Thursday, June 17, 2004

Gmail invites out for grabs

Hello my faithful blogders!!!

Got some goodies for you guys.

I have with me FOUR gmail invites - of which I intend to keep 2 to give to any of my friends who might want it (Hey you people tell me quick).

The other two, I have decided to bestow upon my loyal readers because you guys always make my day!!

Because i expect people will be grabbing it, let's have a little contest to see who can make me more happy, shall we?

Tell me why you read my blog and why I am, like, the best blogger ever! Ha ha!
I.e: I read Xiaxue because she looks like a monkey but yet manages to type pretty long paragraphs. That amazes me.

You could go on longer than that of course! =D

Winning criteria could be these two: Either you make me touched, or you make me laugh. Be sure not to patronise!

The two best entries will win a gmail invite each.

A little background information:

Gmail, still in its beta stage, is about to be launched officially as THE email. It will be hotter, bigger, and better than hotmail or yahoo, because:

- It offers one fucking gig(That's 1,000 mb) of space for mail.
- Powerful Search engine to scour through your mails, never to delete them again.
- Early adoption of Gmail ensures good usernames - (I managed to get xiaxue, wendycheng, and thegoddess!)
- Emails stored in fuss-free "conversations".
- Auto-complete for names
- No picture ads, only text ones
- Attachments are DAMN FAST. It's beyond your imagination for webmail.

Winning entries (which can be kept anonymous) will be published.

In the case where nobody writes in, I shall write myself a fan mail and make myself laugh, and get 2 more gmail accounts, although no one can possibly fill up 5 gigs of email space even if they keep all their spam.

Application closes on the magic hour of 12 midnight on June 18 (which actually means it is June 19).

Best of luck!

p/s: You can either write it on ur blog and gimme the link, or send me a mail, or write it on the comments link provided. If you want to remain anonymous, tell me.

p/p/s: Hate mail is welcome too - I might consider giving an invite to a funny hate mail.