Tsk tsk, the things people assume from my blog.

It has come to my attention that several nosey law students has been hounding my poor Wong the lawyer asking her whether she is lesbian.

Just because I used the word "she" as Eekean's love of her life.

Alright, here's the truth. How come, if she were gay, I never knew about it?

The "she" was an inside joke. "She" was in fact an ex pupil of our secondary school. Ah, let me tell you guys about this girl. Due to the fact that Eekean was very much single during our secondary school days, we used to tease her a bit. Of course, most of us believes that she would marry Sheng Rong (read character intro) eventually, no hurry, but we still liked to tease her, coz it's fun.

So, we used to say that her one true love is this girl, eh, called, Librasaur. Of course, no parent in the right frame of mind would call their kid Librasaur. Librasaur came about as this girl is a librarian and she looks, eh, like a dinosaur. We didn't choose a girl coz Wong is gay - we chose her coz she is, uhm, it's too mean, I shall not say it.

Its just not a very nice combination. And it's not very nice for me to say this too, but I'll have my retribution.

So that's it! It's no juicy gossip, and I don't want to ruin Wong's reputation just because I wrote sometime which people have misinterpreted. It was an inside joke.

About Eekean's sexuality, we have no idea, and we have never asked. She has shown as little interest in girls as in guys, but she looked particularly horny when she saw me make the starfish mate, so she might be into beastiality. You might want to ask her the next time you see her, yeah? "Yo Eekean, are you into starfish?"

Anything else is purely her business and none of yours.

And as Eekean says anyway, "I can't be bothered with relationships as it's a waste of time and money."

- Law students interpret everything they can lay their hands on *roll eyes* -

NO COMMENTS ALLOWED! Can't be bothered to entertain you all! *grouchy mood*

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