this how to spell his name?) did a fantastic job as well as pussy. His Spanish voice is just so darn sexy.

Watched Mean Girls as well.

Pretty good chick flick. The second lead actress is extremely beautiful - just as how we remembered her in The Hot Chick (one of my all-time favourites)

Want a full review? Get your copy of TODAY then. We Set You Thinking. ;)

And yes, anyone who wants to hire me or wants me to get hired by their company please email me? Pretty please?