KTV session!

(Loads of photos, please wait)

I think I'll stay at home and blog the day away, there are so many things to write about!

Friday: Went to KTV with Scandalous Shuyin (whose long-dicked boyfriend is in camp) and her secondary school friends Weili and Wanyi, and of course, Jealous June as well.

Speaking of Scandalous Shuyin and Crappy Chua (said long-dicked boyfriend), Chua told me that out of 12 of his bunkmates, 3 know my blog. Which is an impressive 25%! How cool is that?

Back to topic at hand, KTV.

It's 4 hours of madness. Oh, I possibly should mention that Shuyin, Weili, and Wanyi are all proud choir members of Chung Cheng High (Main).

Starting off, we have Weili:

That is, an impressively big mouth, Weili.

Ok now, guess one song. Hint: It has to do with their laid-back, arrogant demeanour.

It has to do with MediaCorp. Or rather, TCS? SBC?

Ha ha!! Does anyone still remember this stupid song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I don't know why they chose to sing this!

Our local gambling queen. How could we forget?

Jonathan Li looking like a grimacing twerp.

And LAGI BEST: Zoe Tay looking very... I don't know how to describe this:

Is she squeezing a pimple?


I totally miss being a child.

Does any still remember that Chen Liping was once thin when we were young?

Yes, that's what you think it is. Zhao An Lao Shi!

:( I don't want to be the cheng cai de mu!! I want to be the you miao!

Come on, let's sing together!! I remember even my Indian and Malay classmates watch the show - and they can sing the song too!

Chen Li Ping did not always have a fat ass.

Ok I know you got enough of that sentence ... Finally ...



When Today had an interview with Xu Chun Mei, we almost laughed to death when our photographer came back, a man in his thirties, imitating how Miss Hsu poses while taking photos.

According to him �

She waltzes.

From point A where she would pose with her fingers everywhere, she would turn two full rounds, where she will stop at point B, and do that signature cross hands pose.

I cannot stand it.

Anyway, Shuyin gives a demo:

Omg that�s so ugly. Anyway, at least her hands looks nice. Shuyin has long fingers. Chua has a long � never mind.

I digress.

In fact, all the girls shall give a demo.

The prize goes to Wanyi (far right). Not one of us managed to give the ChunMei look that she did so well. Congrats Wanyi, you look like Xu Chun Mei.


It was a happy day!


Bx` Raphael said…
whoa.. shuyin does a realli resembling demo...
doubleUei said…
aww i miss zao an lao shi~ zao an lao shi qi chuang liao! gong ji gong gong ba wo men ____! i forgot.. =) and that was Shuang Tian Zi Zun's theme song!
nadnut said…
hey hey! didnt knoe u knew wanyi (gigi). im a fren of her! lol. nice pics!
greymouse said…
hahahaha! nice nice. the drawing is funny. and the way u said the waltz
Yunli said…
Wahahahaha. I love the way yuo and yr girl poses!
Wind said…
the only people i know who still sing SBC tv theme songs are all from RV!!
Mei Mei said…
Hi!! Dunno if you read The New Paper, but your old friend, Baby Cin, was interviewed about being a WBC (Western-born Chinese) recently.
PMS said…
nnoooo!!! i dun look like xu chun meiiii!!! i don't want the prize!!! NNOOOOO!!!! *sobs uncontrollably*
Japheth said…
I can't stop luffing for nuts hahaha... until my pal beside me threaten to zam3 me if i don't stop luffing right away... hey xue u're freaking funny man... enjoy reading ur blog... it's humour can beat PCK down anytime
mister said…
i cried while watching chen liping in that series...

really... i was totally moved at the end of the series...

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