Sunday, May 2, 2004


Yaaay!!! Angela is fine!!! Everyone say, "Pheeeeeeeeeew..."

Meanwhile someone else is on the verge of death: Me.

There's a new virus called Sasser.exe. The virus is SUPER JIAN (jian4=whore-like tendencies). It is so jian, that it blocks you from entering major anti-virus sites to use feeble futile attempts save your ass. For example, in my cyberworld, and DOES NOT EXIST.

No fucking shit.

They will come back. I am sure. No blogging for you till I get rid of them completely. On a side note, thanks so everyone of you who sent me mail trying to help!!! Thanks so much. And of course to our com expert Darius for sending me Stinger.

p/s: Yes yes I know by now its called a yu2 jiao3, ha ha. Stop sending me emails about that already! =D