Just came home from watching ********* (embargoed till later in this entry). In case you are thinking, why does Xiaxue get to watch it so damn early?


It's because my gorgeous and totally sugar-sweet colleague (Elisa Chia, look out for her articles) passed me some tickets.

Me: Hey Shu Chiang, got movie reviews I wanna go!!!!! (Movies beat reporter)
Shu Chiang: No, even if got also don't give you.
Me: Don't like that la!
SC: Given all out already. *smirks and cracks his fingers in a menacing manner to warn all interns to stop pestering him for movie tickets*
Me: *Sobs*

- Half an hour later -

Elisa: Hey Wendy you want this?

- Hands me two movie tickets, looking seemingly lido-like -

Me, thinking: Shu Chiang says no more tics, must be trashy show.
Me: Oh okie (I'll give it a chance.)
Elisa: *smile*

Elisa: *Smiles in a bestowing god-like manner*

Me: *hyperventilates*


I got tons to watch about the movie (no spoilers, I promise. As if you did not already know the story anyway), but I am not going to.

Why? It's not done just to spite you. It's...

Because this taxi driver pissed me off.

I sincerely think some of you like it when people piss me off. Look, I can imagine you there, smiling like a maniac because someone pissed me off. "Oh goody, Xiaxue is mad again!! Yaay! The world's all good, coz Xiaxue is pissed!" you shout at the top of your voice. You are still smiling aren't you, sadonic pig? I get emails like "You are so funny when you are pissed off, please get pissed more often".

Er, no thanks, fuck you.

And I shall stop being pissed and be cordial and nice just because I don't feel like making you happy. Nah. Too much an effort.

Back to the driver, with me being boiling pissed.

See, I don't understand men. I don't understand! Men only skim the surface of problems and they think they have solved it.

As the chinese term it, it's Zhi4 biao1 bu3 zhi4 ben3. Meaning, it gets to the leaves but not the root of the problem (or something to that).


Girl and Guy walk into cafe.

They dine.

Rude waitress comes and spoils the day. Waitress took wrong orders, refuses to change it for free, and is extremely insolent.

Girl is angry.

Girl scolds waitress.

Guy (tries to) calm Girl down.

Girl refuses, because they did not pay so much money to have their meal spoilt by a fucking waitress, PLUS, they are paying for her service, and she should BEHAVE.

Guy pays the bill and told waitress to settle it.

Waitress smirks at Girl, but settles bill.

Guy tells Girl: "Never mind lor, next time just don't come back here."



See, men don't get it. The money IS NOT THE FUCKING POINT! It's not the point! The point is that the waitress is rude, why should you pay her even a cent?

It's the principle behind the whole fucking thing! Men are ALWAYS like that. I don't understand why they cannot get it.

For example, if a girl says "you don't seem as loving as before" you do not just give her a good fuck and go back to watching soccer. THAT WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!

Enough digression. I think you girls totally understand what I mean.

For example today.

I was on my way home on a cab at 1150pm. My place has an ATM machine near, and I did not have enough cash on me.

At 1210am, the cab reached the atm machine. The charge is $9.40, plus midnight charges, which I didn't manage to see how much.

Me, clearly to driver at beginning of journey: "Later you can drop me at the ATM machine at Teban, I stay very near there, so can stop there."

Driver: *Silence*

Me, at the atm later: "You can drop me here. I will stop here."

Driver: *nods but does not move fingers*

Me: "I will stop here, can stop *points at meter* already."

Driver: Same actions

Me: "I will be alighting here, wait for me for a short while k, I'll be fast."


I went to withdraw money. When I came back, it was $9.60.

Driver: "$9.60 plus $3.50, pay me $13.00 can already."


Me: "Uncle I told you to stop just now already what! Why now it's $9.60?"

Driver: "Its $13.10 what, not $9.60"

Me: "Yeah I know but just now when I told you to stop its $9.40!"

D: "Yeah but got midnight charge what."

Me: "No!!! What I mean is I asked you four times to stop the meter what."

D, act blur: "Oh, you dropping here ah?"

Me: "I told you so many times!"

D: "That's why I charge you $13 what, it should be $13.10."

Me: "No, just now was $9.40 what! So it shouldn't even hit $13."

D: "HIYAH. A few cents only I give you la! So young, and you are so calculative already!"

HELLO??! It's not about the fucking few cents, it's the bloody principal that he tried to act blur and cheat more money by not stopping the bloody meter! Wah lau. Middleage old man who think that they are always right. I hate them.

Me: "Uncle it's not about the money lor! It's the principle behind it! Why didn't you stop when I told you so many times to?"

Uncle, waving for me to shut up condescendingly: "THEN YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH U WANT TO PAY?!"

Me: *flustered look* I don't know la, coz the midnight charge didn't start when I boarded. (After some thinking I realised it should be $12.80)

Uncle: "I give you $12.50 la ok??! So young, and so calculative!" (One more fucking thing I hate about middle-aged obstinate old men is that they like to repeat their points like they MUST be right a million times.)

- hand me the money and refused to look at me -

Me: *closes door and leaves a 30 cents richer*


It's not the money. You guys must be thinking I am mad. But as I said, it's not about the money at all.

It's about principles. If he has said, "sorry, I didn't understand that you were alighting here" instead of pretending that I never said anything like that when I said it 4 times, I would not be angry at all. In fact, I'll write to comfort telling them they have a spectacular driver. But no.

May I repeat, its not about the money.
If you don't get it, you will grow old and stupid like that uncle. And in the future, teens like me will all be like, "FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT" when they leave your cab.

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