I saw a shooting star last night! =D Happy!!

Going to Pradhana Vizha (Indian Star Awards) now. I feel pretty traumatized.

1) I don't know the language and although I'm going with an Indian colleague I feel uncertain that I can churn out a satisfactory article. *determined look* I'm sure I can do it if I try.

2) I'm pretty sure a certain virginal Indian with rebonded hair and an ugly tattoo will be there, considering the size of the Indian entertainment community in Singapore.

Thankfully, it's this year's Miss Vasantham Shobana (and not the third runner up mua ha ha ha ha) who will be hosting. Can you imagine if she is hosting, she will say something like this?
"OMG! is the hole in the ozone jaz above my head??!!!
wtf! its so friggin hot, till i almost melted!
im sweatin like a pig, hmmm actually do pigs sweat? dunno neva lived wif them.. hohoho
anywayz yeah like j lo has a sweat perfume i wonder how my bottled liquid from my pores will sell?! *yucks* gross... *gags*

Gross indeed. That coming from the winner of MyDreamD8. Such atrocious writing, the hairs on my arms all stood up and ran away. A good thing too, considering that I don't need to epilate for a long time.

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