Tuesday, May 18, 2004

It's a tad too late to blog. Shall give you something else to read/

Two nice sites for you to go to:

Mark Ryden.

Recommended by Diana (my fellow intern), this is some artist who paints damn good. Check out the "blood" catergory by clicking on "Paintings", then "blood".

It's so morbid that I felt like life's totally not worth living after looking at all his works. It really has that effect. Morbid, morbid. So pretty, but so morbid. How does he do it?

Smokers are all stupid.

I'm sorry my smoking friends, but I agree with him. Sometimes, on a hot day, I feel like throwing all the smokers into Antartica so that they would not so inconsiderately make Singapore even hotter and dustier.

Urgh. Why smoke? Don't email me, I'm sure it's bullshit. I'm not interested to listen, coz you are just succumbing to social pressure. Did you not live well before you started smoking? Then why start? And burn your health, money, and white teeth away?

I hope Singapore would ban smoking soon.

May I add, Louis is a cutie. =D But he's attached, so that makes him an average-looking-non-smoking-attached guy. I hope he's not attached to a shu nu. Yuck.

To the smokers who are planning to send me hatemail: Don't, because I am not planning to impose my opinions on you. You don't need to agree with me. I repeat: You don't need to agree with me. I'm fine with smokers (even as boyfriends) - I just wish they would stop puffing coz it stinks.

p/s: How's Fei Yu-Ching you ask? I'm sorry, you would just have to get your copy of TODAY to know! We Set You Thinking anyway. =D