Monday, May 10, 2004


Singtel has deleted my previous blog entry from Mydreamd8.

Why delete it?

Did I manage to hit something right on the spot? Or was I spoiling the excitement for everyone by predicting answers?

Doesn't matter, I still have my own blog site to publish it at. Scroll down a little to read it.

Quoting Sel,

"Oooh I am so gonna continue blogging in mydreamd8 because it is... *squeaks in excitement* so EXCLUSIVE!" - Not exact quote.

To this I give a quizzical look.

*quizzical look*

Judging from both calibre and logic, Mydreamd8 is about as exclusive as a This Fashion membership VIP super golden purple card.

yes it really says Divine Wendy

which, may I digress, is bloody good. $10 per annum and you get 10% off each time, and 20% off during your bdae month.

What's so good about blogging in a site where you get your posts deleted, �fucks� censored, and can't even open full screen?

I'll tell you whats exclusive, Sel.


No one can blog here except me.

Alrighty those of you who would give this a little thought, you would realise I have just contradicted myself, but� WHO CARES?!

Anyway, let�s do more normal blogging.

Today is utterly atrociously hot, don�t ya think? It�s atrocious that the weather can be like that.

Bad day today.

1stly: It�s disgustingly hot.

2ndly: There are like 50 million new interns in TODAY.

What�s happening man? Interns rush?

Although I welcome the idea of new teens around, I feel slightly threatened. Look, I can�t help it. More interns = less desks for us to use. More interns = less work to do. More interns = editor confused over what my name is.


But I�m leaving in like what? Two weeks? I have nothing to complain about actually. My editor and colleagues have all been super nice to me and entrusted me with a lot of work. I WILL JIA YOU and do better!!! * gives a determined look *

The features� girl seems pretty alright though.

Which bring me to the next point actually.

I AM OFFICIALLY UNEMPLOYED IN 2 WEEKS??! Can someone hire me? Please?

Here�s a list of why everyone should hire me:

1) I can write well.
2) I have been trained to write for the press.
3) Having worked in MediaCorp Press, I have loads of contacts to important people.
4) My social skills are good, for I have worked in various service lines.
5) I am effectively bilingual in both Mandarin and English.
6) I do not look repulsive.
7) I am artistically inclined.
8) I�m effectively skilled in photoshop, dreamweaver, html and other computer programs.
9) I have completed my Diploma in Media and Communications, which includes courses on advertising, PR, IT, and writing.
10) I�m a fast learner.
11) I�m a speedy worker.
12) I can work under pressure
13) In conclusion I am smart, talented, and totally worthy of being hired.

Hey I�m not kidding man. If you company is hiring, please do email me at, and I�ll send my proper resume over. I promise I will be a good worker. And I would preferably wanna work in the Media. =)


I bought clothes today!!!

Bought this top at Miss Selfridge.

It�s orgasmic.

You know that kinda feeling you get, when you so wanted to buy a top but decided against it, but you so loooooooove the top and you so regret not buying it, but later found out it was on 40% discount and you bought it like much cheaper and it actually has your bloody size??!

That�s what happened man!!!


I cannot stand it. I�m so happy.

Bought this pair of pants as well.

$16, courtesy of, erm, never mind.

I bought this blouse at Bugis today. Love the rhinestones on it! In fact, I decided to apply lens flare on the stones so that it appears nicer. $12.


For old old blog readers� I�ve got news!!!

Remember Jeremy and his shu nu girlfriend??!

Her friendster account says� SINGLE. Weird, Jem�s one says 'In a Relationship' though. Mine says 'Domestic Partner'. =D

I really wonder if they are still together. If they are not, then who is Jem with now?

Proves one thing though. For those of you who emailed me saying they wouldn�t last a few months? It came true. ;)

Never mind la. I can�t be bothered about Jeremy anymore � have moved on.