Miss Singapore Universe

Since my previous post was such an enjoyment (as judged by only myself), I shall put up another post about Miss Singapore Universe 2004, Miss Sandy Chua.

I know the topic's outdated, but let's just talk about it one last time.

Okie, now, we all know that Miss Chua has utmost injustice done to her, because even though she is pretty ordinary-looking, my guess is that no one would say she is... ugly.

But looking at this photo, only that terrible F-word could come to mind:


My point is, she had a very badly taken photo, yes?

Of course.

Let's discuss (and when I say discuss I mean I talk among myself) what's so wrong about the picture.

1)Starting from top, Eyebrows extremely obviously one thick one thin.

2)Speaking of brows, they are too arched as well, giving the evil "vixen, come fuck me" look.

3) Colour on forehead not smooth - has a two bloody obvious pimples.

4) Eye make up is really bad - Dark shadow only on edge of eyes, giving slutty look. Artist tried to create a deeper shading beside the nose bridge but failed miserably

5) EYEBAGS! Why, can't Trump even afford concealer? Or do I detect RACISM? I don't see Australia with eyebags!

6) No eyelashes! I heard the two-sided Loreal one works, Sandy!


8)I don't see blusher, do you?

9) Nose too big!

10) Lips too thick. And too red (look more like slut), and teeth are too big.

Alright, pretty long list, but we are done.

If only Sandy had brought me along with her on that Equador trip! A little bit of photoshop could really save her life!! I'd bet, that some good photoshop can take away all those blemishes.

You think?

Let me try to work some magic...

There you go, the revamped Sandy Chua:

Tried to make the colours nicer, and take away all the ugly stuff. While we are at that, I made her hair nicer too!

Side by side comparison:

What do you think?

Anyone need photoshopping? I charge a mimimal fee! And I wouldn't post ur photo on my blog, I swear!


Shane said…
i think you overdid on the eyes....
Moof said…
haha either its just u have too much time or ur just feeling to stress up that u need to find something to do to help de-stress... but anyway u really prove one thing; never ever, (i repeat) NEVER EVER messes with a gal whoes PH skill is good and is always blogging!!!!
keep up the work:P
take care:P
snow said…
hey that's really nicely done =D
how long did it take ya?=p
`nic.ethan said…
lol... the power of the healing tool and stamp tool in PH. tada, pimples gone.

justa simple question- besides the modification of skin, brightning of color and touches of healing on the eyes, what else did u do?

cant tell -.- looks too good. [sob, your PH skills are better then mine]
OMG... Your photoshop skills are really, really impressive...

Raine said…
Haha.. she does look a LOT better.. xiaxue your photoshop skills is awesome. :)
Raine said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Apple said…
wow!! xiaxue! you are so li hai!!!!!!!!!!! haha...the difference is really big between the two photos!
Vahn said…
Nice. So how much do you charge hehe? Need some help on my friendster photo...
cubber said…
hey hi...
seriously no offend
i think you have a big nose
and cok eyes too. why most of your pics, your eyes seems wanda pop out?
Without makeup, you do have ah soh look.
no offend ,
:) juz my views.
Anyway good job for the photoedit ya :)
keep it up.
Blackout83 said…
Wow your PH skills are definitely impressive...
tube said…
lol so dis is w0t u haf been doing whole nite last nite la. kekeke sorry huh i fell asleep already. anyway, neat work! kekeke

u are the queen of PS touch-up. *bows*
Xiaxue said…
Thank you thank you everyone!!!

Cubber: What is no offend?

You don't mean, NO OFFENCE, do you?

And I guess I possibly should trust the taste of someone who can't spell.


p/s: I spend around an hour. Very bo liao ah! Changed the nose as well? Made the lips thinner and teeth smaller too. :)
Xiaxue said…
`nic: Huh? I do not use the heal tool. Heal is for UNPRO people. Ha ha ha ha

Clone is even worse! I don't take the easy way out, I airbrush...

And why is photoshop called PH??! Photos Hop?
Moof said…
PH a.k.a Picture with Hope
meaning u just save the pic form been deletion! by giving it some hope of presentable!!!!(darm must be the shortage of slp making my lame)

Some body just Shot me in the head PLS!!!!!

take care:P
Moof if ya you wat it meanS!
doubleUei said…
whoa! what a BIG difference! =) well done! should show Sandy Chua your blog.. she'll love u! *wink*
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Xiaxue said…
I hate stupid people.
Gerard Tay said…
lks a little like barbie doll liaoz.. but still.. BETTER!!
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
EteRnaLD said…
One thing i simply just dun get it. If you are so damn offended by whatever xiaxue writes in her blog. Why do you burst an artery reading it? If it pisses you so much, just jolly well stay away and let us blogders read what we call interesting. Anyway, it is a joy to see people like cubber spice up the blog though. Cos its so good to have Xiaxue blast them away.

Speaking on my own though, i think cubber contradicts himself alot.

"wanda get famous by blogging?"
From day 1, she has been bloggin as personal interest. She didnt wanna get famous. She begin famous by the will of the public.

"With lots of money, you can get famous too ya!"
But how do u get that money first eh? Stupid fool...

"you are not open minded?
hahaha thats was a joke to test how slut you are"
If you are so damn open minded. Why are you so offended by what she did?

"I feel like slapping you."
This is like a fullstop to my previous sentence.

"Guys out there treat you good is juz because of wanda eat your hole or juz cus of getting you to let everyone know he can get you."
Cubber...to show off the man you really are...u dun eat people...you get the medal for getting them to blow u off. *sheesh*

"You will do anything for money sick"
Wah? Did he read something i didnt that xiaxue will do for money's sake? Sake...sake....sick... tats 3 letters different.

"That is why singaporean girls are so sickening :)
Still prefer my girlfriend, better then you 100 times :)"
If your girlfriend is a Singaporean. Show her this and she will probably slap you.
PLUS! If she is singaporean, and xiaxue is such a slut, then you just called her 100 times more sluttish than xiaxue.

