Harry Potter and... Xiaxue's blog entry about him

I know it�s a tad late for this blog entry to come about, but since I took (and edited!) so many photos I may as well put them up.

Ok, first, I want to imagine my face now. It�s SMIRKING. I have this I-have-got-something-you-don�t Face which you�ll possibly feel like smacking. And then kicking. But I will still be smirking. *smirks*

This is because, MONDAY, which was eons ago, I had this:

�BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL!� I hear you scream.

It�s just a flimsy Harry Potter postcard.


Let�s open it up.


Still, so?

Maybe you didn�t look carefully enough. Here�s a closer look.

It�s the prestigious GALA premiere ok! I am damn hao lian because I�ve waited for Harry Potter 3 for so DARN long and I�m one of the first to watch it!! Yaaay!!

Watched with Wong the lawyer, who kindly posed for a photo beside the Knight bus outside Cine. It�s so cute! They had ang moh kids running inside the bus in black robes. And we watched the movie with the kids too!
So anyway, let�s talk about the movie.

I am very disappointed with Sirius Black. =(

Have you seen this wizard indeed! Of course not, he's definitely no Brad Pitt! Look, in Order of The Phoenix, Sirius was described as being a total hunk in school.

He was in fact, so hunky, that Lily Potter tried to seduce him by engorgio-ing her breasts, but failed because there were too many girls using the same trick, and stuck to James Potter instead.

Just kidding.

But he WAS described as being really droolable. Think there was this one scene where he was sitting down on a chair somewhere with his long legs up on some table and thinking he is goddamn handsome when� I forgot. And I�m not about to flip that thick book to find it.

Anyway, the point is that the actor they found was such a disappointment! I expected someone at least Tom Cruise standards (but taller).

To add, many of the cast was changed as well, such as Neville (he is no longer dark-blonde and pudgy but skinny with a horse-face now!) and strangely, there were many more black kids as well.

Think some of the previous white classmates turned themselves black over the long holiday.

Dumbledore was changed as well. =( But boh pian la, the original actor is dead.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention:

I will be flying to the great Britain to cast for Cho Chang. I�m perfect ok! Xiaxue = Cho Chang. The next time u read the book, Cho Chang�s face is mine.

Another interesting thing to note (and which all the newspapers have been harping on as well), is that the child cast has grown up!!!

Now girls, it�s almost legal to fantasize about Daniel Radcliff (how to spell?) now!!! He is so DARN CUTE!


Oh man� Wong had to continuously remind me that this is PG.

I mean seriously. Can Playboy pay him to strip or something?

Digressing a little, let�s talk about Hermione (Emma Watson). You will notice, of course, that I don�t give a shit about Ron (coz he is not, quite, sexy enough to be talked about).

That�s Hermione, THEN.

Let�s compare her to the other child star SLUTS.



WRONG PICTURE. Of course the Olsen Twins are not sluts.


Now they are. And I so wanna bitchslap them. What�s the fetish about twins! Isn�t it gross to think of two sisters playing with each other�s breasts?

Or could it be that there is a good thing. And then there�s double of that good thing? Ok this makes a little sense.

But still, SLUTS.

And then here�s her.

Whatever happened to the innocence? And where did those giant boobs come from suddenly?

Not to forget Hilary Duff and some others, but MY POINT IS.

Isn�t Hermione so nice compared to them?

Watching Mean Girls with Lohan flashing her titties was pretty enjoyable � until I watched Harry Potter and realized how saturated the teenage sex market is. Hermione is smart (�You are indeed the smartest witch of your times!� ~ Sirius Black), and nonchalant about her looks, and she is even complete with a sense of justice.

How cool is that?

Emma will never be like the blonde sluts!





Oh no no no� Hermione with make up!!


OMG I am so jealous!!! I possibly should mention there's this other scene where Hermione fall down, chest-first, into Harry's lying body... Oh somebody shut me up.

And will someone remind Emma Watson not to turn into a child slut please! I�d gladly take that place in Potter�s arms. =)

WHICH I WILL! Because I will be cast as Cho Chang remember? He will kiss me below the mistletoe. =)

So anyway, back to Potter.

Am I the only person who thinks that Potter looks like Bill Gates?

Here�s a picture of Harry Potter growing old:

isn�t it just UNCANNY??

Speaking of Gates, am I also the only one who think he is quite cute?

I mean, I don�t mind marrying him. But then again, who would mind?

Not bad looking what.

Ok, people have their ugly moments.

Ok now I�m convinced.

But anyway, look!

Bill reads my blog too!!!

*waves to Bill

(*author�s note: Have some more to blog about, but I think I�m going KTV, will continue soon.)


doubleUei said…
finally! *smiles* harry potter 3 is not bad.. i've watched it! i think Ron's brothers are quite cute.. ermm.. not sure of their identity.. the twins? who gave harry the map? =x
lotise said…
Erm, uncle bill will marry you if you stop using pirated windows xp...
Xiaxue said…
lingwei: Ha ha... Fred and george!! They were changed as well, used to be uglier la.

