Friday, June 18, 2004


Ok ok I've got great news for myself.

With the reminder of a blogder and also from the MediaCorp Intranet, I have realised that fellow blogger Miss Cheryl Tan is leaving her position as Writer, MediaCorp TV.

I sent in my resume, and I am shortlisted for a 2.5 hour writing test tomorrow.

I've cut my nails (long nails affects writing!), and read the dictionary 5 times, and I'm all ready. *gives a grim, but determined look*

There will be proof-reading, in which I will fail. But, great news is, I have a sense of humour. And I am accustomed to writing for MediaCorp, and also for the web.

I really really want to get this job, so please please wish me ALL THE BEST k? I need the luck - I realised that Cheryl Tan has MASTERS, so for them to downgrade to a Diploma student, I must be nothing less than brilliant. (Either that or they pay me far lesser than her lor ... )

And I suppose I would have to fight some other Masters applicants as well. But have they interned in MediaCorp? Were they ever a journalist? Have they reported before? No. So I have an edge.

I love you guys.

Future writer (*cross fingers*),