Monday, May 3, 2004

Updates: Freaking com is healthy once again!

Look at the freaking time now!!! Its 3.43am!!! WTF.

Sasser (also known as Gaobot), nachi.B (sissy name for a virus if you ask me. What next, nachi C??! Is it some Japanese lozenges?), and a stupid trojan, no less - all in my computer.

After a 4-hour long combat with the new sasser.exe virus, it is FINALLY GONE. I have to give an honourary mention to blogder Darius, who was patiently on the phone with me to guide me through the process despite me sounding very pissed and rather madly-incoherent during this time frame.

Very nice of him huh?!!!!

I FEEL TRIUMPANT! Yaaay! You think u can fight me huh, sasser, huh?? eh, eh?! You are but a puny thing that cannot get my champion computer down! Let's face it. You can never fight Gates!!! He made a patch to counter u in a jiffy! Loser virus!!! LOSER!!! Variation of MsBlast huh?? NOT EVEN ORIGINAL!

YOU LOSE, SASSER! Wendy=1, sasser=0! What kinda faggot name is sasser anyway? Huh? Korean?! LOSER! *PUI* Nanny nanny poo poo!

Pardon me if I sound mad for talking to a virus.

No birthday blogging for you till tomorrow. Be grateful that my com is up and running. On a side note... If you have a spare com to bestow upon me, please feel free to mail me. However, if as a practical prank you give me a com with the sasser virus, I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU. IT IS NOT FUNNY.

I shall go sleep. Oh yeah I had a dream about Tay Ping Hui. It was a really nice dream, shall tell you guys tml!!

Nights, and I hope you didn't kanna the sasser virus. Please go update ur windows now if you are a PC user!