Last contradiction alert from me...
If cubber does respond..."Final goodbye :)"

What an ass....
But thanks for the joy of blasting you.
Aileen Leong said…
Cubber.. If your english is so bad. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO WRITE IN PROSE. hrmmm... writing in prose.. reminds me of posh, doesn't it.
Zen|th said…
Wow.. You really got some photoshop skills there. =)
[ - 雯'§ - ] said…
"And I wouldn't post ur photo on my blog, I swear!"

this sentence sounds too familiar tht ... a bit dun trust le .. sorry ... =>

anyway nice job done ...
Dickson said…
Manx.. You should have gone to help out with those pix.. LoL Hands of Xia Xue do wonders on Photoshop.. LoL I don noe about make-up but I think you did a wonderful revamp. :)
Warr said…
Nice job... now... can u do that to a REAL PERSON?? Methinks me needs helps... lots of it... sort of er... around the MIDDLE... :D
ranted @ said…
wah lau... you're bloody good with photoshop lah! you managed to make her like a goddess, almost. am impressed :) wish i had photoshop too. sigh.
doubleUei said…
cubber cubber.. i wonder why are u still posting a comment here.. trying to gain attention from xiaxue?

HA! nice try babe! stop reading her blog and go find your "kind hearted" gf.. maybe only your gf can stand your rubbish!

*applause to cubber's gf!*

btw, i'm a singaporean girl too. =) sad to say pple don't call mee a slut. haish.. =(
Aloysius said…
You amazed me with the photoshop edit... although you shouldn't be so harsh on that poor Sandy Chua... she's at least better looking than some other "women" I've seen around in Orchard Road...
redshot said…
Looks artifical after photoshopping.

But the eyes are definitely tons better.
Pif said…
pretty good :) makes me not trust the pics i see in the magazines :P
fartyclown said…
Wells at less gave her cream for tried...
(damnit! i'm infected by cubber!) *cough*
I mean... Well at least give her credit for trying ya?
bean said…
hey... that's really amazing!
Moof said…
HUm... 'Cubber'.... only comment i can give bout wat ever u r is u really disgrace for guys and u Simply make me feel disgust.

You sound like a sore loser, who just got his butt kick! last word for u is that if u can't stand it, u cna always chose to Shut up!(darm i'm too evil....)

Muhahaha(i think i'm really getting too bored!)
fartyclown said…
She look like she's from one of those fucking old ads... SIA or bing fen ba shan....dunno man
ChillyBeer said…
btw, the side by side comparison makes sandy Chua look worse than she already have been...(darn big difference)

still i prefer all the display pics they put up for all the Miss Universe contestants.(they're so chic, even thou after i clicked on photos, my facial expression changed TOTALLY!)
FaLLenAngeL said…
Sandy doesn't look like herself *it's the eyes I think* But wtf cares when the revamped version looks so good!?! Great work there Xiaxue
EteRnaLD said…
Seriously...singapore should stop choosing their singapore girls based on their brains only. I think the government must be afraid that they might have a sudden outbreak of singlish during the final questions? But dun they realise that...we wont get to the bloody semi finals even, with these type of material?!?!?!?! We dun lack pretty girls i think. Just girls that are pretty enough, from the university, has a non singlish accent, daring enough to apply, doesnt mind prancing in a bikini infront of 10million people and wants to talk about world peace.

cupper and those of his ilk are really, really sad...

I'm not going to say what others have been saying here over and over again, that your Photoshop skills are rather good, but the more important thing is, how the hell do you teach yourself Photoshop? I open the program and my eyes glaze over straightaway...

Blah Blah Blah said…
The photoshop was a pretty good job but Sandy Chua still looks like an ugly cow , unfortunately.

We actually have an ugly cow representing us among a bevy of stunning beauties,damn,it always happens.For goodness sakes,the pageant has always been a looks-first event,can't the Sporean judges wisen up before sending yet another obvious loser to the international arena and letting the world think that an ugly cow is the best Spore can come up with?!
Sabby said…
Hey gal~ You should seriously think of starting up a makeover studio, you will earn heaps of money!! *Think EXTREME MAKEOVER* Plus, they won't even need professional make-up, since you can "add" colours with yr excellent photoshop skills! You never fail to amaze me ;) cheers, sabrina
s. said…
I must say the revamped photo looks fabulous. She actually looks acceptably pretty in that. Haha...
derrick said…
i'm impressed by your ph skills.

i think its very clever of you, too, to advertise your skills online on this blog.

i also admire you for your ability to write well. not many (at least in singapore) can write as well as you do.
OK lah, to give Sandy Chua credit, she isn't hideously ugly, unlike some of the other contestants (*cough cough China cough cough*), and she did look pretty OK in 8 Days.

But frankly, we could do a lot better than that.

Aloysius said…
Already I can imagine Xia Xue without photoshop.

Blast said…
Please guys (and gals)

If you think your friend's friend's friend's friend is prettier than Sandy Chua then ask her to compete lor...I think she look pretty good

Sure this pic do her no justice, but i think her other pics are pretty good...those of you who had seen only this pic, pls open your eyes

Good job on the photoshop. Can you make me 8cm taller without me looking out of proportion?

last but not least
cubber: you are a big joke
Stephanie said…
Sandy looks better with photoshop! Really loadss prettier!
carrie said…
i think xiaxue's blog is entertaining though it's harsh on sandy chua. Singapore gals rox!
baldmonkey said…
Nice meeting you today, must apologise for not having properly introduced myself and for all that awkward behavior... Had something of utmost urgency to attend to... Hahaha.

BTW I think you have a nicely proportioned nose.
baldmonkey said…
Oh yeah, nice photo editing there.
Shane said…
to EternalD: maybe singapore's afraid that miss singapore universe would say something like "LAY-lio" (old joke) if she ever made it to the questioning. you know what i mean... imagine bad english like, say some of the comments here (lol)..

Blast: i think i know friends better looking, i'm afraid, let alone friends 4 degrees away. sure, Sandy isn't exactly a quasimodo, but i think there are better choices out there.

oh well.
snow said…
I think you have forgotten to give sandy some blusher
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cubber said…
haha o xiaxue ! O girl!
i dint know that you have so many dogs!
barking woof woof woof! hahahha

Well, the message that is just between you and me.
i dont know why they are busybody?
If this little girl want to scold me it is fine.
haha dont understand why this little girl havent even scold me , you people started!
little girl,
Are your dogs from the same factory?

