Friday, July 23, 2004

I hate such people!!!

Blogder Lynn told me that someone was using my photos in Friendster - someone by the ridiculous name of Philamae. What, she thinks she is living in Tokkien's times and she would have rhymed with Boromir? WHAT THE? She also likes watching the "Amzing Race". AMZING RACE!! AM ZING! AM ZING RACE KFC BURGER with that extra ZING like you want it!!!


Naturally, I reported her to Friendster police.

Here's what her profile looked like before it is gone:

I also wrote a reply for her. It feels strangely like I am scolding myself because my face is there:

Because this message is mean (I think he/she deserves it and it will do her some good to wake up her idea) I expect I will get some criticism from stupid people who think they should be always politically correct. *wooo Xiaxue you are so mean she only use your picture what why you like that yadda yadda* I despise such people and I don't wish to have their dumbass comments marring my beautiful website.

Thus, this entry shall have no comments. If you want to tell me something so desperately, email me.

Actually hor ... I am quite honoured. Teehee. The testimonials say I chio leh. BUAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!