Ok I'm sorry. The long post will have to be another day, because I've got 4 assignments at hand now and I'm damn stressed up.

Ex American Idol finalist will be calling me (9.30am! *gasp*), and then there is Jay Chou's girlfriend, and then 13 Shaolin monks, and one more phoner with two Chinese singers. I am going to die.


OH FUCK IT! I can't stand it, here's a short one:

I was on my way home on bus 51 after watching The Punisher (3 stars coz there was a boob scene and the male lead can't seem to keep his shirt on), and it was late, like 11 plus.

The upper deck had only me and this uncle - sitted like this:

As shown, the uncle is the blue spot, while I'm the (make a wild guess!) pink spot.



He doesn't look like he's talking to himself. He was gesturing, and nodding his head in agreement sometimes, and even laughed.

He looked exactly like he was chatting animatedly with a person sitting on the grey-red spot. And that someone must be an excellent conversationalist too.

Except there was nobody there.

Of course, I passed off his mumblings as him being a siao hallucinater. Middle aged uncles often go crazy and talk to themselves, right? It is normal to talk to yourself, right?

So, he continued spouting Hokkien (which I don't understand) for another 10 minutes, and then he suddenly stopped.

"Thank god," I thought.

He looked up, and started turning his head clockwise slowly.

Towards me.

OMFG. I almost jumped out of my skin. Outside was pitch darkness, and it was only me and him on the bus...

He stopped short of looking directly at me, and his line of vision rested at.. yes, you guessed correctly, at the seat directly in front of me, where the grey spot is.

And he started talking to that empty spot again!!!!!!!!!!!! Was there something there that he could see and I couldn't?

I fled. That must have been one of the scariest moments of my life. *shivers*

This is so fucked up. Now I'm scared to off the lights.

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