To EteRnaLD: Hmmm O i should name you busybody arsehole!

you said : One thing i simply just dun get it. If you are so damn offended by whatever xiaxue writes in her blog

I : Well i am not offend by this little girl blog, i juz post my own views and she is the one who give me a fucking attitude. I dint scold her, i asked her to relax juz a small matter only. haha are you four eyes frog? hehehe hmm maybe that makes you cant read properly! well, i dont eat people i am juz stating my views ya! she is the one who eat me!
yup! my girlfriend is singaporean, she doesnt give me a slap ya! haha why must i call my girlfriend 100 times more slut then this little girl?
hahah you joker! you dont even know my girlfriend!
hahah i think you kinda overeacted ya? stay cool ya!
heheeh dont be busybody ya!
Hmm anyway i am not a retard, i know when and where to put fullstop, i am juz typing fast .
Hahaa wanda be a teacher is it? maybe i can intro you this job? wanda? seriously!

To Aliaz: I do enjoy the way i am typing, now is relax time, not serious business world time ya! another busybody.

To x_ling wei_x: Hehehe are you sure no one call you a slut? hahaha even there is you wont tell anyone. Indeed, my girlfriend feel the same as me. Thanks for the applause ya? ooo hurray! hurray! clap clap! stand stand! sit sit! great imagination you have ya! hehehe dont be busybody ya! hehe

you said: trying to gain attention from xiaxue?

I said: Huh! dont worry! i am attached! i am not the dog (EteRnaLD), trying to be the number one busybody!
I think you dogs trying to help this little girl to gain people attention ya! O applause!
x_ling wei_x quick quick quick applause by yourself!

Well the some nick knows what is their job unlike few of them, maybe they know that their job is to comment this little girl's blog rather than being busybody!
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hahaha x_ling wei_x taught me !
thanks i learnt a new thing ! haahahah

To Moof:

you said:
HUm... 'Cubber'.... only comment i can give bout wat ever u r is u really disgrace for guys and u Simply make me feel disgust.You sound like a sore loser, who just got his butt kick! last word for u is that if u can't stand it, u cna always chose to Shut up!(darm i'm too evil....)

I said: Huh? I learn one new thing! i wanda be a teacher juz like this dog EteRnaLD.
well, is CAN not CNA! heheh
huh! juz a few words you said to me and you think you are evil?
Are you mummy boy? because whenever mummy boy did just a little bit of bad things, the boy will sit infront of the pc and sing a song of (darm i'm too evil....)

if you are a guy, Hahaha really? Holes you dont like? hahah in heart you know i know can already. Trying to be decent? come on we are guys!
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anyway I post msg to this little girl is juz for entertainment! relax ya! I am not that free unlike those dogs nicks are kinda free ah? being busybody! heheh
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Do you train them? :)

Well relax time finished!
Going to do some important stuff!
jEstiN said…
to cubber: i thought you wrote a final goodbye in some OLD post....and I'm seeing you again? Awww =X
`nic.ethan said…
xiaxue: sorry for the PH mistake -.= it was like 5am when i wrote that =.= totally blur. and you don`t use the heal tool?! -.-"

1 word- UBER. -*claps*

*signs up for xiaxue PS tutorials*

and to that cubber dude-
aiya, since everyone`s trying to be diplomatic with him, but he doesnt seem to get the idea, i`ll go straight to the point, ala xiaxue style-


`nic.ethan said…
-.-" this cubber guy doesnt even have a proper blog.

you created an account just to talk crap? aww. fuck off lah. wasting everyone`s time here.

we come here on our own accord, not xiaxue`s dog. we like the way she talk, her style, and of cause her photoshop skills.

now if it bloody offends you, then just beat it damnit. no need to start a flame war on this pink blog.
EteRnaLD said…
Shane: Yeah, thats what i mean exactly.. Hai...i am curious though. Was the lady who made it to the semi finals many years ago really pretty or just about the same looking as Sandy?

Cubber: Well. Your intellect really amazes me. If u are a guy, god didnt properly develop ur left brain as there are logic errors all over your post. Contradictions all over.

Most importantly, people who says "Final goodbye" And still comes back after, doesnt know...What final means.

Like you said..."Well, the message that is just between you and me"
If you are so private about your message. Email her. I heard her Gmail has the capacity to house your entire brain data.

"I dint scold her,"
This is the funniest of all. Everyone can read all the "sluts" ah..F ah...all aimed at xiaxue.

Anyway, haven got time to show all your contradictions. The others surely can see them clearly for themselves.
For someone who calls me to cool it, swears at me all the way...Okok, i wont point another contradiction. Oh, btw, thanks for your teacher "introduce me a job" thingy. But from the looks of it, you cant even introduce yourself to be a "Transport Lane Hygiene Officer." Let alone has the capability to bring anyone to MOE. Sheesh.. Such a Porcine's Rear.
NaiveGuy said…
Singaporean gals are sluts???

/me open eye big big

/me looks left looks rite

I dun see any of them leh...maybe I damn suay
cubber said…
ahahah woof woof!
woof! hello doggie!
i dint scold her at the first place, she is the one who trying to eat me and of course i should fight against it!
By the way, i also said great job for the photoedit.
She can tell us how ugly is those girls
but she cant accept those words i said that is why you aimed me! :)

am i not gentlemen? yeah i am, unlike some guys who trying to please girls! I dont please girls ya!

Why should i email her?
To me she is peanuts ! important person that i should email? hahah maybe you like to do all this stupid stuff ya? Email email email to little girls ya? is your hobby ya? heheh
Hhahaha woof woof! little girl , you trained your dogs!
yup hey woof woof, i did said final goodbye. I mean final goodbye to this little girl and i dint know that wow her dogs are fierce and busybody, that is interesting, What is a dog job suppose to be? I know I know, Anyway , I thought this little girl will just delete away my message, kinda surprise to see these dogs barking. Sorry i dont talk crap, these dogs are barking ya! ya of course i dont need a proper blog, Why should i have? Blog is nothing!

