Just came back from Zouk feeling a little less than happy. I really wanna complain.

Alright. What totally spoilt my day at Zouk is this Indian girl called Mala.

Now, maybe 2 years ago, I knew Mala because she was the VIP banquet server in Pan Pacific Hotel. Unlike the other teens working there, however, it seems that Mala is working there full-time.

That�s not the point of course. If she decides she wants to be a waitress for life, that�s her business. I did not talk much to her during my short working days there.

However, I saw Mala today in Zouk. Coincidentally, she is within Eileen�s group of friends, the frequent Zouk-goers.

Several months ago, I saw her, and I was shocked to see that she knows Eileen.

And then Eileen has this guy friend. Let�s call him�. Silverballs.

Today Eileen stood near the DJ console to dance as she usually would, and Mala was there as well.

When I arrived there with Silverballs and Eileen, she was grabbing everyone to kiss on the cheek.

She tried to kiss me as well but I siam-ed. SIAO AH. Who knows whether her fucking lips got warts growing. I don�t want her dirty lips anywhere near me.

Now Mala, out of nowhere, managed to grab this pretty cute Jap looking guy, and started to dance violently with him. When I say violently, I actually mean violently sexually.

This was the position they were in:


1) Why must the disgusting duo face the crowd? Who wants to see them screw when Mala is like fuck-ugly? I mean, she is not really ugly-ugly la, but she is ramrod skinny and has no sexual appeal whatsoever.

I fucking HATE people who stand right in front of the DJ console and dance for the rest of the world to see. Hello??! When you go into a crowded elevator do you go stand and face everyone?? No right? Then don�t do it in a club as well! No one wants to see your fucking face and fucking �sexy� moves, thanks.

Anyway, my point is that Mala is obviously just trying to gain attention.
Digressing, the jappy guy doesn�t have blonde hair but I just had fun making him look like Johnny Bravo.

2) When the jappy looking guy was holding her waist, Mala did the utimate slut thing. She moved his fingers to grab around her groin! while she continued to grind her butt on his obviously erect member. As long as she gets touched, she would do anything. Anything at all.

HELLO??! We are in a public place CAN??! MY GOD. No one wants to see him digging her dripping wet cheebye, seriously.

May I add, Mala is ugly.

Oh yeah he was happily touching her boobs as well. Which are quite non-existent, so its not so bad.

3) When she was dancing so intimately with the jappy guy, Silverballs came back to rejoin the group, and had to walk past Mala to get to Eileen and I.

Now, note that Mala was still happily grinding herself against the fellow with his fingers� cupping her ******* and her hands entwined around his neck.

When Silverballs walked past, Mala went to grab him around the waist. Literally just GRAB HIM, like he was a tree trunk trying to run away.

Caught in a shock, Silverballs attempted to dance with Mala, his back facing her.

Mala was doing the humping action to his butt, and her hands, oh my gosh. Can you believe it, her hands were like groping around his chest� AND MOVED DOWN TO TOUCH HIS DICK!

My goodness. I almost died. Slutometer just burst.

Now, can you imagine it if you were the other guy?? The jappy guy was suddenly neglected coz Mala�s paws were freed from his body to go molest Silverballs.

If it were me, and a girl throws herself at me like that, I might take it.

However, if she is throwing herself to ALL the other guys, then no thanks. YUCK! She touched Silverballs� balls and then come back and fondle my neck with the same hands? HELL NO! The hands are filthy!

4) Why are men so easy?

The jappy guy, instead of telling Mala she is disgusting, decided to forgive her.

Silverballs managed to free himself from her claws, so she had no choice but to grab the jappy guy back while he was walking away.

The jappy guy continued to dance with her, this time, face to face.

I don�t get it. Why are men so easy? How come you people can fuck such sluts?

Think about this:

While you kiss a slut, you are kissing a mouth which has plenty of other men�s CUM IN IT. How cool is that? You are literally drinking another guy�s cum! Yaaay! If you are lucky, u might even find a pubic hair stuck between her teeth.

When you fuck a slut, your dick is using something with so many people have used before.

Just imagine. Would you use a toothbrush which a million other UNKNOWN people have used before? Yuck. Hell no.

Great! Now, stick the most sensitive part of your body into a loose hole which might be still lubricated from her last fuck. Congrats! I hope you get herpes!

The diseases! The cauliflower-like growths! Yikes!

5) Mala�s behaviour REALLY irks me, because to a certain extent it affects what men think of women.

Yes, I know. Women are horny too.

I have two answers to that:

a) Self-control. I totally DISRESPECT people who no self-control. You are no better than an ape if you cannot control urges.
b) Vibrator. There is no need to cheapen yourself like that.

Mala is a total embarrassment to the female population. By behaving in this salacious and wanton manner in a very public area, she is telling men that girls are just horny creatures who totally obey to men once they get us wet.

With girls like her, it is no wonder men treat us like sex toys and do not give women due respect.

For example:

Female boss, to male worker: Hey Joe, go print this, and don�t even be late again, or I�ll fire you.

Male worker, thinking: If I make her wet only ah, she will so totally listen to me and moan like don�t know what. Ha ha ha ha

Newflash! NOT TRUE!

But does Mala care? NO! Coz she is not ever gonna be a female boss!

In any case, I understand that some people have no qualms about flirting because boiling it down to human nature, it is only natural to get sexually attracted to the opposite sex.

I say, the smart way to work that out, would be to do it in private. Why let everyone see you being a slut? How�s it ever going to affect you positively?? Besides, it is OFFENSIVE to see ugly people getting it on. Yuck. Keep that to yourself please.

6) Disclaimer.

I don�t give a shit about whether you know Mala or you think that I am mean because I said her name.

Well, I�m merely reporting what I saw that day. If you ask Mala, I believe she would tell you the exact same sequence of events I told you.

If she dares to do it so openly, then dare to accept criticism.

7) The image of that guy holding on to her cheebye cannot get outta my head, and I am still feeling very pissed.


Shall go sleep now. Nights, more blogging tml.

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