Hows the new template?

Changed the format of the spoof site and changed the FAQs site as well, can go have a look!!!

Meanwhile, precisely because I was so darn busy uploading my archives' pictures (for your viewing pleasure, mind you), I did not have time to blog, although I got loads to blog about.

Uploaded around 170 pictures, thus increasing my "average post per week" statistics to a gasping NINE entries a week. Can you imagine?!

I love my blog. It's so darn pretty now. *smiles in a self-satisfied manner*

Since you get nothing to read, I shall put in a nice photo for you to see, taken a long time ago:

Muahahaha. That's me and Eileen btw.



nemesis said…
Hey! I like the slight chances; especially on your spoof site. Haha... Looking forward to your updated spoof site. Xiaxue rocks! =)
Jonus Doggie said…
Like your new biography layout. Looks very posh.
aerithes said…
hehe. im such a fan that i have actually seen this picture before u posted it! winks* Like the hair! so shiny!
nemesis said…
Hihi... Oh, am I seeing things or are you and Eileen kissing?
Gerard Tay said…
parallax error!!
noctro said…
two attractive girls kissing, now that's what every guy wants to see.
nemesis said…
Noctro: Hmm.. *confused* why would every guy wanna see 2 gals kissing? Hmm... I am quite sure I dun wanna see 2 guys kissing; no matter how handsome/macho/manly/charismatic they are. Hehe...

Anyway, somehow, something in the picture tells me that they are not actually kissing, coz' the point of contact on the lips seems to be a little out. There seems to be no point of contact. Hmm... I am not too sure about kissing scenes. Anyone more familiar with it? =)
Xiaxue said…
Ha ha. We WERE kissing. =)
doubleUei said…
happy belated birthday to June.. =)
MDFK said…
Oh my god !

I told you Eileen is hot !

Now I see her "kissing face" ... I'm totally convinced !!!

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