To everyone:
Is not me who want to gain attention! then who?
i know i know! Dogs indirectly help the owner indirectly ya? haha good trick :)

to native guy: hahaha soon you will know :)
esp this kind of girl :>
EteRnaLD said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
EteRnaLD said…
OMG! This is so funny! HAHAHAA~! *wipes a tear from his eye from laughing* Keep up the good work cubber. I wanted to tell u your contradictions again. But u may stop posting after realizing what a fool you are. Xiaxue..does Today need someone in the bad humor page? Can intro cubber?

Eh...on the side note...Woof woof? If u want to say thing about someone...give new insults. Dun keep repeating and repeating. Even my 7 year old cousin can do better than you. Try something else. Or is dog the only animal in ur dictionary aside from your limited vocab?
Blast said…
Cubber: Woof woof Woof wrrrooooooff wof Wrooooooof wooof!! Wooff! Wooff!!! Wroooooooooooooooooooooooooof! woofff!! woooooff!!!! woof woof wof woofrrrrrwooof! woof wooof woooooof wooofff!!!! wooofff.....what? dunno what I am talking (or rather...barking) about? Its ok, I dont know what you are talking about as well.
Xiaxue said…
I think he is just trying to gain some attention la, don't bother arguing with retards!! LOL... If he wasn't trying to act stupid, then I think he is about the dumbest person that I know of. =D Yaaay!!

I'm especially irritated by the stupid "wanda" word. WTF!

Cubber (did you mean to spell clubber or something cool?): Any further comments by u will be deleted. You can try. :)
EteRnaLD said…
Xiaxue: But this kind of people are useful. Its the same reason why newspapers have comic strips. I was really bored at work and he came along nicely at the right time for me to kick about.

Btw, i am waiting anxiously for ur blog about Jolin cai..Is it going to come?
cubber said…
haha cubber nick!Dont worry is not clubber,I have my own reason!little girl trying to be clever ya?
hahaha!O my god, it is digusting!
few of my business partners heard your so call su nu voice hahaha kinda puke. Disgusting girl!
Mirc? what mirc? hahaha you have no friends ?
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Mirc hahaah! Low class girl! you want to be high class?
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Good for you that previous bofriend's girlfriend
throw away your diary. Did he dump you? hopes so!
Such girl is annoying! no wonder!
well EteRnaLD, you kinda busybody dog! why are you so bored during working hours?
Nothing to do? too bad i am not like you i have alot of business to do.
how much you worth? can i pay for it! I need such dog to protect me :)
O no! i am not evil guy why i am suddenly become devil?
haha you force me, forgive me god.
Relax time finished,goodbye!
doubleUei said…
aww poor cubber.. can't even differentiate humans and dogs.. =( poor guy.. according to my Longman Dictionary of comtemporary English.

a dog is : A a common 4-legged animal, esp. any of the many varieties kept by humnas as companions or for hunting,working,guarding etc.

a human is : a man,woman or child, not an animal.

so next time if u dont understand simple words like "dog", for goodness sake check the dictonary! don't sit down there and type nonsensical stuff. =)

ohh pple like cubber never fail to entertain me. (=
cubber said…
haha thank you very much
Indeed i am happy for what you said :)
applause!!! HAHAHAHA!
you taught me! hahaha
I learnt kids stuff! Applause with great imgaination!
cubber said…
hahaha i know you dog nicks are kinda angry that i called you dogs that is why you managed to tell me that
dog is fourlegged! thank you teacher!I learnt something new again! Applause with great imagination and dog is fourlegged :)

Forgive me god!
God ,you knows who is the bad person ya!:)Who started it first!
cubber said…
you dogs too! give me lots of entertainment :)
thanks ya. Nice try, keep it up
doubleUei said…
i pity u. =(

i didn't know that u only know how to use word like "clap" before i taught u how to use "applause". nvm it's okay. =)

let jie jie teach u another thing. it is SHU NU not su nu. =) now i know one thing.

your chinese is as bad as your english.
Blast said…
eh cubber..
very free hor
have no idea you kong3 xi3 mi1
you say u busy then talk talk talk so much
final goodbye got part 1 2 3 one ah
btw just now u wrote "native guy"
i almost died laughing
not only u cant write
u cant read too
i tell you hor
u very farny leh
write more leh
all the dogs here want to read what you write
because i think only dogs will understand
but pls
get your own blog and write
writing so much in someone's comments and having no one understanding them
is too uncool for such a cool dude like you
but i think u can be a great poet
write things that keeps contradicting - CHEEEM AH!
awaiting for you intelligent reply!
Blast said…
i cant take it
"Applause with great imgaination" !
You need to think and visualise a lot before you put your left and right palm together ah!!!
this is a gem of a quote man! Keep it up!
EteRnaLD said…
That is what i have been saying trying to say for so many posts. This fella cubber keeps contradicting himself. Again and again. I think most likely he is a kid at home typing away trying to act like he is some big shot business man. Its not only me who sees that you see. Blast can see contradictions and so can the many who didnt comment at all.

If he is so busy, why is he typing away at this and such long posts too. His english and chinese standards makes all his claims creditable.

One more very amusing contradiction:
IF i am a xiaxue's supporter THEN i am a dog.
IF Cubber is a businessman who is rich THEN he wants to pay me. (Quote: can i pay for it?)
Cubber wants to pay a dog.

Hahahaha! He is an Intelligent businessman i tell you. BRAVO BRAVO!
Blast said…
Eternal : *high five*

no point getting angry at a kid lah. even though i dunno what talking him, i am very entertained. havent met such a dumb person in a long time.haha.
EteRnaLD said…
Blast: Seriously, i wasnt even the slightest bit angry throughout the whole time at all. In fact. I looked forward to his posts. Cos like u said. Its damn funny. I mean how rare is it for someone to flaunt his stupidity like he does. And the best part...he is slapping himself every single time. And he has absolutely no idea at all. Its like he is retarded or something.

Watch his next post. He should be commenting on this.
aerithes said…

I think you are all wrong.. Cubber cant be some kid because even kids nowadays are smarter and knows how to spell. =)

I am imagining.. I think Cubber is most probably a nerd with big geeky glasses, buck teeth, big ears, scrawny body, limp limbs, a loner with no friends. So he makes up all these stories about him having business partners. Why is someone so big-shot, with business partners so free to be reading Xiaxue's blog? Shouldn't he be busy doing with his business obligations? My shot is that he is just a huge story teller, aspiring to be a good blogger like Xiaxue but fails terribly.

