Sunday, May 16, 2004

Yes people, don't worry. I am fine, I am fine. *grouchs* PMS la.

On a side note, I hate it when people post up those stupid trashy forwarded mails on their blogs, ie of Words of an abortioned baby (Utter fucking trash) or When God created woman he breathed life in her... (STFU)

I feel extremely disgusted with those long usually mushy passages and I take a fine load of pleasure sniggering to myself while I click DELETE (yaaay!) before I even finish reading it (to the part where they say you must forward it or ur love life will suck FOREVER).

Now that those words are on the blogs, I CAN'T DELETE IT! I can click away the page, but it doesn't feel as good!!! Urrrgh.


On another side note, I was talking to Eileen.

Me: Hey, the only words which has B and J in them are blowjob and brinjal, right? Got others not?

Eileen: Benjamin!

Me: Oh yeah ah!!!

Eileen: Bo jio! Ha ha ha (Continues to churn out more irrelevant Hokkien words while laughing hysterically)

Me: Shut up.


On the last side note: Stop asking me what shu nu means. Go check out I have not done it up properly yet and there are many words missing, but it will do for the moment. AND NO! "Shu nus" (plural of shu nu) does not have anything to do with a certain local university.


Note to self: Use the word "dingbat" to describe stupid people in future.