Saturday, June 19, 2004

Darn busy

I didn't share this link.

It's not me.

p/s: Going to a POWER press conference now, shall blog later.

p/p/s: Thanks a lot for all the encouragements!! *muacks* It's a pity I went to the test very discouraged coz I only managed to see the first few comments before I left.

But anyway, I think I did well. At least, it was a subject our paper has wrote about before, so yeah - don't need to think much, just regurgitate everything. Lucky huh? Bet the Masters students can't conjure a better article than me.

The "story" composition wasn't done too well though. More, later, tonight.

p/p/p/s: Did I hear a reader say he wants me to blog about Xu Chun Mei? (Left: Xu Chun Mei asks, "Blog about ugly me?")

... *DRUM ROLL* ...


You've just got to stay tuned. Really. You HAVE to.