Among the things I can recall at hand, of Cubber's long but entertainingly stupid posts:

1) As EternalD has mentioned, CONTRADICTING.






Does it make sense for someone who proclaims to be a busy businessman with "partners" who has no time to blog, but has time to come up with illogical rantings?

Okie, let's give him credit? Maybe he is a BUSINESSMAN?
Like play the keyboard, and due to his retarded looks, he might pass off very well as a disabled man. SO he SELLS his music or whatever rubbish lar ha~

But anyway, CUBBER..

do keep up your meaningless rants...


in xaxue's blog, we the blogders, love such contradicting people. It gives us entertainment pleasure.

The more you type > The more you defend yourself > The more you contradict yourself > The more stupid you make yourself out to be > The more mistake you make in your entry > The dumber you appear to us > The more we laugh > We laugh > We laugh > We laugh > We laugh > We LAUGH.

SO, keep it up! Hahahhahahahahahhahahah~~

(btw, I dont think you have a girlfriend. You may be referring to that smelly doggy soft toy you owned since you were six.)
Ee said…
i am a NEUTRAL here ok ... i believe cubber only make one comment on xiaxue's look ... Is it to say that xiaxue can be critical on how other woman looks like and cant others be critical on how she looks like? or we just cannot be critical of her looks on her blogs? erm i believe there are several spelling mistake or grammatical fault in ur blog too ... and fans out there for xiaxue do not be too defensive for her ... she can speak for herself ... this is HER blog i guess ... and i think she likes this kind of attention haha =) well i never say cubber has no fault here ...
Blast said…
Shanice : at this point of time we are not defending xiaxue anymore...no point defending anyway coz cubber's points are somehow pretty invalid, dont you think so?
its just a matter of his really strange mannerism that truly "excites" all of us :)
EteRnaLD said…
Precisely! The reason why i like to read her blog besides her topics is the way she can find all those contradictions and turn the person out bit by bit. Her skills at doing that is almost an art. We blogders who like to read them are obviously appreciaters of her skill. So cubber, has just placed himself on a silver plater...for us to wack. Like you say, we love contradicting people.

Yes, i agree. Its "ok" to say xiaxue has a big pimple or whatever he doesnt like about her face. I didnt say anything when he did. Its his freedom of speech. Like you say, if Xiaxue can say others, there is nothing wrong for others to do the same. Xiaxue replied by saying he cant be trusted..11+am. Now...cubber couldnt take that. It was at 12.38pm he made his mistake. He said evil heart lah...wan slap her lah..blah blah blah.
If you dare post here, be ready to be countercommented. If you cant take the comments, why should you start insulting the person who commented. This was his mistake. Take it like a man cubber. Which i see, u dun at all.
Xiaxue said…
Hai... Thanks you all for the defending, especially Eternald...

BUT. This fellow obviously just wants attention.

And I refuse to give it to him.

So, I am urging u guys to start IGNORING HIM totally, ok?

Everyone has eyes to see he is just a semi-retard from all that he said. :D

I don't want any more of his words to taint my blog, so any comment from him will be deleted. Do not argue with him anymore k?

Love (and peace and joy),
`nic.ethan said…
honestly, cubber please don`t act "cheem" it`s way too obvious that you stardard of english is no better then a dog.

And, from the way you talk, it seems you have no idea what you are talking about half of the time.

Maybe you should dedicate yourself to using the dictionary as well as the thesarus to make you some more foolish.

This way, it isn`t such an eyesore when we read your almost un-comprehensable cub-glish. I had to refer to the Cocksford cub-glish dictionary to find out what you were muttering about.

and apparently it says this-

Total bullshit.

If i were you, i did stop posting now. just as you said your "final goodbyes", you should really go, good riddance. we won`t miss you.

however, if you insist to stay and defending the almighty cub-glish language of yours, then boy are we going to have a fun time flaming you.

look at the odds here.

this is the shrine of xiaxue, if you got nothin else to say, please leave. if you wish to become a nun here, then go email xiaxue.

i`m sure she`ll photoshop you to hell.
`nic.ethan said…
oh. when i hit refresh, then i saw xiaxue`s peacekeeping message. uh, take all i said back then. ^-^
Blast said…
hahahah...okok...Fun and laughter, peace and joy!

So how are you guys on this wet Wednesday? :)
IcedLemonade said…
not that i intend to spark off some big hoo-ha over cubbers's comment, but while i feel that he has been really insulting, i do think that xiaxue hasn't been exactly nice about certain matters on her blog as well, and to a certain extent (a very large extent, in fact) reflects largely on her character and upbringing. this might have led to those comments made by him --not that i am defending him. all i'm saying is that perhaps she should also do some reflection about how "subtle", "polite" and "sensitive" her blog posts have been towards the feelings of others. cheers. =)
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
emoboy said…
wah.... finally reach the end of the comments page.. piangz.... and all I wanted to say was
"XiaXue, your fotoshop skills.... POWER"
Lotsa comments stirred up aye... RelaxRelax... Every1's entitled to their on views. And every1 and any1 can write wateva they wan on their own blog rite??
anw, I shall reiterate myself,
"XiaXue, your fotoshop skills.... POWER"
Neo said…
once in a while there comes a bad guy to spice things up; great work cubber; however, u nid to come up wif more ingenuity to catch our attention; rite nw, u r in serious danger o being ignored, cos u r showing less and less substance; but care not about e danger of being ignored; u'll b ignored, bc The XX has edicted tt u shall b ignored, & ignored shall u b!!

maybe we shd give XX the Doctorate of Photoshophy; does Dr. XX sounds ok??
silvermyst said…
alright. This is FAR too amusing not to comment.

ignore him. the more you guys comment, the more ammunition you give him to make more dumbass comments. Let him go and drown in his own stupidity and bad grammar. really.
EteRnaLD said…
Call me a sadist but sometimes, people like cubber really brightens up my day. The hours i worked was hard to pass by but thanks to him, it went just in a blink of the eye. Its called clowning about with him. Just like the days when u put a little grasshopper with the praying mantis just for the fun of it. But now, after i have used him, lets ignore him as XX says.

