Thursday, June 3, 2004

BYE nightie!

HELLO new pic!

Nicer? Or do you prefer the old picture? Tired. REALLY long blog tomorrow to replenish the drought, I promise. =D

The eyes look a little weird you think? P/s: I enlarged my boobs a little too! Ha ha!

UPDATED 3rd JUNE 2004, 12:53PM

Little news flash here: Got nominated here for yet another weblog award.

I am sick and tired of hearing criticism about blogging for winning awards, so I'm not even going to try to win this.

So what's my point in telling you guys about the awards? Well, I just wanna say...

If I organised a blog award thingy, I WILL:

-DISQUALIFY ANYONE WITH SONG LYRICS AS A BLOG ENTRY. SCREW YOU for wasting 0.05 seconds of my life reading the lyrics! When you go to other people's blogs, do you read their lyrics too? Huh?!

-DISQUALIFY... Come to think of it, anyone with songs on their blogs too. They scare my dog.

-DISQUALIFY ANYONE WHO TYPES IN PARAGRAPHS OF MORE THAN 7 SENTENCES. Weblogging is not Secondary school English compo, people have no interest to scour through chunky paragraphs. That's not the way!

-DISQUALIFY ANYONE WITH BAD, BLUR photos. Learn photoshop before putting up traumatic shots!

-DISQUALIFY ALL SILLY GIRLY BLOGS WITH star star cursors and flashing cutsy (not) gifs.

-DISQUALIFY ANYONE WHO STARTS BLOG ENTRY WITH "DEAR DIARY". Stop acting like your stupid paper diary is the only thing reading you oh-so-secret blog!

-DISQUALIFY ANYONE WITH TOO SMALL FONT SIZES. Singaporeans are myopic enough as it is. Especially if this one is in conjuntion with the 3rd point, I will personally kill the nominee.


Blame me will you? I'm the Simon Cowell of blogging. And don't come hounding on me if (very likely) your blog contains one or more of the above elements. Those are just MY opinions. :)

In the end, I hope something looking decent and chic will win. And of course, with good content too. =)

*Waves to owner of if you are looking at this*

AND YES. I know the owner spelt my name as XieXue or something. It's not funny. Don't laugh. -_-