I am Syphilis

Hi everyone.

Please do not laugh at me, I am a delicate stuff toy. My name is Syphilis.

I said do not laugh anymore.

I was bought from a toy store called Mini Toons at the very irritating second floor of Cineleisure.

Digressing a little, I would like to comment that Cineleisure has the most irritating escalator system EVER because you have to walk one big round (around 2.4 km) to get the to upriding escalator to go to the third floor. And then you reach the escalator, you will even have to say a secret password which changes every five seconds to go up, so there�s no point.

In fact, the 2.4km could be reduced a little if you can go through that caf� or cut through Pasta Mania � BUT NO! They want you to walk your life out!

Pasta Mania people say they don�t want passers-by disturb their clients� pasta meals, but that�s absolute bullocks because even the customers are not allowed to pass through the holy gates.

So anyway, I was the last of my type of stuff toys (we are called Baby Cinnamons[seriously]) with a pink ribbon being sold when Xiaxue the bitch walked in.

She looked at me, and said, �Wow, you are darn cute!�

With that, she poked me around a little, and bought me for $12.50. Or around that price.

After looking at these two guys at the press conference she attended, I was bought home.

And I was introduced to Herpes � Xiaxue�s pink nodding toy.

�Say hi to Herpes,� she said to me, while I tried in vain to get away from the infected creature. I forgot I�m a stuff toy and I can�t move.

Herpes continued to nod its round pink head.

�I decided I shall name all my toys STDs,� Xiaxue announced to me cheerfully, as if it�s perfectly usual, giving obscene names to stuff toys.

Come to think of it, Syphilis is really a nice name. I think that if it doesn�t not really give the image that it means the penis swell up and spurt yellow pus, people might actually forgive the fact that it�s a STD and call their daughter Syphilis.

So anyway, she was prancing away in a nice dress that she bought.

$52 at this place outside Mango in Wisma, called Sugarlink. Can you believe the dress was an L? It was altered, Free-of-charge, to Xiaxue�s custom size. How cool is that?

Let me introduce you to this skirt she bought as well:

Not bad ah? I think I look pretty in this picture hor? Don�t look too fat right? Damn, I got fucking fat cheeks I tell you.

Oh yeah the skirt. $15 at Heeren!

She also bought this sparkly necklace.

And new shoes.

Xiaxue told me, �To be my stuff toy, Syphilis, you must first understand that I am a blogger.

�I want my stuff toys to learn how to blog as well. Else, you fail me.�

She unnecessarily mentioned something about not washing me ever again if my blog entry does not make the web counter break its HALF A MILLION mark. Duh.

Anyway, I�m tired and I would to sleep. What, did you think blogging stuff toys do not need rest?

Good night. I hope I did well, otherwise no bathing for me � EVER!


Wahahahahaha... next thing I know, there'll be a whole collection of toys called Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Pubic Lice and Genital Warts... then Syphilis and Herpese won't be so lonely then. ;P

Derpina Leong said…
its a cute and creative entry syphilis! anyway, cinnamon roll is really a cute toy. continue blogging syphilis!
lethologica said…
hmm i like your dress!!! it fits you like a niche! and you sure look nice in that dress...any other deals like that???
Zen|th said…
Yeah, that dress looks good on you. :) And Syphilis is kinda cute, but that's name I won't want to be named after. Hahahaha...
A Goat said…
Wow! That dress makes your boobs look huge!!! Errr... Or did you have huge boobs all along? :p
Xiaxue said…
I would like to think that they are big all along. But hey... truth is, I pushed the stomach in a little with photoshop, that's why the boobs look big. LOL!
doubleUei said…
nice entry Syphilis! but why isn't Herpes blogging? i miss him! x(
Stephanie said…
Haha. Cute! You can really take on different roles! Im impressed, xiaxue!
someone said…
that dress and skirt u bought is nice! :) btw can i ask where u bought that pair of heels?
Xiaxue said…

VNC, City Link Mall
xiaochoon said…
cute entry! ^^ cute soft toy!! but xiaoxue not cute..XP
phelan said…
that necklance is nice
where did u buy it?

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