Darn busy

I didn't share this link.

It's not me.

p/s: Going to a POWER press conference now, shall blog later.

p/p/s: Thanks a lot for all the encouragements!! *muacks* It's a pity I went to the test very discouraged coz I only managed to see the first few comments before I left.

But anyway, I think I did well. At least, it was a subject our paper has wrote about before, so yeah - don't need to think much, just regurgitate everything. Lucky huh? Bet the Masters students can't conjure a better article than me.

The "story" composition wasn't done too well though. More, later, tonight.

p/p/p/s: Did I hear a reader say he wants me to blog about Xu Chun Mei? (Left: Xu Chun Mei asks, "Blog about ugly me?")

... *DRUM ROLL* ...


You've just got to stay tuned. Really. You HAVE to.


Ricky Chua said…
There were just too many comments on your previous blog that my puny little insignificant comment could hardly be noticed. Which is why i'm commenting first today, because i'm bloody no life to be at home surfing on the net on a beautiful saturday afternoon.

So you've done your best and you've proven to all of us that you can write well even though half of Singapore poured freezing cold water over your head before you went for the "interview" or wajermacallit. Most importantly have to proven to yuorself that you've done your best?

Judging by your overflowing confidence in your blog's you probably kicked the arses of those who believed paper qualifications is more important. *middle finger to them*.

Oh yeah... give that Taiwanese Fugly creature one heck of a lashing on yer blog. Can't wait to read it.
greymouse said…
hahaha yes! blog bout xu chun mei! gonna keep checking back manz. she's so desperate for attention. yea i bet u get that job. can't wait to see more of your articles on paper.
Dylan09 said…
YES! Xu Chun Mei xu chun mei! I know you can blOg lots of funny stuff about her.

I'm waiting....

Xu Chun Mei = Joke

XiaXue blog about Xu Chun Mei, then Xu Chun Mei = Damn funniest joke of the day...week....month...year lo..
Winsor said…
wow, did i brought this XU CHUN MEI topic out?
Keepin my eyes peeled for that post... :-)
Japheth said…
She really looks like a monkey...

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