But I think they are supposed to look only average, but are extremely intelligent, funny, and quick-witted.

The good-looking characters are Sirius, Cedric Diggory(Goblet), Cho Chang, Fleur Delacour (Goblet). That's as many as I can think of offhand.

Oh yeah the stupid movie didn't mention this, but the map was supposed to BE MADE BY James Potter, Sirius, the rat (what's his name again?), and Lupin!!


Ha ha... How about this. He marries me, and I stop using pirated Cds. Ha ha ha!
Dickson said…
You as Cho Chang? I will believe if your name wasn't Xia Xue.. LoL

Person who will be playing Cho Chang has been announced as a girl named Katie Leung. She is 16 and currently resides in Motherwell, Scotland. Her dad is originally from Hong Kong and is the owner of a successful restaurant and Chinese food wholesale business. From the photos available now, the girl doesn't seems very beautiful or what...
A Goat said…
Anyway, the 3rd Potter book didn't make out Sirius to be hunky like you described leh, so I thought it was quite an adpt person to play that role. Haven't read Phoenix yet so dunno about then.

Just watched it and must say that my gf and I were noticing Hermione's breasts all the way! :) Caucasian girls do grow up fast, don't they?
Sarah Mei Lyana said…
hmm. erh i think the part which makes out Black to be a hunk was when he was hangin out with James(Potter's dad) under the tree near the river when they had finished their N.E.W.T.s n james was 'tormenting' Snape. and im disappointed with the person cast as Sirius, too. And stop it, although Harry is totally gorgeous n cute, he will only be MINE cos he's 15 n im 14!!! Muahahaha. Im his gf in real life.
Sarah Mei Lyana said…
oh kudos for the 2 posts. extremely amusing as usual =D
Stargazer said…

Been following your blog for a period of time already and i tell you, it rocks!

Anyway, the Olsen twins ain't really my cup of tea, but i think that Lindsay Lohan is not bad what... As in, she doesn't give me the feeling that the twins do in some pictures. Lacking the whole "innocent" act maybe? But i think Emma Watson is pretty leh..
yes please do something about cho chang! katie leung is a damn hongkong ah lian!! i dont believe they cannot find a pretty and decent chinese girl out of the 400!

on the other hand, if you were cho chang, goblet of fire might be made m18 HAHA! good idea! chase those irritating kids away! make harry potter into an adult show...wahhaha...

i thought severus was damn cool in this show...and yes, sirius black is ugly when hes not supposed to be. actually gary oldman is quite goodlooking, just that they made him look haggard and ugly.
Mione said…
Well, I thought the show cut too much out from the book, but realized that the show was really pretty long as it is. Oh well. Anyway, have you noticed how the kids in Harry Potter are all cute (most of them anyway) and the adults in the show are pretty much all f-ugly?
Daphne Maia said…
yeah stupid stop dreaming that u'll b cast as cho chang. she's ALREADY been cast. u'll never get a chance. u're too... bitchy. cho chang isnt. and I dare you to leave this here.
`nic.ethan said…
hmm.. maybe when there is the adult version of harry potter, then you would be considered to be casted at cho chang.

but do you really wanna play her? in OoF [Order of Phoenix], cho`s a total emo-wrecked bitch. oh then again, you might suit the role! =X

and, u`ll get to rub arms with ced, robert, harry, nevile longbottom! [okay i made that up]
Neo said…
alrite.. tt guy really look like BillGates; I'm impressed wif yr ability to link things up; btw, Sun.. I know u'll see this; I'm like your exact opposite..
I think the rat-guy is called Pettigrew... And actually, James Potter, Sirius Black, Pettigrew and Rupert Lupin were best of friends, and were always picking on Severus Snape.

I feel like watching the show, but first of all, I have to start reading all the books to understand what's going on.

Is this the movie where they have the showdown between The Order of the Phoenix/ Dumbledore's Army and the Death-eaters in the Department of Mysteries?
By the way, noticed the troll here. Hahaha...

Xiaxue said…
Hairen: Yeah, noticed the ugly troll too...

It's REALLY sad how some people don't have a sense of humour, right? If 'obvious' isn't the word to describe me KIDDING that I wanna be cast as Cho Chang, I don't know what could be more appropriate. Flying to Britain indeed! Ha ha ha ha

At least I have a sense of humour I guess... I find that particular sentence about 'daring' me to leave her moronic comment here, no doubt ruining my whole blog, terribly amusing.

Ooh! I can't leave it here! Readers will sooooo think badly of me! I'm a princess! I am Jolin Tsai!! (more bout her tonight.)

Cheers to everyone who has a sense of humour! *raises wine glass*
Zen|th said…
Hmm.. If Xiaxue gets cast as Cho Chang, she'll be the biggest star in Singapore! Haha.. =D
lotise said…
you cho you chang ;)
Ricky Chua said…
How can you overlook that immortal person standing beside Bill Gates in the last picture?!?! Am i the only one who noticed Yoshiki and didn't see Bill Gates until you mentioned him?

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