Xiaxue: You are most welcome. I had fun too!

Blast: Dun you agree? *winks*
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
p q said…
cubber you are hilarious and making a big fool out of yourself. heh.
aerithes said…
erm.. your kids.. may have trouble in school.. especially if they follow your footsteps. Know why?

You cannot spell! Yeah, we had fun hunting for spelling mistakes, as well as laugh at your apparent stupidity. You are almost as good as Gotcha or Just Kidding. Now, that's entertainment.

Hrm. Haha. By the way, cubber.. wait.. C-U-B-b-er.. isnt that like the young of the lion? Are you an animal too? =)

So, you are not a bigshot businessman. poor thing. how sad. at least we see Xiaxue making a step somewhere being a journalist intern. What do we know of you?

Except that you play keyboard at the underpass in Orchard. Unlicensed.

doubleUei said…
hello cubber i think u're getting overboard! if u want to insult others please DO NOT INSULT THEIR PARENTS!!!!!!! who are YOU to judge others' parents when you're here making a fool out of yourself!

we've been arguing with u yadda yadda BUT DO YOU SEE US DRAGGING YOUR PARENTS IN?! do u see us scolding u a bastard?! NO WE DID NOT. so i demand u to apologize to xiaxue

maybe we're a little harsh to u. yes I'M SORRY. but please DO NOT insult others' parents.

to xiaxue : sorry but i cannot ignore such insults.
lotise said…
Btw blogger comments got log ip? maybe we can go in that direction...
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
greymouse said…
wa.. nice transformation!
jEstiN said…
I guess.....He is TRYING to attract attention ya? Duhx..
Blast said…
EternalD: Yeap! I never had that much fun flaming people!

Unfortunately like what Neo said, he is becoming unoriginal and boring, very long winded and cant get his points right...therefore he is having a risk of being ignored. What a shame for a talent like him.
Xiaxue said…
I already said I will delete his comments, why bother to argue? Now look like arguing with nobody la...

Stupid fellow. Waste my blog space. KNN.

Don't bother about him la, insult parents or not. Some people are just so low-blow, and I have learnt from experience not to argue with retards.

Let me reillustrate what my Tiger Beer colleague once said to me:

Opinions: There are a thousand and one of them everywhere. Does it make any difference even if you manage to change this one?Especially one from a retard? Would he ever be convinced by your logic and reason? You are right obviously, but he will never see the way you do. Think about it.

Focus instead on earning more money, and save that energy to give your mum a hug or something!
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
greymouse said…
aiya those troublemakers.. juz wack them with a piece of cha siew can liaoz. den they will fly to an island full of pastors
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blast said…

how do you think the weather is going to be like tml, guys and gals?
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Xiaxue said…
Fel: Pardon me my dear - being "subtle", "polite" and "sensitive" is just not my thing.

I'm sure there are many other blogs out there like that, you should visit those instead if you can't handle me?

I am frank, honest and the truth sometimes hurts - which leads to insenstivity sometimes. But I will never compromise the truth for anything else.

Conversely, I accept people's frankness on me as well. Should Sandy tell me that my breasts are too small (which they are), I will readily shake her hand and tell her I appreciate her honesty. :)

Another point: Linking Cubber's reaction to my "upbringing" is totally irrelevant because he said I am ugly while I merely mentioned that Sandy's PHOTO (Please note I commented on her PHOTO, not her) is hideous - and my artistic criticism on her picture has nothing to do with character and upbringing.

It is merely what a plastic surgeon would tell you too if you asked him what's wrong with you face - purely professional.

And I seriously don't think Miss Singapore Universe has the time to go read obvious, impolite, and insensitive blogs, no? Thus, it is hurting no one.

And if I have to consider everyone's feelings while blogging, I can jolly well be a darn advertising firm. Imagine:

"Ooh this McChicken sucks! But no!!! I cannot say that coz Ronald McDonald might read my blog and get his fragile feelings hurt!"
cubber said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Xiaxue said…
Alright, this will stop him from posting comments.

The blog, from now on, only accepts posts from team members.
Xiaxue said…

Nanny Nanny poo poo!!! Idiot!!! Asshole! Your grandma fuck bangala etc etc evil comments to piss you off because you cannot reply nanny nanny poo poo!!!

Ugly and fat and disgusting and stupid you must be!! Woof woof! Why, cannot reply ah? Dumb issit? Mute issit? Huh? What you say? I cannot hear you? HUh?? What did you say?

What? Your girlfriend said you've got a small dick? And that your "girlfriend" is actually a cow herself that's why she has no choice? You wanda go and die? Screw yourself asshole!!!1111 But cannot, your dick so STUMPY!! It's so stumpy, it's concave! Concave dick!! Ha ha ha hah ah ha Somemore your sperm is transparent right??

Limpy cubber!

(To all my horrified intelligent readers: I'm sorry for the childish outburst, but DARN! IT FEELS GOOD! HE can't reply!!!! Please let me be childish for a while...)

Zhen de shi - the tiger don't ROOOOOOOAAARRR you take it as a dumb sick cat.
Neo said…
The XX is wise! long live XX!!
Moof said…
cubber quizes for u;
1)wats all black and make the most noise when empty??
2)Wats bites when beening hit ont the spot?

