Thursday, May 20, 2004

I promise a blog entry tomorrow. With loads of pictures. Really need sleep now.

Anyway, do you think people like Gisele Bundchen gets piles?

I can't resist. I wanna blogggggg....... get my fingers away from the keyboard... oh no no no they are typing like crazy now. I can't stop them!!!!~!~!! Stop, fingers! I need to rest. Oh shit they can't stop now!!!! type type type type tkasdjnads nfa hdancsadnhdlxa sajhdds

*slaps self*

Are you a virgin? Are you depressed and ugly? Do you feel like life's not worth living anymore? Do you wanna make it worse, although it possibly CANNOT go any worse since you can't get laid?

Here's someone who would mock you. He will poke fun at you, although its not your fault you are a virgin! Of COURSE its not your fault. What's so good about having sex ANYWAY.

The Durex Global Sex Survey 2004(Singaporeans read it as Dulex Global Sax Sulvey)is back!!! Go take part in it! When they ask, "How many times do you have sex per week?" please answer >20, so that Singapore would not be ranked as the least sexy country AGAIN.

Here's proof durex mocks virgins.

And then one more redundant question for virgins.

p/s: Some of the words there are fabricated by me.