Yes yes I know what you are thinking. I'm a fucking irresponsible bitch. If you happen to be stuck at home and clicked onto my site and realised that I haven't updated as I promised to... hey wait. Its a Friday night!!! You should be out partying instead of reading some stupid blog, hello!!

(Erm if you have hurt your knee and is currently handicapped or something, the last paragraph was said in jest, I'm sorry.)

So anyway, even now I'm not gonna do my official bdae blogging, because I'm tired.

Went to the Heineken event that I wrote about (in TODAE,not here, silly)... Heineken Starbar Music Festival with Eileen, and proceeded to go to her place to watch Austin Powers II. Damn! I'm so into the movie now.

TELL ME, DO I MAKE YOU HORNY, BABY?! *Rubs hairy chest in glee*

You are so shagadelic, baby!

Ok enough. As I was saying. I've gotta wake up tml at 8.30am to get my ass to Kembangan to purchase this.

Now, I've been waiting very long to get my paws on this... baby. I have to get it fast, because it is called... make a wild guess... a REPORTER bag. I'm serious. In full, it is a freaking Christain Dior Girly Reporter Bag. How cool is that!

Look, in case you don't get it... *snaps fingers*... Me=reporter. Bag=reporter. = BEYOND COOL.

I have to get the bag, because I will officially be a reporter (you can call me a journalist too if you wanna) till June 1. When happens to be June's (Make a guess why that name) birthday but thats not the point. The point is, I have to get the bag because I can still prance around in it for another 1 month while being a reporter at the same time, correct?

-Imaginary scenario-

Random person: Hey! Nice bag!

Me: Oh yeah baby, yeah!

RP: Its a Dior Reporter bag yeah?

Me: Oh yeah baby, yeah!

RP: And you are a reporter!

Me: Oh yeah baby, yeah! *smug look*



-End imaginary scenario-



Oh yeah one more thing. I received a very saddening email. I hope you don't mind me copying this out, Angela.

From: Angela

Friday, 30 April 2004, 16:08pm

Subject: Hi, Hopefully not my last

Hi Wendy,

I'm a faithful reader of your site. Ya..haha.. you always put a smile on my face. Anyway...

I will be going in for a surgery later. Just in case I don't wake up, I just wanna let you know your blog rocks!

Yeah... I was laughing away while reading your blog on the hospital's PC. I think the people around me must think that I am cranky.

Anyway, as a word of encouragement - GAMBATE! Oh, its "jia1 you2" in Japanese. Jia1 you2 would have been two words of encouragement. Gotta go! Bye!



Frankly speaking, I do not feel happy about this mail, but very sad instead. I have never imagined my readers to be anything more unfortunate than stressed uni students. Usually it would be a relatively siao student or the occasional porn surfer.

Someone I know (even if just thru an email) being critically ill really upsets me.

Ever heard of the saying that the power of a thousand people sitting in a hall wishing hard together that a piece of paper would catch fire, would really make the paper light up?

I don't believe it.

But no harm trying?

Let's all wish Angela all the best, shall we?

And Angela? Don't be a rude girl. I replied your mail, so you better reply me. =) I'm sure you would have a smashingly successful surgery. And then you have your friends, relatives, and debtors all waiting as well, so better get in shape fast. ;)

I will smack you if you are undergoing plastic surgery and made me so worried, btw. Ha ha...

*sits up straight*

Alrighty. I promise to blog more for you when you get outta the hospital. SOM PAH.

Putting a smile on my readers' faces? One of the most important reasons why I blog. =D Besides the one that I am an attention seeking whore of course. Ha ha.

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