sound familar?? dun't there just sound like some one??
cubber said…
Such a tiring day, i am so tired to play quizes!
No No No, i shall say i DONT talk to busybody ya :)
Maybe you can play this quiz by yourself ya!
Anyway this little girl replied to me so i shouldnt mess around with her ya! So hope those busybody shall zip :Z Zip :z Zip :z Zip till the end
Have a Nice day!
Estufacto said…
Hi, dear Xiaxue.
What's happen with XAXUE's blog? Any trouble?
There's over 30 years ago that i use that name. A long story.
I don't want any kind of nothing. Your name and XAXUE are very similars. Only. I use Blog like you.
P.S. You are so beautiful.
mando said…
wa biang sandy chua photoshop until macam jamie yeo already.. impressive!
wenlin said…
oh my god xiaxue how on earth do you make people`s nose smaller!? you`re pro mann. lols.
Bernice said…
Haha could you do my picture up so i can end it to my bf? Haha, joking.I love your blog!!
samanthalin said…
thumbs up for your photo editing skills! where did u learn that from?? seriously need to learn some skills from you! didnt know adobe photoshop could do so much to enhance and beautify a pic!
lamo said…
hi!Don't always criticise ppl and say that they are ugly. why don't you look at urself in the mirror? i think you look just like a bimbo! Actually there is no need for me to think, U R ONE!I agree what Cubby says. STOP YOUR CRITICISING.
Jamie said…
Wow! That's good photoshop skills but have you ever thought what if Sandy Chua happens to cast upon this site? No one's prefect.. and do you think you are beautiful? DO YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE GUTS TO PARTICIATE IN MS UNIVERSE.. and here you are criticizing people about how ugly they look just to prove that your photoshop skills are "perfect" .. god-damn you ..im sure Sandy Chua hates you.........
JINX : said…
that cubber sure is funny! hey, whats the use of typing such long comments when your english stinks? seriously, i was laughing my ass off while reading those post of yours. haha wonder how your girlfriend feels if she reads those. must be feeling disgraceful and *heartbroken* sia! and for those who said that she was wrong for criticising sandy. she was indeed a little overboard. but hey, the new look of sandy looks really impressive. xx criticise her with reasons. so why make such a big fuss over it?
Jamie said…
You have admitted that she was a little overboard, so why do you still ask why we make a big fuss out of it? It's because of her overboardness that we make a big fuss.... duh, you don't make a fool out of yourself! I have more reasons.

The photoshopped Sandy looks better but she don't have to insult saying that she is ugly etc. Criticizing about her hair, make her hair looks nice too sounds a bit yeah, a bit insulting. Photoshopping from her hair to her face. Sandy don't need that!

Why must she use Singapore girls. Aren't there any ang mog gao for her to use for photoshopping? Must say that she is FUGLY meh? It's because she is beautiful that she is in Miss Singapore Universe
Jamie said…
And by the way:

What do you think?

Anyone need photoshopping? I charge a mimimal fee! And I wouldn't post ur photo on my blog, I swear!

Pls check www.dictionary.com if you do not have a dictionary at home. It's minimal and not mimimal.
Anonymous said…
Wow.. big difference. nicer. by the way, jamie.....wtf man maybe its a typo error only wad. m is beside n.
whocare said…
hey great PH skill there, I bet u can develop this skill & be a professional, editing magazine covers or doing graphic design for advertisement.

just 1 thing...if u do enjoy all the attention u got, yet resent criticisms from others juz bcoz u got famous,then all the more u shd understand it & shdn't use mean words on her.u wont get any prettier by 'fuglying' others,or get promoted as Ms Universe.pp who attack others r often bcoz they're not confident abt themselves & are jealous.

it's true sandy isn't as pretty as one would imagine a Ms SG Universe shd be,but at least she din insult u,the most famous blogger.u've got the convenience of taking photo for urself when u're in best makeup & pose, she doesn't.wat if a guy stole snapshots of u when u're having bad hair day,din put makeup or having outburst of pimples & start critizing u pt by pt?please, start respecting urself by respecting others.she may not be pretty but at least she can solve differential equations for thermodynamics.if u want to be acknowledged of ur talents in makeup, acknowledge other first.
whocare said…
just want to add, yeah, there's freedom of speech, but by criticising others for being fugly, u're juz the same as those who criticised u. u've got talent in writing, pls use it well.
meow-meow said…
u really have eyes for nothin but urself dont u??

and omfg..
u r fugly as well..

why cant u leave ppl who dun meet ur standards alone??

i dun get u...

y do u discriminate fugly ppl? u have no love for urself as well???

and one more thing..
since u r so pro.. y dun u go take part in miss singapore or wateva...

i really think tt u sux...
and ya...i totally agree tt u r nothin w/o make-up...
Loh said…
The natural picture was better.... the one u edited is too fake... it's just about colors... and not every make up uses pink blusher... tht blusher could be of a different shade like more to body tone... the truth is, with make up or not... she dun deserve the title anyway... she looks like she's from the 80's
DORA lim said…
sigh..i actually cant believe you can even get into the top asia's blog because you write bad english, critisize pretty/gorgeous/skinner than you/ taller people but not yourself.you are being bad..i know i cant comment on your few latest post but again
highonheineken said…
i think it's PERFECT. x)
SAlien said…
wow, the difference is really cool. =D
JINX : said…
Jamie seriously, I think you suck a lot. Stop finding faults on XX. you think your english is that good? Like what someone else said, M is just beside N. what about creating your very own keyboard with the M locating far from N?

You have more reasons?? Then go bombard at your stupid blog or wherever you want but not here! Why are you still haunting this place?

I disagree your point of view that Sandy's pretty (well, since its your opinion, I cant change it. Just my 2 cents worth.) and I have to say that I agree with what Xiaxue criticised (even though she was overboard by criticising her at her blog). Her nose is big and her eyebrows look WEIRD! yes. you have to admit that unless you have your eyes stamped or something..
birdie. said…
hey, good job done on the photoshop-ing. :)
shereen said…
I daresay agree that xiaxue’s photoshop skills are fantabulastic. Undeniably fantabulastic.(though I think Sandy looks a bit artificial after being photoshopped)

But then again, I think you went a tad too far this time.

I thought it was mean of you to comment on Sandy Chua’s looks & literally post ‘before & after being photoshopped’ pics of her on your blog.

Well, indeed your blog is your personal space. Like what people say, ‘MY BLOG, MY PROBLEM LA! WHY SO KEPO?’

I believe that you can write just about anything under the sun in your blog just as long it is not at the expense of someone else’s pride and reputation. Moreover, you’re putting all this negative comments about her on a blog, which is probably one of the MOST READ blogs in Singapore(kudos to you). Thus, if she happens to come across your blog, how would she feel? No one likes to be criticised after all. You may think that it’s no big deal & wonder why some people are making such a fuss about it. That’s because you’re open-minded and frank, but yet again, not everyone is like you.

