Thursday, May 20, 2004

I�ve been having nightmares recently.

My fellow intern-colleagues, Diana, Miki and Elise, whose company I really enjoy, would be leaving MediaCorp Press tomorrow officially.

I asked my editor, and he said I could stay on for one more month.

As much as I am very grateful about this, I am feeling a little paranoid about lunch partners (thus the nightmares about me pitifully eating alone in a dank corner).

I�ll be pretty much alone in the company after this. There�ll be no Diana for me to bitch to, and no Miki for me to visit the pantry with. =(

After this, I would be facing the company with the full-time staff and my goodness � other interns from other schools. They would be together, and I don�t think it�s nice if I impose myself on them. As for my colleagues� Nobody ever asks me to lunch, so I shouldn�t be thick-skinned!

It�s not that bad. Benjamin, who works nearby, is a possible lunch partner. Except that he is sometimes not free, and maybe does not want to be saturated in my company.

Eileen�s somewhere near lau pa sat area. If I�m really that desperate, I can always join her and her colleagues I guess.

*depressed *

Speaking of Ben, he is staying on for two more months, and guess what?! HE GETS TO ** HIS PAY! My goodness. I don�t think he would like me to reveal how much, but it�s definitely lucrative. On the other hand, I think I�ll be getting the same old $480. Today is not so generous. Not when they have no lack of interns anyway. Haiz.

Alright. The reasons why I am choosing to stay:

- To build up my portfolio a little more
- Because I really enjoy working here
- Till I find another job anyway. On this topic, some of my coursemates have been asked to stay by their companies! How freaking lucky! =(

Enough about stupid work stuff.


Lookie what I found!

I realized that I have a back up copy of my photos!

If you are a new blogder trying to view the archive and realized with horror that all my photos look the same (i.e. the fucking imagestation pics), you will be disappointed.

Trusting (a total mistake), I did not save a back-up copy of my blog photos in my com. Thus, the pictures that I found are merely those with people in them (and scrolling down - that�s the Eddy that I worshipped during April � June or something [archives]). BLEAH!

When I am free-er, I will go upload them.


Speaking of photos

Blogger rules!

Nothing is more of a godsend than BLOGGER. I don�t understand why people do xanga, livejournal, or diaryland.

Not only is the blogger address nicer, look what blogger has evolved into!!! MY GOODNESS!

We have comments. Ok so do the livejournals and xangas.

Anyway, I don�t think the blogger comments link is good, think I�ll stick to haloscan if I ever wanna get my comments links back.

We have gmail (some of us anyway).

Now who can fight that?! A FUCKING GIG OF SPACE FOR EMAILS!!! That�s more than 100 times your yahoo account! And we are the absolute first, which means that we get to choose remarkably cool names!

I managed to get, AND (because is too short).

How amazing is that!

When Gmail is official, every single and attached one of you will fight to get good names, and all the Wendy Chengs in the world would be so envious of me! Too bad babes, you just gotta stick to or something instead, mua ha ha ha ha!

Just as an interesting point, Shianux went to get, because he said nobody would snatch shianux from him. * shrugs *

We have a cool logo

Blogger, after being bought over by Google,

Oooooh let me digress. My favourite billionares:

Back to the topic of Blogger, which is newly owned by Google.

We have a new slogan. It is called �I Power Blogger�

Now, is that cool or cool? Blogger says I power them! Wow! I feel important!

You may argue that Xanga can beat that (what�s xanga�s slogan? Is it even owned by billionaires?), but Xanga sure can�t beat this:


This new feature is fantastic. It�s idiot-proof to use, and it�s biggest file size is 1024 X 768. Compared to the giam and, blogger is fucking magnanimous.

The new feature is supported by this program called Hello, in which bloggers can all chat with each other ala MSN messenger! (But I�m not interested to chat with all of you, so just go #xiaxue in irc la)

What can I say? Delete xanga from your links, and move. It�s just like people choosing to use Motorola just coz too many people use Nokia, although they know that Motorola is possibly not that good (trying to act special right?!).

Blogger didn�t use to be that good, but now it is.

No Blogger, no Xiaxue. I know how to yin shui si yuan. I love you, Blogger.


Let me share a few photos with you guys.

Because I wrote the article for the Ten Tenors, I got a pair of tickets to watch their show!


Now, the last concert I went to was F4�s.

Yes yes. I know you are puking there. F4�s concert wasn�t all that bad you know. The audience was so wild that it�s difficult not to get infected.

But Ten Tenors was goooooood. Because I only interviewed the, erm, * takes a deep breath * ugliest member David (I am not mean I am not mean), I thought the tenors were all not so good-looking but talented.

But I was wrong! Eileen and I had fourth row seats (that�s a hundred bucks for you. Sorry, make it 200 bucks since got two free tics), we saw that they actually look pretty cute!

And man is their singing good. Looks, PLUS talent. Who gives a shit about Jerry Yan now?

That�s Eileen and I at the esplanade concert hall. It�s so big! It�s my first time in there.

Yes, I understand that the photo is very dark. That�s the best photoshop can do. Cameras are not allowed, so I can�t on the flash.

That�s me with my fav tenor, Craig Hendry. He�s really tall and had to bend down quite a bit, the poor dear. Most unfortunately, I forgot to on my flash after the concert, and after I took the photo with him there were many ladies trying to hit on him so I didn�t have another chance.

And then here�s Eileen with her fav tenor (Isn�t it so fun to choose one out of ten men??). Although he doesn�t look that good-looking, Eileen thinks he has style.


Before going to Centro on Wednesday night, Eileen and I (been meeting her a lot recently because she works very near me) had time to kill.

We went to Fullerton hotel, because I had a craving for Cr�me Brulee�

It was so freaking nice. =D


I think that when I get angry, I�m a very scary person. I am capable of deep cruelty. If you hurt me, I will, stopping at no expense, make sure you suffer the same trauma � or more.

After I get rid of my anger, I will be thoroughly regretful and go all-nice again. In other words, I have very fluctuating mood swings.

I must get rid of my vindictive and spiteful nature!!!


I.e.: Mum makes me very angry. I feel like scolding mum. Think: Mum had to use her mouth to suck out my mucus for me when I had flu when I was a baby. Yuck gross. So Wendy shall forgive mum.

I shall, I shall, I shall.

Now, propaganda is a very dangerous tool.

It takes A LOT OF SELF-CONTROL not to abuse it, believe me. Whenever I am angry with a person, I just feel like humiliating him/her on my blog.

THAT IS NOT RIGHT! Media power is not meant to be abused this way. I�m an ethical journalist. I am an ethical journalist.

I believe, if I try hard enough, I can surely do it. I can curb my anger.

I couldn�t play Nokia�s snake at first, and now I can complete the game. I did badly for my photoshop module, and now my lecturer can kiss my ass. I couldn�t whistle, I couldn�t cycle, I couldn�t write well etc etc.

If I try hard enough, I can do ANYTHING. Except a few things, eg growing taller.

She does not deserve me hurting her. She is merely insecure. I am magnanimous. I shall be nice, even if she isn�t. I don�t think she is more beautiful or intelligent. It�s only herself who thinks so. Why bother?

Meanwhile, I shall improve my tenses. Do I really get them wrong all the time? How come microsoft word doesn�t tell me?!