Saturday, June 5, 2004

The Spa

30th May 2004

OMG I went to a massage cum spa (Sanctuary Spa or something, and $30) with Eileen and it was so cheap and good! Since this was supposed to be blogged out so long ago I have forgotten how exhilarated I was.

It�s just photos for you then.

Anyway, it�s the both of us without make-up!!!

Eileen looking very excited about getting a back massage later!

Look, the flowers are smiling at us! Muahahaha. The place is so nice, even the orchids smell nicer. Smooth wooden flooring, lots of fountains, and yes! LOTS of fluffy white towels, and Japanese slippers!

We quickly slipped into the red satin bathrobes and immediately felt like royalty. In fact, I contemplated asking one of the masseuse to feed me grapes to complete the experience but I am scared she might drown me in essential oil.

Anyway, yes, I look pretty unglam in raw form.

Aha! What could this cozy section be??

OUR SPA!!! I know it has a lack of petals and what�s-not but pardon us will you? We only paid $30 and the spa was complimentary!

Speaking of spas, I think spas are pretty stupid because all u do is to lie in there like a piece of char siew. However, the violent bubbling seems to slap my fats around a bit, so I think I might have got thinner after the spa.

In fact, I think I might have lost 1 kg. Yes, that must be it. In fact, I think I lost 2kg.

There was this weird room with a weird bathtub in it� I barged into the room when one woman was happily relaxing inside.

She gave me an offended look. The I�m-naked,-you-rude-bitch! look.

I hastily closed the door.

Eileen joined me then, and asked, �What�s inside?� and proceeded to barge in again.

The woman gave a scathing look.

�Oei, why you never tell me got people inside?!� demanded Eileen.

I laughed.

After the spa we proceeded to the BACK massage.

It was supposed to be one of those 30 min back only massage, but guess what? Somehow the masseuse had the idea that it was a FULL BODY MASSAGE!

I didn�t stop her. I am going straight to hell.

So anyway, it�s the first time I�m experiencing a high-class massage like this! It was all fluffy white sheets on the bed which looks like the one they cut corpses on.

And then they really have the hole for your face! Ha ha ha!!!

I was thinking of asking the lady if I could have a �special� and see what her reaction would be ha ha ha ha!! But I didn�t. Afterall, she�s handling my naked body and she must rub me with acid or something.

Overall, it was very orgasmic.

We ended up very happy customers, because they served us this nice ginger tea as well, complimentary of course.

Even people�s toilets are nicer.

*More coming up. And when I say more, I mean like, MORE.