Yes. Sandy may not be the most perfect candidate for representing Singapore in Miss Universe. However, that doesn’t give you the right to outwardly criticise her in PUBLIC. It’s not doing Sandy Chua any justice.

I apologise if anyone was offended by my comments. Freedom of speech right? *winks*

Have a nice day people! =)
Ho Sin said…
u noe u suck so much? as if ur makeup is so damn good,and as if u r so pretty...gosh, xiaxue, look urself into the mirror!!! *puke*
wHat?! said…
hahaha.. the new "sandy" looked like xiaxue instead..lolx
Javier Marti said…
Good photoshop work with that Miss Singapore.
From the little I know you, I admire 4 things about you, Xiaxue, at least.
1-The way you write is fresh and intelligent, even if a bit too agressive for my taste sometimes.
2-You are able to deal with criticism.
3-You are able to laugh at yourself
4-You are brave
You would be an interesting person o meet and get to know psycologically. I would like to know the background, the real woman behind the public image...
I feel a bit identified with you in a few things...I am sure there isn`t much more people like us in the world...:)

Best regards from Javier
Åñgëlic said…
um...hi.can u really do some photoshop 4 me??if yes...pls add me on msn and talk 2 me!!the_clever_barbarian@hotmail.com
Unknown said…
one looks like there's plastic surgery dine and the other looks natural..

are you saying she needs plastic surgery??

christalloh said…
please teach me ur photoshop skills....

im really bad with photoshop... any tips???
babiiexDOLLY said…
please dont be offended as this are just my point of views.
to me i dont think is funny to have criticise our own miss sg universe.although she's not really pretty....and i also admit that your photoshop skills are fantastic.but you have no right to post hurting comment on your blog.i know its your own blog, outsiders care so much for what...but as i have mentioned we should spare a thought for others cause this is a public blog.and what if the whole world view what you have wrote about "sandy chua" they may think badly about her and singapore.i think i have over-reacted.but i have viewed all ur blogs before and i think your level of criticsm is over-board.
and what if someday your own photos were also being critised on how would you feel?? we as bloggers does not want to see our own "starblogger"-YOU (LOL) being look down on.....please reflect on what people had advised you about.
byebye.take care ~
Eiiesy Story said…
Sandy lOok AloT BEtter now..
She Look Just like anY aunties walking along the street w/o ur Skillfull work..
Xia Xue..Look Pretty too..
Born skillfull
i cn say im ugly too..bt..ugly is not a problem bt ugly and still wanna go out with ugly makeups is a problem..
Xia xue save Her life..
I support u xia xue..
Chang Ning said…
Xiaxue, I think she looks a bit like you after the photoshopping. I mean. I don't know. The resemblence is there. Maybe it's because the technique applied is the same for the photoshopping bahs.
mandi--- said…
First, I would like to comment on Xiaxue's blogging skills. I think they're really reflective and interesting, not to mention thought-provoking (:

Although they may touch on certain more sensitive issues on society, Xiaxue has every right to type whatever she wants on the internet!

The internet is a PUBLIC PLACE after all, and there are much more indecent and inappropriate content right now in the worldwideweb.

I can tell that she really put effort into completing each post, like the pictures, the meaning behind each post, and even being able to capture our attention xD

Regarding her editing of the picture of Sandy and comments on it, I think it's fine.

Her photoshop skills are great, to start with, and they certainly accentuate Sandy's features!

Furthermore, when Sandy joined the Miss Singapore competition she should be prepared to face criticism. The moment she chosed to join the competition it meant that she was willing to subject herself to public scrutiny and the public's opinions about her.

Thus, i can say without doubt that this post of Xiaxue's blog can't really be called offensive. Instead, it's interesting, opinionated, and definitely a good blog example! (including her other ones of course)
beryl! x said…
No offence to anyone for bringing this up, but it's pretty hilarious to see multiple comments by "Cubber", only to see that it writes " This post has been removed by a blog administrator"

-Sijia- said…
Whoa! You are so cool!
She definitely look much more better looking than before!
Anonymous said…
that miss sg universe look like monster like that.so ugly..
even you use your magic also ugly,but go extra light lar..
that miss sg universe have a freaking face.dun noe why people choose her..hai
OMG , i loveeeeee your photoshop skills[:
teehees , great(:
blog mora okaaays.
tsk tsk tsk *was just browsing through your archives*
L. said…
hey... that's some really good editing... but what photoshop do you use? 7? elements? cs?

oh and where the hell do you find the airbrush?!? i can't seem to find it... :(

but dibs to you for seriously editing like that. you have no idea how jealous i am haha. keep on blogging.

Themuxicbox said…
hi ya~

I certainly agree with Mandi... Even if XX did not put this up, it doesn't mean there are no negative comments in the public regards to Sandy, I have certainly heard on the MRT more than once "Have you seen Sandy... she's XXX (bad comments)" I think there is no difference between saying this out loud on the MRT and posting it on the blog here... If everyone were to consider everyone's feelings when writing in their own blog and only wrote diplomatically correct blog entries, then why have a blog in the first place?

Lovies XX

regards~ (^_-)-☆
Xinhui said…
sometime you shud just stop telling ppl of yr wadeva molesting cases cos im sure most ppl dun wanna noe and stop using vulgarities...
Jenise Shyan said…
u pro sia in makin e photo
Unknown said…
omfg. this comment page must be the only one (my fav) i spent the most time reading on... n its totally hilarious! i totally agree with Javier Marti.. the only difference is: ur agressiveness is jus right for my taste!! cannot believe that ther are dumb and contradicting people out ther.
i can identify many things u comment on, the molesters and such etc etc..

rock on! gal!
the most impt thing is: u r Famous and MAking MONEY!

July93 said…
No offence to Xiaxue or to anyone who think her photoshop skills are impressive, but I've learnt how to use photoshop and alter a person's makeup, fetures, etc. professionally when I was in Secondary One.
BIG difference! She looks... kid of UGLY before the 'makeover'.... good job!
belsnowy said…
wow.. you have photoshop it with diff. Great job.. Really.. Thumb up..
Unknown said…
u r such a bored bitch
Anonymous said…
sue>Who the fuck are you calling a bored bitch,slut?

And btw nice PH skills :D Sandy doesn't look that old after the makeover .

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