Friday, May 14, 2004

I was bored. I updated mydreamd8.

In any case, if you are too lazy to click there, here's what I wrote.

AND did you ever think I was totally bullshitting when I said that my photoshop is FUCKING GOOD? I mean it. I'm a total goddess. Still sceptical? Don't be. Scroll down.


Out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to help Singtel save some face by enhancing the photos of our dear deserving winners.

For christ's sake, Posh. Stop using your bloody webcam to take photos when you have a $1,000 camera.

There you go, Posh and Ed.

And then, tadah!

Reduced a bit of yellow, and made the crown look a little less cheapskate. Some blogder told me that Singtel put the crown on them. I ALMOST LAUGHED MY LIVER ROTTEN. How can Singtel do such shoddy work! Why, M1 not enough market share ah??!

Anyways, I tried to reduce the downturned faggoty smile, but failed. Did some botox as well. I couldn't resist.


You will not believe it. My photoshop skills are like DARN GOOD. I can't believe I made her so chio in 5 minutes.

Alrighty here's what I did. Jack up the brightness, reduced yellow.

Made the eyes a little less scary, and added a bit of pink to the cheeks. Reduced the dark-brownish lip colour with more red tones.

I tried to remove the, erm, moustache like patch but only semi-succeeded.

Made the nose smaller and jawline smaller as well.

I can't believe it. Am I good or what? I think they should use my photos man!

Anything to say about this? Or you got a photoshop job for me? Email me:


I thought about it. I should write freelance and go into photo enhancing. Heard from Ben enhancing a advertisement photo would cost around $800. That's a bloody lot of money!

ANYWAYS. If you have a photo you want me to enhance it, plus take away all your flaws, pay me $30 (those big big makeover photos la, not like Posh's) and I will do it for you. Ha ha ha. Small pics $10. Come, lelong lelong...!