Miss Singapore Universe

Since my previous post was such an enjoyment (as judged by only myself), I shall put up another post about Miss Singapore Universe 2004, Miss Sandy Chua.

I know the topic's outdated, but let's just talk about it one last time.

Okie, now, we all know that Miss Chua has utmost injustice done to her, because even though she is pretty ordinary-looking, my guess is that no one would say she is... ugly.

But looking at this photo, only that terrible F-word could come to mind:


My point is, she had a very badly taken photo, yes?

Of course.

Let's discuss (and when I say discuss I mean I talk among myself) what's so wrong about the picture.

1)Starting from top, Eyebrows extremely obviously one thick one thin.

2)Speaking of brows, they are too arched as well, giving the evil "vixen, come fuck me" look.

3) Colour on forehead not smooth - has a two bloody obvious pimples.

4) Eye make up is really bad - Dark shadow only on edge of eyes, giving slutty look. Artist tried to create a deeper shading beside the nose bridge but failed miserably

5) EYEBAGS! Why, can't Trump even afford concealer? Or do I detect RACISM? I don't see Australia with eyebags!

6) No eyelashes! I heard the two-sided Loreal one works, Sandy!


8)I don't see blusher, do you?

9) Nose too big!

10) Lips too thick. And too red (look more like slut), and teeth are too big.

Alright, pretty long list, but we are done.

If only Sandy had brought me along with her on that Equador trip! A little bit of photoshop could really save her life!! I'd bet, that some good photoshop can take away all those blemishes.

You think?

Let me try to work some magic...

There you go, the revamped Sandy Chua:

Tried to make the colours nicer, and take away all the ugly stuff. While we are at that, I made her hair nicer too!

Side by side comparison:

What do you think?

Anyone need photoshopping? I charge a mimimal fee! And I wouldn't post ur photo on my blog, I swear!

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